Project Modern Mix: Before and Progress (A.K.A. New-to-Me Style that I enjoyed doing so much)

7/12/2014 05:04:00 PM

I told myself that I won't post anymore projects unless it is completely done and I have the after photos to show. I have a very bad track record of sharing projects before and progress, and no afters until a year later. Hence, the extreme quietness of this blog. I'm not sure which is worst, no post at all, or project post without results?! I think it's like watching Extreme Makeover, then cutting it right before the reveal! Cruel. 

So anyway, I choose cruelty. Haha... I just need to share this project right now. We're about done so maybe I can catch after photos soon? Who knows? If not, you'll get it in about a year. Hopefully not!

This is a combined unit so it's quite spacious. Four bedrooms spacious! We started with the basic builder finishes that you see when they turnover new units. Plain, simple, nothing special. The owner wanted "maaliwalas", with special details, and some wow factor. I was somewhat stuck on what direction to take this project since the owner's request's are very broad. But I've always wanted to try my hands on doing non-typical modern spaces, with lots of textures, clean contemporary furnishing, and a not to industrial details. Here's my chance. :)

This is the wall we removed to combine the units. 

Much bigger space to play with! We installed cove lights and wallpaper on the ceiling for that texture I really wanted to bring in. We also replaced the flooring for the entire unit. As you go through this photos, you'll notice the flooring before is your typical orangey glossy laminate, it's fine, but not the look we're going for. What we have now is so much lighter, still with a light natural wood tone, with some texture to it.
Please note that the console table behind the sofa will be altered to be the same height as the back of the sofa. It is actually for a different spot, but as we played around a bit once the furniture arrived, this is the best resting place for it, so furniture maker to the rescue. Haha

The other side is the dining spot. We installed a mirror wall to visually expand the space. One of the owner's request's is "Gusto ko mukang maluwag" (I want it to look spacious), so mirror it is. We're still waiting for the chandelier for the dining space, and I can't wait for it to arrived.

As for the living room light, here's a modern twist to a chandelier. It's big, but it's not heavy-looking because of it's "skeletal" structure. I love it!

Since it's a combine unit, it of course, has two kitchens. We decided to use the other one so we enclosed this pass-through.

Here we are choosing some art to hang. Fun stuff.

Though that one above didn't make it. It will go to the small guestroom, and here's the one that made it. I still need to find two accent chairs and a small table for this wall. I need to find something special, and I need to find it soon!

This is the kitchen we decided to use. It's bigger than the first one, and it's located near the dining space, so win-win.
We moved the sink area further out and opened up the surrounding walls. Stainless backsplash for the entire kitchen wall (fancy I know!) and new light wood cabinetry. Pinlights and undercounter lights were installed as well.

Two units = two master bedroom. Here's the master guestroom. 

My client love this light. I love that he has non-traditional taste, and go for quirky accessories for the place. 

I don't have a before photo of this same angle for the master bedroom, but based on all before photos above, it's the same white walls, orangey laminate floors, and plain surroundings. 

Since this is the Master of all master bedrooms (HAHA), I wanted it to be extra special so wallpaper goes to all surface, wall and ceiling! I'm in love with the wallpaper we used for the walls, it's subtle with some brickish stonish texture to it. I think I'll be using it for our room for project dream home. Of course all the other things won't be this grand, hehe. Artwork will be installed above the headboard. The light fixture is one of my last minute purchases, and I'm glad I waited. I love it. 

They wanted something special for the master bath so I had an accent tile installed over the sink. Also had cabinetries built under all bathroom sink, will show you what we did to the other bathrooms as well, when I get the chance to photograph all the afters, in a year! Haha.. Hopefully nextweek.

I guess that's it for now. I'm proud of this space I did. I've got to experiment on another look/concept which I'm dying to try, and it's a huge plus that the client has a lot of art to play with. Few key pieces of furniture / accessories will be installed next week, and they'll have a house warming the week after that. It's crunch time.


  1. Quick question: what the wallpaper on the ceiling? It looks amazing and would love to be able to see it in person. This might actually be a great solution for my basement ceiling as well. It's horrible and this might help me bring some cohesion into the space. Thank you!

  2. Hi, its from Veneciano. I'm not sure if you have a supplier there, but I'm sure any textured wallpaper would do the trick. Best of luck :)


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