Project Modern Mix: Living / Dining / Kitchen Reveal

7/24/2014 12:09:00 AM

I did it! Got the chance to photograph Project Modern Mix a few days ago, and I'm really happy with how everything turned out. The bedrooms are a different story though, there are still no beddings and such, so no reveals for those. Hoping to snap photos of those sooner rather than later, but I'm just stoked I get to share the main area of the unit. 

Now stopping the "intro" chitchat and go straight to the reveal. As stated on the other post about this project, we knocked down one wall to combine two units. This is that wall.

We now have one big open living and dining space. 

The client wanted a very spacious feel, so we installed a grid mirror wall on the dining area. The chandelier is just a temporary fix since the one we got still hasn't arrived yet, so they borrowed one from the store as a placeholder.

We closed the pass-through to one of the kitchen and gave ourselves a showcase wall for their ever evolving art collection. Also note the ceiling textured paper and that big nice chandelier. In love with both!

This is the kitchen we ended up using since it's bigger and right by our intended dining space.

We removed the walls and moved the sink further out to give the kitchen more floor space.

Here's the initial board I presented to the client. Some things have changed (like the chairs, I wanted a more casual chair hence those simple lower ones), but we kept true to the feel and scheme of the concept.

And here are more photos of the finished unit.... and lots of blabber from me. :)

Most of the furniture I had custom-made. Love all the black and wood tone all over the space. It grounds the space nicely, and they pop against our light walls.

That big shelf unit right there will actually be their wine and coffee station. Note the wine glass holder. :) But since they haven't officially moved-in yet (no coffee maker, mugs, wines glasses etc) decided to style it with stuff around the place just for the reveal. hehe

I love love vintage furniture, really I do. But what I appreciate about custom-made pieces is I get what I want. Take the console table behind the sofa for example, I really wanted a simple but graphic base with wood top, and we got it.

Since most of our furnishing are neutral, I wanted colored chairs. Nothing too shocking, just a very laid-back blue. It keeps the space from being too monotonous.

We had a built-in bench built along one of the windows since they have an incredible view of a golf course. But I really struggled capturing this angle since all the sunlight is making the interior really dark, so I decided to turn on all lights and keep the shades down. Bummer. Haha.. Next time, next time.

Even the lamp I had custom-made. Fell in love with a floor lamp I saw online and felt it would be perfect for this project, so here it is. :) It has a really nice tripod legs and natural wood tone.

See what I mean? This lamp is wonderfully weird.

See how the wood and black "pops"? I find it very graphic and nice. That's why I had furniture made with very clean modern lines, I really like the contrast.

That stainless mosaic tiles are definitely a splurge, it makes the kitchen extra special. Since I don't want the kitchen to be sterile looking, I opted for a light wood tone cabinets to echo the new light wood flooring.

This is how the kitchen relates to the space. It's open, but still its own "room". Cabinets lightly matches the floors, grey tile kitchen floors, matches the paint color. And the mosaic tiles sparkles! I want those, but no way it will fit our budget. Haha

I like how everything is clean and modern without being the usual modern space. I really don't know what "usual modern" is, but I just made sure that every piece of furniture is special. Ooh maybe when I go back, I can shoot each piece of furniture so I can share it here. They are simple, but they have special little details here and there. :)

As a bonus, here's the before and after of the "powder room." They actually don't have a legit powder room, what they have are 4 full baths. So instead, they dedicated one of those to be the guest bath, which of course means, it needed to be extra special.

We installed a leather like orange wallpaper to give the space some life. Black sink cabinets were installed, and when I saw this orange / black mirror, I have a "this is it" moment. It's made to be in this room. I'm right, right??

So that's the reveal of main area of Project Modern Mix. I really did enjoy doing this home. There's not to say we didn't have setbacks. We did, as for most renovation. But being able to see the transformation of the space, and my vision come to life, it is sooo satisfying and well worth it. Also got to step out my comfort zone and experimented with some finishes, which is scary but great. Hope to be able to get the chance to photograph the bedrooms, but until then, I'll get to come back to this post and enjoy.

So for the next post--Tiny House Renovations / Project Dream Home just started!!! Woohoo... It will definitely be NOT like this place, we don't have that kind of fund, Haha, but I'm sure it will be fulfilling just the same, maybe more. We'll see. Til then!


  1. luv what you've made and especially adored the grid mirror wall installed on the dining area. the grid is made of what? can a local aluminum glass shop (those making screen doors and windows, mirrors, etc.) make and install those? need tour professional advice, thanks a bucnh!

    1. This is made of wood. We installed the mirrors directly on the back wall and added the frames. Find pictures / inspiration and show your glass maker. Maybe they can do something similar, I'm not just sure if they can do it using thin frames like this though. Best of luck! :)

  2. My most personal favorite from amongst all your work! Am truly impressed! Am pegging the kitchen design as an inspiration for my own.
    I like the simplicity and elegance of the dining table and chairs. Did you have it custom made?

    1. hey thanks! :) yes, most of the furniture are custom-made.

  3. What is your floor is that Wood Ceramic Tiles ?

  4. Hi.. it's actually a nice wood laminate flooring. Got it from design source.

  5. Hi elle, the floor lamp was really gorgeous, do you mind me asking where did you have it custom made?

    1. Wala na akong contact they change number na kasi. hehe :)


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