Tiny House Renovation Week 1 & Plans for the House

7/26/2014 04:08:00 PM

So, let's pickup where we left off. I shared a whole bunch of details regarding this whole deal in this previous post. How we came up with the decision to renovate / build at bf's family's property, and some plans that had been brewing in my mind that never came to life, or even a hint of the chance to come to life. What?  Read and you'll see.

Anyway, here's a summary of what went on in the past 2 months:

1) We decided / and asked for permission to renovate / build on part of bf's family's property
2) They generously obliged to our request :)
3) Since the area is currently being used (1st floor- bf mom's room, 2nd floor- bf's room, stair hall-storage), we have to de-clutter some area of their house to have additional storage, and create a new room for his mom.
4) Sort, de-clutter, organize galore. 
5) Renovate a room for her mom. See it here.
6) Transfer, organize, transfer, organize, repeat--stuff from "our" unit to make way for the demolition
7) Enlist the help of my trusted contractor to sort of materials / labor for this project. We've decided to do daily or "arawan" for the labor. I'll further discuss in other post re that decision. That would be a very boring post, stay tuned! haha
7) Get list of materials for the renovation/expansion, canvas nearby hardware stores for prices, change list of materials due to change of building strategy, canvas, and repeat. We've actually not yet finalized all the details so we'll be doing this some more. 
8) Get things started! 

Anyway, this week, demo started. We first closed off all passageways to the main house to prevent dust/debris going over their living spaces. Then they went ahead and started demolition. Ceilings we're removed, walls are being jackhammered this very moment, yep that would be the soundtrack of our lives in the next couple of months or so. Maybe not the jackhammering part, but mostly hammering and other dusty and noisy stuff.
Major things will be happening next week and I'll update you with that. But for now, lets discuss the plan.

As mentioned in previous post, the area we're doing is a "cute" portion of the bf's family's house. It sits in 26.25 sqm of lot as shown in this very technical diagram. Haha
Here's the house. It's a two-storey unit attached to the main house to the left. I think this was built around 20 years ago, so all of the interior finishes needs to be replaced, but the structure itself is very solid. As one of the engineers we consulted said, houses made back in the days were sturdier as all materials used were up to standard, so that's a very comforting thought. Anyway...

This is the existing layout. One area on the ground floor were sectioned off to make a room. The stairs were being used as storage, since there's another entry point to the bedroom upstairs via door in the balcony connected to the main house (see photo above). It's like a small maze. :)

Here it is. Or should I say, here is what it will be?! Whatever. Haha.. 
First floor:
We'll enclose the big access way to the main house and keep the door by the stairs. Oh we'll also re-layout the stairs. As you can see, the original stairs took up a lot of floor space, which we don't have much of, so we configured it to fit in a 6'x7' area.

Second floor:
We'll also enclose the balcony and make it part of the bedroom. The remaining area will be our storage/closet/dressing space. To save on cost, we'll keep the bathroom where it sits and just reconfigure it to make way for the new stairs.

That's the renovation part. As for the expansion, here it is. We're building an additional level with a loft. Some were asking why would we put the bedroom on the second floor, and living space on the third. Here's why.
Since we will be adding one level + loft space, we'll have a high-ceiling portion on the third floor, around 15ft high, which is a big deal if you have limited floor area. We figured we'll spend most of our time in the living space and office, so we wanted to put that on the nicest area possible. 

Something like this:

Not exactly this style nor design, but the flow and layout. Same narrow space, yet doesn't look too small because of the ceiling height which we love. We can now do our dream industrial loft look. 

Third floor: I tried to fit 2 stairs, powder room, full kitchen, dining, and living area in 26.25 sqm. It's tight, but totally doable. Just like living in a small condo unit. We're also planning to put bricks on one of the tallest wall. Both the bf and I love brick walls, so we'll get it NO MATTER WHAT.

Loft: We both needed a dedicated office/studio space, that's why we decided to add this level. All of our work related / creation (?) related stuff will be in here, hence, all the shelves and storage. One side the bf will design as he pleases, the other side will be my design. I'm sure it will still look cohesive since we basically have the same idea for the house, except he's not so much into pinks and mints. :) But we can deal.

We pretty much know the look we want for the entire space, but that would be for another post. We still have a lot of construction to do before we even get there. 

The other night while looking at all the rubble, the bf and I looked at each other and said.. "Wala ng atrasan to." (there's no backing out now), we've already destroyed their house. Haha.. So this is it! My obsession and dream will soon be realized (insert evil laugh here). We're unexpectedly very calm about it all, excited yes, but not at all nervous. I guess once all the material and labor cost pile up, then we'll be very very nervous! But until then, we'll enjoy the calm before the money-pit storm. Haha


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