Project Modern Mix: Bedrooms Reveal

9/02/2014 03:39:00 AM

The on-going discussion between the bf and I the past few days are about the bedroom. Bedroom design that is. We basically know the look we're going for for most areas of the Tiny House, except for the bedroom. We can't come to a final concept. We have different ideas. I wanted bright, casual, scandinavian; he wanted art deco, drama, elegant. Total opposite. Hahaha.. No idea how to combine that so the bedroom design is still up for debate. 

Thank goodness this client is so much easier to work with than the bf. He just wanted cozy, with some nice details. He basically gave me free reign. If only that's the case for the Tiny House. ;) This unit has two master bedrooms since it's a combined unit. (See main area here)


I went a little bolder with the wallpaper and installed something dark and cozy. Bought this chandelier on impulse and the client loved it. Thank goodness! I was a little concerned since it's a bit weird, but I guess that's what got him. He's into non-typical and sculptural pieces.

Wanted to have a cohesive unit, so furniture are all modern with clean lines just like in the main area. The colors here are browns, grays, blacks, and white.

I have nothing to do with this, but I love love the polka-dot beddings. The client bought all the beddings and just asked me for color options. This gave this room a bit of fun and playfulness. 


For the main bedroom, the client wanted a hotel-like feel. It's quite a common request actually, who doesn't want to sleep in a luxurious hotel right? But I wanted to make it a little more special.

For extra texture and depth, we installed wallpaper on both the walls and the ceilings. It would still be a nice room with plain painted walls, but the wallpaper just took it a notch higher. It's not that obvious in photos, but the design is understatedly beautiful. It's sort of a stone / brick bluish gray pattern. I bought two rolls myself, and it will be in the Tiny House somewhere.

Again, in keeping with the concept of the unit, we have modern furnishing, small dose of color, and black accents.

The light fixture was a last minute purchase, and I love it. Admittedly, this is not the best angle of that light, but believe me, it is a beaut. Love the sliver of gold peeking on the sides. 

I felt a little guilty showing you a bad photo of the light fixture, so while doing this post, I searched for a picture that did it some justice. Tadah! Haha.. 

This bedroom has a hallway which of course, turned into an art showcase. I saw this piece for the first time today (they had other art in here before), and I'm in love. Love the colors, the size, the graphicness of it. I'm no art connoisseur, but they have a lot of pieces that I'm so into. I'm imagining their place to be rotating showcase of art. 

So that's it for this project. The client loves their space and that's all that matters, as always. I'll be back to bedroom design debates with the bf and I'll let you know who won. *ME* 


  1. I'm in the middle of a renovation too and would like to know where you got the wallpaper. Thanks! Btw, love your work! -melissa

    1. Fot the bedroom walls, both are from shell canvas. The one we used for the ceiling are from veneciano. Good luck on your renovation!

  2. Loving all the blacks. Would you mind sharing the source of the last light fixture? I agree.. It's gorgeous!


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