Updates: Tiny House and the Main House

10/06/2014 05:14:00 AM

This is where we're at a few days ago. I realized I've always taken progress shots from the roof (as seen here) but not much from this angle so here's the house's full frontal! haha

It doesn't look that much, but believe me, it is something! It may look too similar with how things were more than a month ago, but if you look a little closer, progress did happen.

1. See all those concrete columns and beams, they are fully cured. We now have structure in here. Not just formworks or such, but actual concrete structure connected to the original house. Yay!

2. We have the third level and loft floor beams in place. We'll leave them expose later on for that industrial bare no ceiling look. We're still contemplating if we'll paint them white, it will depend on how the wood will look, but I'm thinking leave them raw, and if we get tired of the look, we can paint them someday.

3. All levels are there! Yep, we're slowly pouring concrete for the loft level, it will be complete this coming week. Then on to roofing and walling. That is one very exciting progress. 

And since installing steel frames for the walls are on the next to-do list, we need to figure out the window situation. We decided to buy second hand windows to keep cost down.

We bought this!

2 pcs of 10x5 feet of steel casement window (left), and 2 pcs 4x5.5 feet, all for 10,000 Php. They are huge! I've had some quotes for brand new and it will cost us around 10-15k each. Thank you for second hand stuff. Haha.. See our window inspiration here. They will be installed on the front side of the house to let lots of sunlight in. Good things these are south facing windows so it won't get direct heat, but it will let a lot of light in. Win! Now if we can only find smaller windows for the other parts of the house. No way we're paying more for those small windows.

That's it for now for the Tiny House, we'll share as soon as steel framing went up for the walls, and when we hauled those big ass windows over our not so big location. Haha.. 


Aside from the Tiny House, the main house (bf's family house--see floor plan here) is getting some makeover too. We've made a lot of changes in there and will share that soon as we are nearing its completion, but for now, I'll share some progress.

The biggest change happened in the kitchen. They all love to cook, so this is number one priority. We removed a divider counter and upper cabinet and replace it with a more efficient island. You can see it peeking on the right photo below. 
I love natural wood, but their kitchen cabinets are not those kind. It's a a ply wood with reddish brown stain and an ultra gloss top coat. Plus, it had seen better days so we decided to freshen it up with some coat of paint. Took inspiration from their existing flooring in choosing paint colors. Also changed the grout color of the existing backsplash and counter from white to medium gray. Now you can see the vertical subway tile in here. Can't wait to show you the reveal of this kitchen! We had some aquas and yellows going on in there as well.

And just a little corner of the house...
A fresh coat paint can change everything. Do it! It's worth it. Haha

We'll get back for a detailed account on this makeover. 'Til then! Still have an episode of Grey's Anatomy to watch. :)


  1. Your house is taking too long! I can not wait what you do INSIDE! haha.. and the main house is looking good. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those blue doors.. Love!

  3. Miss Elle, where to score second hand windows? My middle name is Frugal :)


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