Hub Stylebreaker: A Happy Update

11/14/2014 02:01:00 AM

I've shared a moodboard and a little snippet about this place a while back, but haven't given you a proper update yet. Well, it's because I haven't been there in a while! This isn't really a client project, but rather me just helping my cousin out in renovating her new place. Full disclosure: I didn't actually decorate the space, I just helped her pick paint colors, tiles, wallpaper, draperies, bathroom fixtures, closet layout and the like. Also gave her the moodboard and some furniture pegs, but she did all the furniture shopping on her own.

She went to Heima for a lot of her furniture and her place is looking really pretty! She and Heima blogged about the space so I get to have a peek, and I'm sharing with you some of their photos here. Should definitely visit soon!

Her stripe pink office

Pillows galore. 

Dining nook

Old photo of her mom.  Pretty!

This maybe the first thing we bought for the place-- the living room curtain fabric. I remember sending her photos of different fabric options while out shopping and finally hauling all that yardage over to her not yet renovated place. But finally, it's here, installed, and looking so virbrant.

I shared this on instagram a while back, the empty living room with that neon pink window frame! Very brave girl. 

This is obviously an old photo during the renovation, I'm sure it's much cleaner now. Haha.. I just love how we did the floor tiles in the kitchen. We wanted a tile with a pattern but we can't find the perfect one, so instead, I bought a black and off-white square tiles and had it cut and installed in a diagonal stripes. Striking right? :) Should take proper photo on my visit.

She's not done decorating her space yet, frames and artwork waiting to be hang, and I'm sure she'll get more stuff for her space. When it's done, I'll definitely share it here.

I'm a little bit envious that her place is all done and move-in ready while ours is still basically a shell of a house. Hehe.. But she's been renovating for a lot longer so I should learn to have her patience. She got to this point, we'll get there too! ;)


Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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