The Tiny House Year-End Update: Interior!

12/23/2014 10:51:00 PM

"Interior" might be a stretch since it's still basically a shell, but we're done with all the outside walls, insulation are in place, and sub-floors are being installed. So yeah, we can now walk inside without fear of slipping in between studs. That is progress in our book!

But before we go inside, here's another view of the Tiny House from further out. See? It's really small so we built up. This was taken a few weeks ago so window / frame painting not yet done.

But here they are all painted. Our exterior color scheme are blue-white-black. Love how the white pops from the blue walls and black windows. And that's our yero walls up close. 

Okay, lets go inside (3rd and loft level first. No progress for the 1st and 2nd floor since they are technically part of the existing structure so we haven't done anything with them yet).

If you remember from my plans-for-the-house post, I included the existing and future floor plan. There's some changes along the way. We swapped the stairs orientation so the fridge/pantry area will be part of the whole kitchen. Oh also, don't mind the measurements, we extended the loft 2 feet out so we'll have more office space / less high-ceiling area. But really, the high-ceiling part is still quite big and I'm debating if we can go further out. But the floors are already in so we'll have to stick with it and just enjoy the airiness of the space.

Here I am awkwardly posing / standing in what will be the living / dining / kitchen area (3rd floor). As you can see, our wall insulation are already in place, and we're ready to install interior walls! That would be for next year but I AM ECSTATIC! Yes, I'm shouting!! Hahaha... Can't believe we're finally tackling the inside. 

Looking down (from the loft) at the living area. The 3rd level would be tightest squeeze for the entire house since it will serve so many purpose and function. But that's the space I'm most excited about. We already have a clear vision for what it will look like. Hello Navy walls.

Standing in the corner beside the future sofa, here's the view towards the other side. See how high the ceilings are? This is quite higher than originally planned because of the changes on roofing layout, which is a welcome change because the higher the better. It would make the space looks so much bigger.

These were taken just a while ago. They just finished installing subfloors on the loft level and we hurriedly went up right after. With a measuring tape in hand, we tried to visualize and layout how our office will look like. Haha... and....Floors!!

We have a lot of big windows for natural light / ventilation through out the day. It's really bright in here. Of course all the reflective insulation helps, and I'm sure navy walls would darken the area a bit, but still, lots of light!! And no, we still don't know how we would close/open THAT window, but we'll come up with a plan. Haha

Here's me, again with the awkward pose, showing the scale of the house. It actually looks big because of how high it is! But the length is about 7 meters and width 3.5 meters.

Front all painted. We're ready to lose all that scaffolding, and it will be taken down after they're done installing the glass for all the windows and some exterior finishing touches.

 Next year, we're officially starting on doing the interiors! Electrical, plumbing, walls, kitchen, bathrooms, tiles, paint, furnishing, and we're done! Ha! That's still few months to go but I say this is a great start for the new year. :)

And here's two awkward people, future tiny house dwellers, greeting you all a Merry Christmas!! 


  1. Looking good! The house and it's owners! Merry Christmas, Elle!

  2. Thanks Mary! :) Merry Christmas!

  3. I've been following your blog for quite awhile now. So looking forward to updates of your house next year. Happy New Year!

  4. thank you! Yes, definitely (hopefully) lots of updates next year. Happy New Year.. :)

  5. I am just wondering, where will you sleep? kasi parang what I see are your office space and living / dining room areas.

  6. Hi Rach! Wrote in the post na this is just the 3rd / loft level.. bedroom area will be on second floor :)


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