Women's Livelihood Org Office (Design Project Reveal)

1/16/2015 04:42:00 AM

Lets take a breather from all the Tiny House shenanigans. I wanna talk about it so bad that I'm hoping that all the talking will magically finish the house and we can finally enjoy it. But no, it's not yet done, progress going slowly but continuously. I'll give you an update when significant changes are already done. As of today, we have stairs steps, electrical on loft and 3rd level, installing interior walls, etc) but in two weeks maybe it will look a little more there. The bf and I actually have this what we call the 5 o'clock habit. Once all the workers left, we'll go to the tiny house and just hang in there, talk about design options, or just imagine the possibilities, and leave at about 6:30 pm when it's already dark. No electrical hook-up yet so no light! I always look forward to that moment. :) Okay, this is not a breather. Supposedly here to talk about this project I did and here I am going on and on about the tiny house. HAHA.. Okay here we go....

A little background story about this project. The client rented two spaces (2nd and 3rd floor unit) to be an eatery and office respectively. The office will be for I think a non-profit for ladies livelihood program. Since it entails a lot of meetings at different restaurant, they decided to just have a small resto to cater to them and outside clients as well. But halfway through the project, the plans changed and the resto is a no-go. They'll just use that for meetings. Meaning budget cuts! Hence the little bare but still pretty office set-up. :) Let me explain... 

The office is divided in two areas: office/conference and the seminar area. The office part have built-in L-desk and a table in the middle. The idea would be to have a glass table with turquoise (to match the main door) ornate base. And I'll have office chairs upholstered in fun pattern fabrics.

But because of the budget cut, we just moved a table and some chairs from the supposedly resto downstairs. It's actually a pretty set, but I feel it's too dark and formal for the space. But that's what we have, and I'm glad I chose some nice ornate chairs so at least it's still feminine. I just bought seat cushions and pillow to lighten it a bit and make it more office-friendly.

To visually separate the office area, I had this wallpaper installed. It's really pretty, it off sets the pink walls nicely. It's soft and girly without being too in-your face sweet, just like me. Haha.. No. Definitely not like me, I'm not girly AT ALL. 

The other side of the room is the seminar area. We bought 20 of the folding chairs to fill this space when needed. But I like it this way...so open and clean. Parang gallery! hehe.. The wall art through out the space are just cheap ones from Wilcon and Mandaue Foam. 

To keep the cost down, we kept the flooring as is, bare cement, and we didn't install any ceiling. I like it this way, a little bit industrial and the high ceiling made it feel more spacious. Definitely helpful when 20 or more people are gathered here for seminars and workshops.

I'm set on having pink walls, this is a ladies group office after all. But we needed to leave a wall white for projector purposes. To make it a little more interesting, we cut the pink walls diagonally instead of the traditional straight. Also note that yellow columns and beams! Again, it's a visual divider for the two areas, and it repeats the yellow found in the wallpaper. I think little details like those makes a space more fun.

The turquoise door that will supposedly match the table. Good thing some of the artwork have turquoise in them so it feels a little more cohesive. Loving that stripe yellow roman blinds. I always go for for patterned window treatment if the project calls for it. Since this space is mostly just white chairs, A little pattern here and there gives the space more life.

The idea really is to just create a space that's inspiring for those women who'll be having livelihood seminars here. That's the only request of the client. I really hope they enjoy this space. 

As for the 2nd floor resto turned meeting area, I didn't got the chance to photograph it since I left mid-chaos. The original concept is modern Filipino, so I wanted lots of wood, wrought iron lights, modern table with curvy chairs, some capiz detail, etc. But some of those didn't pushed through. Here's a progress shot. I'm so in love with that wood accent wall. I'm into diagonals these days. Haha...

Wall of inexpensive art. Just needed to fill the walls at minimal cost. I know these images are not very Filipino, but I bought these after I've learned that the resto is a no-go. Chose vintage looking prints to go with the interior.

I realized I haven't been posting about design projects lately. I don't know, my mind is so preoccupied with the Tiny House and I can't find the time to compose moodboard plans, progress updates, etc. (But yet I do find the time to watch TV. Ha!) But I have a few projects to share that are almost done that I'm really excited about! Hopefully, I can switch off the tv and write those posts! Haha.. But at least I won't bombard you with all Tiny house related post until I have something more significant to share --- INTERIORS!! Yessss.... that day that I've been dreaming about is very very near. We'll be choosing finishes for the house. Tiles, wall colors, light fixtures, bathroom/kitchen fixtures, doors, hardware, etc. Never have I been so excited to shop for those. Pinch me!


  1. I love your blog! I'm now seriously wanting to pursue interior design too :D
    Hey I'm hosting a pre-valentines day giveaway, 6 3d pop-out cards up for grabs. If you like you could check 'em out http://bit.ly/17O1B45 Thanks!

  2. Elle, good job on the design on this one. Looking forward to your next few projects to share.

  3. Thanks Eleigh! :)

    Patrick, thank you. Hopefully I can share a lot more soon! :)


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