Modern Luxe Suite: The Moodboard

2/20/2015 06:32:00 PM

This blog has nothing but the Tiny House Renovation updates, which is of course understandable as the past half year evolves around trying build our home. But, we still need to work or that said house will not be done.  Construction = Money pit. The bf has his thing, and I have mine, which as you may have already forgotten due to lack of any updates and new posts, design projects. Don't worry, I still have work and I still have other things to show you here, but my lack of reveal photos doesn't help. 

I really thought about it and decided not to post anything first before having the after photos on hand since I know it's annoying to lure you into details of a project and then keep mum for a year, without any final reveal, no closure. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO PROJECT THIS AND PROJECT THAT?? Haha.. Story of this blog. So I have drafts of moodboards and progress that's still sitting there 'coz I haven't shot the space yet. 

Am I telling you all that because I already have after photos of this project? Well, NO. It's just a very long introductory paragraph that totally opposes this post. You see, this project haven't even started yet. We'll probably start construction next week. I'm just posting it here because I love my moodboard! :) :)

I mean I love the design, of course, but what I'm talking about is the moodboard itself. Have you seen the first moodboard I did? That is actually my very first blog post back in 2010. Yes, it has been that long. Where the hell did those years go? Anyway, I'm always so giddy and proud whenever I managed to create a nice looking moodboard. 

I know it's not the most realistic, but I didn't use any perspective rendering software, it's just photoshop. I've been asked quite a few times what software I use to create these, so that's it, the ever reliable photoshop. I was a graphic designer before, so I just used that to my advantage. I just gather different images, textures, furniture photo off the internet and lay them out together to have something to present to clients. I'm quite happy with it. :)

Enough about those, let's talk about the project itself. It's a one bedroom condominium. The client asked for hotel, luxe, and open feel. So the bedroom partition will be removed and we'll install a divider panel that can be open to have one big space, or closed to have privacy for the bedroom.

I just wanted a monochromatic feel with lots of texture. If you're afraid of colors but doesn't want boring, go for texture. I'll discuss this project further once we get started with the renovation and hopefully, I'll have a reveal photo to show you in maybe a month or so. :)

P.S. If you can't tell, just did this post to show-off my photoshop skills. HAHA


  1. I would love to see the reveal photos of this project. 😍

    1. Didn't got the chance to photograph it na. hehe


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