Tiny House Renovation in Six months: Interior Walls, Stairs, Navy Blue!

2/03/2015 12:24:00 AM

I can't believe we're past the half-year mark! 6 months!!! It happened all too quickly yet too slowly which is quite confusing. Six months flew by, yet it's been months and we're not yet done. Normally, for other home expansion / construction, we should be about done by now. But since we're not going the typical route, it's been such a drag. Exciting, yes. But we're becoming so much more impatient these days that we are very close to completion. We can see a house, we are in it most days, yet we can't put our stuff in here, we can't design and decorate. But I know it will be over soon enough and we will be able to do whatever we want with it. But for now, here's where we're at.

We've left you with no interior walls on the last update, like this photo below. Exterior walls and insulation in place, but nothing inside. This is the loft area which will be our shared office.

This is where we are now. Drywall installed, ready to be painted. And we're going black in this room. 2 walls will be black, and one blush pink. It sounds weird but it will be good promise. I made a little moodboard for this area but it's on the other computer so I'll post a separate entry about that.

The ceiling and upper walls up to the beam will be white to keep in bright despite the black walls. We built a false wall in the middle of the room to recess the tv, and we'll have recessed shelves on both sides. His and hers sides. It will all make sense when I show you the moodboard. :)

We've got a high ceiling in here, and you know how much I love high ceilings. It will keep even the smallest room from feeling too cramped. Big windows and high ceilings are small spaces best friend. The action plan for this house is to finish the upper areas first and work down. Hence this loft is looking a a bit closer to being done compared to the rest of the house. Which is ironic since we don't have stairs yet going to the loft, we need to finish the walls where the stairs will sit first before installation. So we climb ladder and scaffolding just to appreciate this space. Haha.. 

Speaking of stairs, we now have one complete stairs from first to third floor! We've reconfigured the existing stairs on the first level since it's taking so much space. I'll show you next time but right now, the first floor is such a mess, it's basically a stock room. That would be the very last area to be covered so that update will not come soon. Haha.. 

Since the original structure is only two floors, we constructed this stairs going to the third level. I don't have photos yet but we already have railings! Hooray! We'll be painting the walls, railings, and steel portion white, and we'll do the steps in a natural wood finish.

Looking down the stairs from the third level. All the steps are purchased second hand.

This is the only photo I have of the railings but they are now all done and painted with primer. :)

Let's get back up the third level. I think this will be my favorite area, with the navy walls and cognac leather sofa, with subway kitchen tiles, and brick walls.. I'm going to love this space!! Haha.. But lets get back to reality first. It will be a few months more before I can have all those.

Here's a shot looking up the loft when they just started installing walls.

Standing at the loft looking into the high ceiling part of the living room. Wall installation done. 
*To see the floor plan and to make sense of all this mess, click here.

Windows, lots and lots of them!

First coat of the navy walls!! I just saw this today and it's all sorts of wonderful. I'm a little afraid the dark walls will make this space, well, dark. But it doesn't, at all. Because of all the windows, it's still so bright in here and the walls just gives the space richness and some drama. 

Here's a close-up shot of the color. Instead of purchasing the expensive custom colors from the big depots, we just used Davies sun and rain elastomeric paint for outdoors. I'm thinking if it's good for outdoors, then it might be fine indoors right? Haha.. It's called delft blue, and it's a really good navy blue. It's not so dark, but it's still rich with just a hint of green. 

The wall with all the windows will be brick. Can't wait to purchase those and have them installed, it's going to be great. That's what we keep telling ourselves to have a little more patience. Haha!

That's about it inside. As for the exterior, well, it still looks the same, except for one little detail I haven't showed you yet...

BALCONY!!! Yep, we managed to install a balcony in this tiny house. We've always wanted an outdoor space. Before we came up with the final plan for this house, we knew we wanted a rooftop area for the view and some outdoors. But since it's not possible with our form of construction, we settled with a balcony on the roof side of the main house. Which technically is still a roof top right? :)

And our sunset view from the balcony ain't bad either...

Can't wait to have proper chairs for the balcony so we can enjoy this view every sundown. We'll probably be sipping tea, exchanging words of praises on how awesome we are for building a beautiful tiny house. Haha!


  1. Such a serene view! Looking forward to the finished interiors ;)
    Added this blog to my blogroll ;)


  2. Thanks Eleigh! I love love the sunset view!

  3. Hi elle, been following you from the start. I live near you and I can see our apartment building on your pic (the one with 2 tanks on deck). Pa view naman house nio pag tapos na. :) wishing you all the best! ---sharon

  4. Sharon! Hahaha really? Hi future neighbor :) Pa-view naman ako ng Tiny House from your deck. Haha.. Love going around the area para silipin iba't ibang angle ng bahay. Thanks for reading the blog. :)

  5. HI Elle! Could you share what paint you used for your pink wall? My daughter wants a pink wall for her room and I'm happy to oblige but I don't want it to look like bubblegum pink. Your pink wall is just the shade of pink I want. Thanks!

  6. Hi Cris, I assume this comment is for the other post about office plans? :) Anyway, sorry but pinatimpla ko lng sha. Went to a paint store in Del Monte and just pointed at a pink swatch.. hehe.. Forgot the brand but I remember the name to be Delightful Pink, not sure though sorry.

  7. Congratulations Elle on finishing your dream home! :) I've been reading your blog for some time now and been following your Tiny House updates, but this is the first time I've made a comment. I'm so happy for you and your soon-to-be-husband (congrats on the engagement as well). I love how you can be so creative even with limited space, and it really looks to me that you also take budget into consideration, which is important to me as well, when looking for a decorator. Hopefully, one day, someday I can get you for a project :) Until then, will be following your blog and looking forward to your updates. Cheers! :)


  8. @Sunset Goddess... It's nice to hear from silent readers from time to time. :) Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, means a lot! Looking forward to be working with you in the future. Cheers!


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