Tiny House Renovation: Loft Office Plans and Progress

2/17/2015 02:23:00 AM

The house is coming along, the third and loft level are on the final stages of renovation. We have brick walls installed (YAY!!) and paint are on most walls. We can see the finish line for these levels, but the first and second floor, well that's another story. Probably a story for next month. We'll get there, sooner rather than later. :)

But since we're working from up down, the loft is almost done. It will be where you'll see us work, get creative, or be lazy and lounge on the daybed all day. Haha.. We actually discussed if we should put two lounge chairs in lieu of the daybed, but ultimately, our nap loving self won the argument, so daybed it is!

Anyways, this space is the most controversial space for us. Decisions we're not easily made and lots of debate and discussions ensue. For the bedroom and living areas, we have the same vision and ideas so it's quite easy to come up with a final plan. But the loft, not so much.


The layout we've already settled a long time ago. We'll have a shared table in the middle, and the bf will have one side of the office, and I'll have the other side. Basically, we can decorate our own side as we wish. But of course, we still have to discuss or it will look like a hodge podge of stuff and it won't make any sense. 


If it were up to me, I want a clean white blank walls to contrast the navy living area on the third level. But the bf is not so sold to white, he likes black. The exact opposite. Haha.. It's actually fine with me since I like black walls as well so yeah black it is. BUT, I don't want an all black room, I want a place for the eyes to rest. So upper walls and ceiling will be white. We settled that quite easily. 

I made a little mock-up of what the office would look like. Just edited the December progress photo above so this the same view as that. Black walls, white uppers and ceiling.

The Plan

PINK! Can you see the pink on "her side" ? Oh wait, I mean blush, or pale peach, or according to the bf, rosy white.  Well ladies and gentlemen, that wall is the subject of a much heated argument. 

Me: "I want blush walls on my side"
BF: "Blush?? That's just pink."
Me: "Ok I want pink walls."
BF: "No."
Me: "You've got your black walls!"
BF: "You like black walls, I hate pink."
(he's got a point.)
Me: "It's not pink, it's a very pale peach."
BF: "That's still pink. Show me photos."
Me: Hurriedly searched for photos of pale peach walls and showed the bf
BF: "No. No. No. Maybe." 
(He said maybe on the palest peach I showed)
BF: "Do a sample first before doing the whole wall."
Me: "Okay!!! :) :) :)"

That is obviously not the heated (and very english) version of the argument, as it's longer, in tagalog, and not as calm as that. But in the end, the Bf gave in to what I love, and I'm now a happy person with a rosy white walls. Haha

Thank you Bf, I know how much you hate don't like pink yet here we are with a pink wall in our office. Means a lot! I stuck with the plan of having a very pale blush color. I don't like baby pink nor bubblegum pink, I just want it to be a barely there color, just enough contrast to the white uppers and ceiling.

Ok enough with that wall. Here's the view looking up the loft. (hello navy!) The left side will have cyclone wire, same thing used in fence, and to the right we'll have the stairs. Oh the stairs, can't wait to have those installed so we'll not have to climb up the scaffolding to get to the loft!

On the opposite side of the loft, the stairs/fence side, we installed big upper cabinets to maximized storage and ceiling height. At first, the Bf is suggesting to have storage/shelves all around the loft since we have high ceilings, but I really love the openness of the space so we compromised and put a big one on one side. You can see the base of the cabinet on the photo above. It's quite spacious, though hard to get to. It will be for rarely used big items such as Christmas decor (Christmas agad nasa isip?!) and luggages (feeling nag tatravel?!) Hahaha

We'll have three shelves each on our side. We bump out the wall in the middle to house the tv and run wires so we'll have the shelves in a niche. Though it's quite shallow and I have no idea what to put in here. Small books and our collection of decorative stuff probably. It's 8" in depth, since we don't want to bump the wall out too much, and the shelves should be the same depth as the wall. Now that I think about it, we should have made it 10". But no, we won't redo it so we'll just not buy big books.

The space from the middle shared table to this wall is not that big, so we can't put anything too obtrusive and huge on our side walls. As for my side, I'll have a storage cabinet to the right of the window, and I'll hang my fave framed peacock above it. It's currently above my bed right now and I just love it. Plus it's black so it relates to the room. 

Above, we have 4 awning windows that will most likely always be open. Had them since this is the highest point of the entire house which means hot air goes here. Open windows to release heat, or at least that's what I'm hoping for. So far, it's really not that humid in here, but what do I know, it's not even summer yet so wish us luck.

Again, here's the vague moodboard I did...

We'll have a lot more stuff than this, and we'll hang a DIY chandelier made by the Bf, I'll share them with you once it's done. This week and next, we'll finish the fence, stairs, and the floors so we can start moving items in here to free up the second floor so work can start on lower levels. The status of those spaces is a far cry from this. Third and loft = finishing, first and second = starting.

We're really hoping to be done by Bf's birthday by end March, but with all the work yet to be done, might not be possible. So I just wish that all left to do after that would be the first level. Gonna push it for these last few weeks of work and we'll have friends over end of March regardless of status of renovation. We'll have them sit through dust. Haha...


  1. "No colors anymore I want them to turn black." Perhaps, 50 shades of gray? Haha! I once thought that a black box (room painted in all black) would feel like a creepy vault of horror but it's actually very relaxing that you would fall asleep most of the time ( such in the case of theaters.)

    I thought of extending the pale peach paint to your side of shelves and leaving the bumped wall, white or maybe some geometric design like this:



    Can't wait for you to decorate the place. Good luck and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  2. kainis eh, pati conversation english eh. halatang hindi naman ganyan. naririnig ko boses nyo sa tagalog eh. HAHAHAHA!

  3. @Anon the wall with the tv and shelves should be a single color since we didn't want to divide the space totally.. we thought about it though. haha :) But I love the photo with the geometric mantle.. we'll definitely put something above the tv and that can be it... thank you.

    Gong xi fa cai! :)

  4. @Tatang.. hahaha epal ka! shempre english dapat para consistent.

    FYI to the others who may see his comment.. kapatid ko si tatang. haha

  5. HI Elle! May I ask what paint you used for your pink wall? My 4-year old daughter wants a pink room byt I don't want it to turn out bubblegum pink. Your pink wall is the right amount of pink for us, I think. :)

  6. Hi Cris, replied on the other post where you first commented... :)

    "Hi Cris, I assume this comment is for the other post about office plans? :) Anyway, sorry but pinatimpla ko lng sha. Went to a paint store in Del Monte and just pointed at a pink swatch.. hehe.. Forgot the brand but I remember the name to be Delightful Pink, not sure though sorry"

  7. Thanks! Mali palang post yung napaglagyan ko ng question the first time hehe


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