Project Modern Cottage: The Big Reveal!

11/26/2016 02:56:00 AM

This project was already done monthssss ago so here I am posting the reveal merely five days after the introduction. This will not always be the case once I start posting real-time again just like the good 'ol days since five days = not enough time for a project. Haha.. I know it's so much more satisfying to see the reveal asap rather than you know, a year or more after *ahem tiny house.* But I want to go back to the roots of this blog and maybe just make a pinky promise with the universe that I'll actually push-though and have decent shots for a reveal post. You have no idea how many projects I haven't documented with photos, hence they're not in the portfolio. I know, not a good practice. I'll change. So what do you think? Blog real-time or just wait until everything is done and post them simultaneously? Oooh what a conundrum! *sarcasm*

Anyway, back to Project Modern Cottage. As I said in the earlier post, I LOOOVE this project! It's just a fun little unit and the owners are fun to be with as well. I always stayed at least an hour more after our meetings just to chit-chat. 

Here's the floor plan of the unit. It's an efficient straight forward layout. 


We started from a very bare unit which you can see in the previous post. I decided to document this to include the design drawings so you can see how the plan translated into reality.

Here's the living area and where the boys sleep. It's a daybed with pull-out bed so it can comfortably sleeps two. The tv table is custom to mimic the look of the original design, but customized to function better for the family. 

Decided to put three identical mirrors on the long wall to visually enlarge the space. Didn't want to clutter this wall so much since we have the gallery wall around the tv, a lot of throw pillows to add colors to this wall, and a patterned curtain on the other side.
Throw pillows: Mandaue foam

We kept the original kitchen cabinets since it's just neutral and would work well with our concept. Instead of a traditional dining table, they wanted an island with seating to provide more workspace for the kitchen. 


The bedroom is very fun with lots of accent colors. The tv table is custom, actually almost all of the furniture in this unit were customized to fit the space perfectly.
light fixture: Distinctive Lights Quezon Ave

The accent chair she already bought even before we started the project. I love it. The colors are perfect.

Sorry I don't have a decent shot of the same angle. Hehe.. The bed is simple with straight lines to tone down all the girliness going-on. 


This is the first thing you'll see when you enter the unit. We bumped out the wall a little to create a built-in shoe cabinet. We hang that very cute clock, another nod to cottage design.
Blue artwork: Mandaue Foam / Clock: Wilcon

We placed a modern floor lamp in the corner of the room. It's not identical to the one on the plan, but the moment I saw this, I just knew that it would work well in the space. 
Floor lamp. wooden frames, feather & shell art: Mandaue foam

The client loves to shop for decor stuff, and she has a lot of nice things to work with, like all that tin cans. How cute right?

Love the pattern on that curtains! Bought a fabric that the client and I both love, and had them custom-made. It's also the same fabric used in one of the ottomans.

One of my favorite element in this project is the ceiling. We had it covered in wood looking vinyl. Those are actually meant for floors, but I want it up there! It just brings so much warmth to the space. The light fixture is gorgeous too! I wanted a modern chandelier that would still suit the country vibe, and this one is perfect. 
Wood vinyl: Wilcon / Curtain fabric: Somewhere in tutuban, forgot the store name! Haha

The frame gallery is a collection of postcards they bought on a family trip, artworks the client already owned,  pieces from furniture stores that i bought, and family photos. I wanted that wall to look like a collection instead of all being too matchy. And again, that ceiling and fixture!
Light fixture: Distinctive Lights Quezon Ave

The desk chair is an old chair of theirs that we refinished white. The desk is custom, and it can turn into a vanity by flipping up the top to reveal a mirror and cosmetic storage compartment. I know. I want one too.

The roman blinds in here is much simpler since we already have a lot of patterns and colors in the accent chair, tv table, and beddings. Despite having so many of that, the room still feels calm when you're in there I'm not sure why. Haha...

Oh, I'm trying this new thing where I'll share the sources of the items shown here. You can see them below the photos. Most will probably be out of stock because this post is lonnnng over due. Haha

And just to prove how late this really is, the unit has already been featured in Real Living last May 2016. Hehe..  You can see the complete feature here

So, that's it. Another one down, and hopefully hundreds more to go! :)


  1. Hi elle, im starting to love modern cottage interior because of this! 😍 may i ask what are the key elements that should be present in modern cottage design? Also the color scheme.. I want to achieve this look to our den. 😘

    1. Hi Leska.. Glad you like it. :) Mostly for cottage look, the bead board would make si much impact. You may also add lots of wood elements to make it cozy, and use light fresh colors. Good luck! :)

  2. I love how cozy the place looks like. :) and I love the wooden furniture! May I know where you got them? Specifically the daybed, dining table and the cabinet in the living room. :D thank you!

    1. Thank you so much. Island / dining table was made by the contractor. Others are custom pieces. :)


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