Project Modern Cottage: The Plans

11/20/2016 09:23:00 PM

I can't remember the last time I shared a design project here. Well... I can't remember the last time I did anything here except for the last few posts, so there's that. Haha.. So here I am sharing this project I did a little while back. It's one of my recent favorite, I love how everything turned out, and the clients are wonderful as well. 

A little back story, the clients --a couple who has been working in Makati for a very looong time, I can't remember exactly but I guess around 15 years -- has been coming from and going home everyday to Novaliches. They told me the drive was their way to bond and share stories. It used to be tolerable, but since the traffic got worse the past few years, the former hour drive is now 2.5 hours, each way! They decided to buy a condo unit as their half-way home to ease their stress, plus a place for their sons to stay since they are now studying in universities nearby. 

Enter Elle. Haha.. They asked my help to design their one bedroom unit and make it the wife's cottage dream house. Of course, we have to "consider" the 3 boys that would also live there. The husband told me that whatever the wife wants, she should get since she's the queen of the house. (wise man right there! Haha) So I went all out with the elements of cottage, but toned it down by using wood and clean lines, but still remained feminine for the woman of the house (the one in the above photo! Hello Pat!) 

As you can see, we started with a very blank slate. I love it because everything is plain and neutral. The cabinets (kitchen and wardrobe) is a cream laminate instead of those typical super fake orangey tones. The floors in the living room is an off-white tile, and a nice medium walnut color for the bedroom floors. Basic and simple.

This not my typical mood board set-up (I usually use photoshop) but since I needed a lot of different angles, I did a 3d model instead. Anyway, it's a small one-bedroom. The layout is straight forward, there's only a few options so I did the most functional, and concentrated on the design.

For the entire unit, I had a chair rail height bead board installed. It's the one element that really gives a cottage charm. Instead of a sofa, I recommended a daybed with pull-out bed to sleep the boys. Three big mirrors on the long wall to visually enlarge the space and to add texture, without adding much visual clutter since the other wall is a gallery wall.

We kept the existing kitchen cabinets, but changed the counters, added a backsplash tile, and built a cabinet in the space supposedly for the oven. As you can see in one of the before photos above, there's a nook for the oven, but since they're not planning on putting one, we just installed a counter top induction and utilized the nook for storage. We built a custom island that will also act as additional storage and dining table.

The colors for the living space will be pale powder blue, and mint green for the bedroom. We incorporated a lot of patterns through textiles all though out the unit, but kept the furniture in neutral white and wood, except for the tv table for the bedroom. I love how that piece turned out! 

One of my favorite piece is the desk / vanity table hybrid. It's simple in style but packs functionality which is very essential for a smaller place. I'm not sure if I have photos of the vanity aspect of the desk, maybe I can ask Pat to send me one? ;) 

Because of space constraints, we installed a wall light for the bedside to free up much needed space on the table. 

I know this is still really feminine, but instead of using a traditional cottage curvy details, we have modern furniture with wood all around. We even installed wood vinyl on the ceiling, which you'll see on the reveal post. That's just a little extra but totally added so much warmth to the space. This is definitely a queen's space, but the men comfortably live here too. :)

Oh, here's the floor plan since this post is titled "The Plan" so I think it's just appropriate. Haha.. 

On the next post, you'll see how I translated these drawings into reality. I'm proud of the outcome of this unit, it's bright, fun and most importantly, the owners love it and are now enjoying a stress-free evening after work. :)


Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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