The 3 Day Makeover

7/01/2017 07:22:00 PM

This is something I have been thinkng about for quite sometime now, maybe a year or so. Something that's always at the back of my mind that I'd love to eventually do... and now is the time! I've been doing a lot projects ever since I started this little hobby-turned-career of mine, and most of it were major renovations. I love doing those, I love seeing a space gradually turning into something I envision. It's very fulfilling.

before and after, living room, yellow sofa
More than A Starter Home. See more here.

I know a lot of people wants to update and makeover their space, but doesn't have a big budget for doing something major. Maybe you want to freshen up your living / dining space? Or how about a new look for your bedroom? You want a new paint color, light fixture, or maybe updated furnishing and accessories to complete the look of your space, but you have no idea where to start.
masculine studio unit, before and after, makeover, brown walls
Fashion Designer's Lounge Pad. See more here.
This is why I'm doing "The 3 Day Makeover". I'd like to help people with their homes. The idea is to do the makeover as quick as possible to lessen the cost. This is for one space only, not the entire house since this will be a quick makeover. If you have a small unit, then maybe it's possible to do majority of the space. That's up for discussion. :)

Here's how it's gonna go:

1. There'll be an initial meeting with you to discuss what we'll do with your space, what to purchase brand new, what to keep, and what we can do within your budget. I'll discuss with you my plans and ideas. Since this is a quick project with a very affordable fee, I would not be able to do my usual presentation of mood board and perspective. I'll be as clear with my plans, show you my ideas via pegs, a sketch or two, then we'd proceed directly to preparation.

2. Maybe a week or two of preps to purchase all the materials needed for your makeover. This is also the time to purchase anything brand new you'd like for the space. At this stage, you should also be preparing, organizing, and clearing up in time for the workers to come in. Once everything is ready, we'll go straight to the makeover.

3. We'll have 3 days to do the space. I'll be bringing in my hardworking crew to do the things we have discussed. We'll paint, do minor repairs if needed, install new light fixture, arrange, install artwork and accessories, and put together the space for you. In no time, you'll have a space you'd love to come home to. 

before and after, teen girl bedroom
Teenage Dream Bedroom. See more here.

Well that's the idea. I know that it's feasible, and I'd have a lot more before and afters to show you! 😁 I'd still, of course, do my usual renovation projects, so I'd like to limit the #Elle3DayMakeover to four projects per month.

Also please note, be realistic with your budget. Consider labor, decorator's fee, materials, and all other furnishings we need to buy for your space. They should ultimately match. We can't have any major construction such as drop ceiling, building of cabinets, retiling of entire floors. :) Also, this offer is for Metro Manila only. Preferably near where I live (Banawe QC), HAHA.. But I'm open to any place as long as I don't have to go through a toll gate to get to you :)

Are you interested? If yes please email the following:
SUBJECT: 3DayMakeover 
Please ATTACH PHOTOS (from different angles) of the space and answer the following:
1. What would you like to do with your space?
2. Any specific look you're going for?
3. Approximate size of the space? (if you don't know, it's okay)
4. Where is your place located?
5. What is your budget?

That's it! So if you want a quick and budget-friendly makeover by someone who wants you to be very happy with your space, get int touch. Let's make Metro Manila great again, one home at a time! #elleuyforpresident HAHA

*All photos included here are my past work and NOT a 3dayMakeover project. :) To see more of my work, check out


  1. you are amazing! loved your work and following you on youtube, and ig. I hope someday I could afford your tf and let you design my dream house♥


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