French Boudoir: Before and the Almost After

8/28/2017 08:24:00 PM

One of my biggest shortcoming with work is not being able to document them completely. It took weeks, sometimes months, to finish, lots of hardwork and problem solving, then in the end, I won't have the time to take a photo of the afters. The clients will move in, and move on with their lives. And I'm left with the beautiful memories without the photos to prove it. Just take a look at the category design projects on this blog, not everything has a reveal. I know.. such a tease. What's the point of blogging about the process and not showing the results? There's no point. I'm sorry.  Don't hate me. I'll do better. Whatever. Haha

I was looking at my drafts and saw this there just waiting to be noticed. It's honestly one of my favorite project, it's very dainty and sweet. Didn't post this before because of the blurry quality of the after photos. Shot them at night right after installation hence, it's not yet done done. Didn't get the chance to come back. Eeek. But here you go...

It's actually a very decent unit. It just so happen that it's not up to the owner's taste and personality. She wanted a very feminine aesthetic and I can do just that. :)

We installed molding on all walls. Those details will make a whole lot of difference. 

The Foyer. See what I mean? It's all in the details.
wall molding, blue walls, wall millwork

Installation day. I love this day. You get to see your vision slowly come to life with the help of all the people arranging and rearranging to my whim. :D
messy living room, blue walls, wall molding

messy living room, blue walls, wall molding

These were the only after photos of it shot at the end of installation day, hence, very blurry. Table glass top is yet to be delivered at this point. Just use your imagination. Hehe
parisian living room, millwork, wall modling, blue sofa, blue wall, blue living room

parisian living room, millwork, wall modling, blue sofa, blue wall, blue living room

Lovely shadow play courtesy of this wrought iron light fixture.
blue wall, wall molding

gold chandelier, wrought iron pendant light fixture

Office wallpaper. I love this so much I installed the very same design on our powder room.
gold wrought iron chandelier, green floral wall paper, gold and green color combination

I know, bitin!! That's all I got. I'm sometimes tempted to reach out to old clients and ask them if I can come back to shoot their space. I think it's fine if it's just a few months after. But years?? Ridiculous. Haha.. Maybe I'll do it. But after some time, I don't think it will look exactly the same as I designed it. They could have change the layout and furniture by now. But there's no harm in trying right? If you were the client, would you mind? :)


  1. hahahaha... just use your imagination

  2. so far so good! I have been browsing your site to have a look at your projects and I love them. Love the way the guestroom looks!

  3. Hi Elle how did you install those wall moldings on concrete wall? Any tips po, dinikit nyo po ba saka pinako? ☺

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  5. Hi Elle :) I'm part of your growing channel in YouTube. I love all your creations <3 and hoping that I can afford you to be my interior designer soon :D

  6. Hello Ms Elle. Im interested to have some make over and renovation of my house how can i contact you? please send me a message on my email thanks. And more power to your vlogs.

  7. Hi po! I'm a fan of your work. Send us quotation, please :) Thankyou and love you, Ms. Elle!


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