Project Vintage Industrial: Studio Unit Makeover

1/19/2018 10:38:00 PM

Hello hello hello! It's been quite a while since I posted about any of my projects here and I have to deal with the fact that most of my portfolio projects are old already. 😬  But they still holds true to my design now so I guess it works. But my goal now is to update and document my projects better so I can share what I've been up to.

Now this project I'm sharing with you is special to me since 1) the clients apparently waited for more than a year for this! 2) The clients are the sweetest nicest people 3) I love love what we did with their space and I know that it dramatically improved their life and 4) this project is my very first youtube video. Yes. I'm creating a channel about makeovers, budget decorating, tips and advise, and to document all my tiny house project. But all that details is for another post so let me get straight to this project. :)

They are a young family with a little daughter and one kasambahay living in a 29sqm studio unit. Yep, that's 4 people living in a place with no actual room. Since they had their daughter, the clutter in their home built up and they really needed help.

See?  They've been meaning to renovate for the longest time and we finally tackled their unit! They love love vintage pieces and they do enjoy thrift shopping. They actually have nice narra dining table and antique aparadors. Unfortunately, since they have a small space, we can't use most of their pieces. (Those went to their home in the province) But of course, I'd still love to give that feel of vintage vibe and coziness to their space, hence the name Project Vintage Industrial. All the black and white elements, exposed pipes and wires, gives a touch of industrial to the space. Here's the design I came up with.

I'm loving the openness we created despite the limited space, and here's how we did the floor plan.
The idea is to create private sleeping quarters for them and have a decent living space for the family to spend time in. I think this layout best achieve that goal.

This project turned out so well, the clients told me they love their new home. :) I'll share with you the reveal very soon! Just need to organize some files. Haha.. Abangan nyo!


  1. You really turned the mess into a loving home! Very wise use of limited space. Keep up doing the great job!

  2. i subscribe to your channel...nice works!

  3. Oh my! I have similar peg as yours re: daybed pull out to queen size. Grabe hope I can afford you to décor/ design the interior of my house...

  4. How much po ba ang ganito project Ms. Elle?

  5. Pwd ko ba pa makeover Ang bahay ko Ang budget ko 30k lang


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