Tiny House Renovation a.k.a. Project Dream Home

Here are the compilation of all Tiny House related post. ;)
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                   Tiny House Renovation                  

The conception and completion of the construction side of the Tiny House

>> The Reason Behind my Obsession with Project Dream Home

The title says it all.

>> What Really Went on with Project Dream Home

Here's all the details on everything that transpired before we landed on this very decision to renovate/expand a portion of the bf's family's property. It also has the initial plan we have for the space, and all other ideas for the plans that didn't happen.

>> Week 1 and Plans for the House

Demo update, details on the renovation and expansion, and why we decided to use the second floor as bedroom area, and third and loft as main living space.  Also had some fancy floor plan thrown in there. :)

>> Navy Blue Walls / This Sealed the Deal

We're set on painting our third floor living space a deep shade of navy. Look at all our inspiration image and on why we decided to go this route.

>> A Month in to the Renovation

Here's a summary of what went down (and up) on the first month of Tiny House Renovation.

>> Building Options and the Chosen One

We've been quite experimental with our approach to building the Tiny House. I've thought of more than a couple of unconventional ways to save on construction cost, and here's the lowdown of all the choices and what we went with.

>> Two Months In

We've wrapped up month two, and here's where were at. Can I say concrete??

>> Updates on the Tiny House

A little mid-month update on what's been going on, a front view progress shot, and bonus preview of what we're doing on the main house (beside the Tiny House)

>> Three Months In

So much progress for this month. All columns and beams were already done, plus the steel roof framing were installed. If you squint a little, you might be able to see the house I'm dreaming about. :)

>> Four Months In, and our Building / Labor Set-up

You don't need to squint to be able to see a house! There's roof, and the corrugated metal walls are halfway done. Check out our blue exterior walls. Also shared a little bit of how we're doing the building in terms of contractor / labor / materials.

>> 2014 Year-end Update A.K.A. Fifth Month Update (INTERIORS!)

Went inside and showed how the interior is looking and some planning as well. You'll see where our sofa / dining table / and kitchen would go. Oh and you'll see me do a lot of awkward poses as well. Haha

>> Six months In

We have interior walls, the loft is almost done, we have stairs, and some navy blue is up on the wall!

>> Office Plans and Loft Update

The loft which is the office will be the first to be done. Check out our plans for the space, and the much controversial pink wall.

>> Seventh Month Update: Interior Photos Galore

We're slowly inching towards finishing the 3rd and loft level. Here you'll see tons of photos including our brick wall and fully painted navy walls!

>> Kitchen Plans and Update

This is quite a detailed post on what we're doing for our small kitchen, layout and design-wise.

>> Kitchen is Almost Done

Tiles are up and cabinets painted in a controversial color (haha)

>>  Kitchen Semi-DIY Light fixture

See what we did to have our very affordable copper wall scones

>> Second Floor Update: The Bedroom

This is the first time I showed you the almost done status of our second floor, which will be the bedroom and dressing area. We picked out creamy white for the walls, and installed arch and molding to achieve a somewhat parisian feel.

                 Tiny House Decoration              

After the construction comes the fun part, decorating! 

>> The Living Room Sofa

Most of our furniture isn't new, we love repurposing and purchasing vintage. This one was a hand me down that we had reupholstered to better fit our style.

>> New Year at Tiny House 2016

This is not necessarily a detailed post about the house, but rather a glimpse on our new year and a sneek peak on what the Tiny House looks like now

>> Stairway: Frame Gallery

This is how we decorated our stairway using a prop at our wedding, old frames, and family photos.

>>Third Floor Update: One Year After

After one year without updates on what happened to the Tiny House, here are tons of photos of what our Third floor (Main living space) looks like.