My Bedroom Moodboard

10/26/2010 05:33:00 PM

Hello world.

I've been in love with decorating since I was 10 (though my idea of a great room then was crazy pink walls with art quotes on tons of bond papers taped to my wall). It made me happy.

Now, this is my idea of a great room.

That will make me happy.
Pale teal / aqua walls, pops of different colored furniture, lots of frames, "I actually like to work" working space, and warm mood lighting.

I even made a layout mock-up of it. It's been running around in my head and I just need to see it, so there it is.

We're in the process of a minor home renovation and I'm upgrading to a bigger room. This space will be MINE in a matter of days! (If I can actually pull it off)


  1. I'd love to see the final outcome! I'm sure you'll pull it off.

  2. Thank you! I actually made I huge mistake of buying a curtain totally different from my moodboard, as seen here

    But I'm on it. Thanks for your kind thoughts :)

  3. hi Elle! I'm just wondering, how do you create your moodboards? Is there like an application for it? Thanks!


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