Our Old House (literally)

These are old posts way back in 2010-2011 when I first started blogging. We renovated our old and flooded family home. Yes, we badly needed a renovation. This my very first "project" so to speak, so it's quite fun to look back and see the posts that started it all for me. You can see that some of the projects are quite funny and NOT at all me (now), but I guess people do evolve as so their style / taste. And I fully embrace all DIY / makeover projects I did as they were my "test dummy" and they gave me confidence to do whatever I'm doing now. 

I never really completed all my design/DIY plans for our old house, I got busy with work and unfortunately, our house got hit by flood the second time around. Fingers-crossed that it never happens again so I can help them finish the house up.

Right now, I'm currently living in the Tiny House. See how we built it here.

Without further ado, I present, our old house...


View all the before pictures of our house here.


Check out the moodboard I made here.

The walls were painted white, such huge difference! (here)

Black door, finally. (here)

One wall got herself some stripes. (here)

I painted our narra (OH YES I DID!) console mirror / table (here)

Spray painted old frames, printed some pictures, and hang our colorful gallery wall (here)

DIY chandelier here.

Brightened up our mail holder with some printed stamp art (here)

This space got some ugly uncoordinated windows. P24/yard curtain to the rescue! (here)

 Our sofas got some love too. (here and here)

White walls, black trim, blue doors, and some frames. (here)


 Upstairs Bath 

Upstairs bath progress here and full reveal here.

 My Bedroom 

The room started like this
I snatched this up from the boys so I can have a much bigger room. (Don't worry, they got an equally big room downstairs, just beside their music studio. Win win!)

I have big plans to make this room cozy and all mine. See my very first post --the moodboard. (here)

But this happened:
I was distracted and bought a totally different fabric for the curtains. See whole story here.

I thought that I could make it work and hang those tropical fabric in two huge windows. It was overwhelming.

But I set that thought aside, and refinish / made some furniture for the space:

The tray and dress form to a nightstand transformation (here)

and the vanity makeover (here)

I also have this fascination with frame galleries so I went ahead and made one for this room. (here)

So here's the before and after of the bedroom. See all images and full story here.

*The End*

What?? That's it? 

Nope! My made over bedroom is now undergoing another makeover. :)

The curtain really bugged me, not that it's not pretty, it is! I would have not bought it if it's not. But it's not right for this space, and the look I'm going for will not work with that fabric.

So I made a few curtain options and ask you to vote. (here)
This won:
I was happy.

But I saw how easily dirt grabs on to the curtains, and having an almost all white drapery will be a pain.

So another mood board was made. (here)

Now I'm really happy and start working right away to have the bedroom of my dreams. (overdramatic, haha)

One wall was painted a deep bluish charcoal. (here)
I'm so in love with this wall right now. It provides contrast and a focal point,
and this color camouflages the air conditioner really well too.

I then worked on the secretary desk (here) and the lamps (here)

Searched for a great complement for the secretary for the other side of the bed. Look what I found. (here)

Some things went white: (here)

Custom bedding set #1 courtesy of Divisoria and our awesome sewer Yaya Tas here.

A storage bench was DIY'd and placed the foot of the bed (here)

Custom bedding set 2 (here)