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12/02/2010 02:35:00 PM

WARNING: These Pictures Can't be Unseen!

I know there's a slight possibility that I'll regret posting this, it's too embarrassing! (don't worry, I promise I'm not posing nude)  I mentioned in my very first post that we are having a renovation (a badly needed one) so here's all the 'before' pictures of our house. You can see how we lived for quite a while, shame on us.

Here's the living/dining area, it's one big open space where all of our unneeded crap goes.
PLAN: Have a mainly white room with pops of vibrant colors everywhere! You can see some of my inspiration from this post. Have you noticed the weird flooring? I hate it in a decorating sense, but I love it cause it feels like our house wouldn't be complete without it. We've been staring at that floor since we're kids, and we all see dinosaurs tucked somewhere in there. (I told you, weird floor)

Here are our 2 bathrooms. The first one is the upstairs bath that we rarely use because it has no working shower nor sink. The second image is the bathroom in the first floor that gets the everyday beating.
Upstairs bath-make it a bit overly feminine since I'll be the one mostly using it. Pink walls with black accents. Have a working shower and sink!
First floor bath- turquoise walls with white accents. Just do my best to make it gender neutral since I'm living with all boys. 
(No re-tiling of sorts, this is CHEAP and super budgeted reno. So we just need to live with our 40 year old tiles for now)

I've stolen this room from my brothers. It's bigger than what I had, and it has three closets! Yes, three! I've been trying my best to make do with one, but I've been failing hard.
PLAN: Moodboard here.

And this is my bribe to the siblings. "I'll make this a great room for you guys, just please can I have your room??" This room makes more sense for them since it is connected to their music studio.
 PLAN: Light gray walls with black and white furniture / one feature wall for their guitars

Here's my dad's room. It's been like that since the flood, and he deserves so much more.
PLAN: He loves blue so much so expect a blue overload here :) 

The hallway and the kitchen. 
Hallway- white walls, blue doors, black door frames and picture gallery 
Kitchen- white walls, with a bright lime accent wall.
Now you know why we badly needed a makeover! This is a really old (not historic but dingy-falling-apart old) house, but we love it just the same because we grew up here. It's time we finally tackle this mess and have a place to enjoy.

I know I'm a hypocrite for wanting to makeover every room I'm into, but I, for one, is living in such huge mess. But don't we all agree that it always seems easier to solve and decide for someone else's  problems? ;) I'm just glad that we're finally tackling our place.

We're having outside help to do the major stuff: spackling, priming, and painting every wall and ceiling and replacing old and flood damaged woods. But I'm looking forward to all DIYs coming my way to finally make this house a home. Boohoo to Woohoo here we come!

So why post this hideousness? So I'll have no choice but to follow through with the makeover! No one wants a before picture with no afters right? ;)

Follow me so you can check out how these whole "house prettify" project is going. I'll be posting the afters one at a time as soon as it's done. Hopefully its sooner than later. :)

Before before picture: This is a snapshot of the flood (Typhoon Ondoy) aftermath our house suffered last September 2009.
our "before" pictures doesn't look so bad after all....

A very much improved
Upstairs bath here
My bedroom here 
Hallway here
Living Space (during) here


  1. I like seeing the unpolished "befores"...real life gets messy! It's never prestine and immaculate like magazines and desing websites want us to believe. Good luck with your rennovations. I wish I had time to tackle the mess at my pad, it's...getting..BAD...

  2. you're too nice!! our house is way past messy.. its kinda gross :) hahaha.. but thanks!

  3. Hey Elle, I totally enjoyed looking at your home. I know it sounds weird, but it is a sneak peak at a home in a totally different country, that went thru a flood, and it was interesting to see. Your kitchen is so different than these HUGE kitchens we are used to seeing here, and it's refreshing to see something different. I CAN NOT wait to see your afters. I am totally your fan girl, and will follow you along. WOOOHOOO!!!!


  4. Glad you enjoyed this unsightly tour of our home. haha.. We also have those huge kitchens here, just not in our house, which I hope I'll have when I get my very own place. I'll be posting the "afters" one room at a time. I can't wait too. Thanks for following along! :)


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