Hey there...

Whatever it is that brings you here, thank you for dropping by. To help you explore the blog, I gathered a few links to help you get started assuming (AND HOPING!) you'd like to get to know the blog (or me) more.. ;)

➡ Hmmm.. so where do I start? First, you may learn more about me, the somewhat crazy voice of this blog here.

➡ We renovated / built our house on a 26.5 sqm (285 sq ft) lot, hence the name Tiny House. It's not the typical tiny house you see, ours is quite comfortable actually since we built up. We have 3.5 floors on a very tiny foot print. See our renovation story here. You'll literally see how we turn a 2 story apartment into this place we call our home.  

➡ Since starting this blog on 2010, I landed my dream job of decorating other people's home, commercial and work spaces. You can see my work on my portfolio site here. On each of the post, there's a link you can go to if you want to learn more about the process on how each project took shape. 

➡ There are also bits and pieces of design advice, DIYs, and inspiration you can see on the "categories" menu above.

➡ I love our wedding! Yes, I'm THAT girl.. Haha.. If you'd like to hear me talk about it, you may view the following posts: Morning Preps Photoshoot / Ceremony and Reception / DIY, Concept & Details / Budget, Reviews & SDE 

➡ What started this blog for me is when we decided to update our flood stricken home back in 2010. We got badly hit by flood from typhoon Ondoy, which of course destroyed our already old house. You can read about those posts here.

➡ I recently started a Youtube channel documenting projects, giving tip and advice, and soon I'm planning on doing budget makeovers and such. I'm excited about this. See them here

Those are the gist of what this blog is all about, please feel free to explore. You may also follow me through facebook / instagram / twitter. :)

Oh, and I'd just like to throw these in, some random posts that still makes me smile (or laugh) when I re-read them: