Another Makeover + Tips on Small Spaces

2/21/2018 02:42:00 AM

Hello there. It has been a somewhat crazy past month as I have entered a new realm which just means that I created a youtube channel. Haha.. But if you personally know me, you wouldn't believe that I can do something like it. My friends expressed their amazement on how I could actually speak in front of a camera knowing full well that we are all camera shy to the point that we all panicked when we have to do a video message on one of our friend's wedding. We did it, but not incredibly well. HAHA.. so this whole channel is a step, a BIG step, into the unknown. I will further blabber about this as I have a lot to say, but it's now 2:32am so I'll just share the other 2 videos I uploaded.

First is another project that I did. It's a studio unit, a our goal is to create a hotel-chic looking space where the client can relax in every time she visit Manila.

The other one is the very first on my Decorating101 series. I wanted to have videos that people can learn from, something that I can share simple tips that would be hopefully helpful to you. So my first topic is SMALL spaces. Living in a small space is a daily reality to many people especially now that a lot are opting to live in high-rises nowadays. So I shared tips on how to visually make your space look bigger, and how to maximize storage in a small space.

There you go. I've been busy learning how to edit and I'm actually very proud of them coming from a newbie in editing like me. Hope you like them, and if you do, please subscribe! Sige na please... HAHA  ( )


  1. wow na wow... pwede po bang makahingi ng quotation for my 24 sqm studio type condo at Tivoli...

    1. thank you! please email thank you!

  2. Hi! I discovered your channel thru realliving :) I superenjoy your videos and blog! :) I'm currently in medical school and I cant wait to graduate, become a doctor and finally earn enough so that I could renovate our 40sqm house in Manila. Habang malayo pa yun, kumukuha muna ako ng inspiration from interior designers like you. :) Keep it up! I hope you can post more videos soon. Thank you!


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