Project Vintage Industrial: The Big Reveal!

1/24/2018 01:47:00 AM

How good of a blogger am I that Real Living posted about the reveal of this makeover first? πŸ˜‚ (view article here)

Anyway, I actually posted the video tour of this makeover on youtube.. if you want to skip to that, go straight at the last part of this post. ;)

The main goal is to give the family proper sleeping spaces, decent kitchen, sleeping area for guests, and lots of storage. They just want a home they'll be happy to come home to.  You may see the before photos and floor plan here.

Now for the actual reveal....

Loving the backsplash tile of the we chose for their kitchen. The modern yet somewhat classic pattern is the perfect accent for their home. I paired it with a simple stained cabinet with brass handles, and black counters.

The living area has this overhead cabinets and we used their vintage divider as that doors which give the house a vintage vibe. The couch is actually a pull-out bed which extends up to a queen size for their guests.

Added that storage wall for them to hang kitchen items they use frequently, and I framed them to give it a more unified look.

The dining table expands so they can accommodate 6 people. It was originally a light pine color, but we have it stained darker to match overall feel of the space.

The bedroom is small and tucked in the front part of the unit. Made it white and clean to make it restful, but highlighted the ceiling with this cute wallpaper. 

This is the entry way where their wardrobe is. It's also white with just a few accents here and there. 

I really love this project, and I'm happy it gets to be my very first video. So here's the first look at me speaking on cam. HAHA... That's me trying my best-est to act as natural as possible. I will get better eventually. But for now, see the tour of the space and all of my blabber. ;)

Product sources are also on the video description.


  1. i really like how you designed this small space into a comfortable,beautiful and liveable area.maximize talaga.i also like the subscriber here.��

  2. hi i love the idea of how you maximize this space, my unit is a lot bigger and I wanted to have at least a place where I can relax after work and a privacy also. hope you can help me

  3. hey elle! do you have sample furnished rooms for a 28-30sqm 2BR space? We're curious if meron ka samples. :) good vids btw!

  4. Sooo awesome! I love it Ms. Elle. This is really inspiring as we are also planning to make our own #tinyhouse <3 Thanks for sharing!


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  8. I really love going through and reading your blogs, Elle! Wish my future home could look something like this!

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  10. It has a very good ambiance. I want to be there soon. But is the place already insured? acquire to secure your establishment.

  11. Been trying to get in touch coz I would like to hire you to do a makeover on my small condo unit at soho central residences, sent a lot of emails be courteous and decent and reply at least if you are available or not


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