Tiny House Renovation: 7th Month Update (Interior Photos Galore)

If you've read this blog for quite some time now, then you'll know that it's such a dream for me to have this Tiny House. I'm really thankful and I feel so lucky every time I stopped for a minute and just comprehend the thought "We have a house." WE HAVE A HOUSE!! What?? And we're so close to the end of this renovation that we can now see and touch the walls (yes, we actually petted the brick walls a couple of times), we can imagine our furniture in place, our frames on the wall, us lounging in the sofa, or working together at the loft office. We can see it vividly that the wait is becoming more and more intense.

My excitement means that I have a lot of photos documenting the process and it's becoming more challenging to do it in one single post. Before it was easy, oh we put up frame work, and we poured concrete, there's the steel frames, and exterior walls. It's all the general structure of the house. But now that we're doing the interiors, there are a lot of details I'd love to share to you all! So for this post, I'll do all interior updates, but from this point forward, I'll be doing per area/ or per detail posts so I can share more. 

 Since we're finishing the house from up down, let's start at the loft shall we?

You've seen this before, but there's one difference. We finished the floors. We didn't do vinyl or laminate, we basically just sealed the existing plywood subfloor. We're not too nit-picky with those details, we're fine with the industrial raw look. But we have a lot of laminate flooring remaining from the 3rd floor (which we got for free, we'll tell you the story soon) so it's still up for negotiation if we'll do that for the loft as well. We just needed 30 additional planks, I'll see if we can get those so we'll have an actual finished floors here. Either way, I'm happy.

The other side of the loft is our fence wall. We used cyclone wire, the one you typically use for outdoor fence. We like the look, and we wanted it to be as open as possible for air circulation.

We just put wood trims on the side to have a more finished look. We love it, it's weird, it's open, but sturdy enough to act as wall. 

The view from the loft is quite nice, you'll see the brick walls, big windows, and the chandelier, same one we used at our showroom (which I don't have photos of in our showroom reveal, weird).

The moment we bought the bricks, we asked them to install it right away. We wanted to see how it will look ASAP! And now it's all here, it just brings so much character to the space. It's like having an NY apartment right here in QC. Haha... 

Oh, and we have stairs! We no longer need to use the scaffolding to go up the loft. Yey! Though it's quite steep and not the most comfortable to use. Either that or it will eat up a lot of floor space, something we don't have much of. So we'll just suck it up and be careful. Haha.. We painted the railing and and steel parts same color as the wall so it will not be visually heavy. We didn't want it to be the star of the space, we wanted it to just blend in. 

Looking up, you'll see our fence and the olive green chandelier. Again, most surface are navy. The main elements of this space are navy, bricks, subway tile for the kitchen, whites, wood, and greens, with splashes of colors here and there through accessories and art.

We love this chandelier so so much. It's wrought iron, it's ornate but not too feminine, it's visually light but really heavy. It's actually anchored to our roof steel frame just to be sure. I actually bugged our foreman on how sturdy it was, in which he replied "Ma'am matibay yan, kahit tao kaya sumabit dyan" Ok then. 

Full view of the back side of the 3rd level and the loft. 

The small room at the back will be the powder room which will be really special as I'm planning to wallpaper that thing. That's our kitchen counter to the right, and we'll have another small counter to the left of the door. We changed our original plan on having the fridge to the left of the powder room to not cover up the stair wall, we'll share kitchen plans soon!

Well that is the almost done spaces. Don't be fooled, going down the stairs (to the left) will lead you to the 2nd level which is still looking like this. HAHA

The door to the right is our main bathroom. They already started framing the ceiling, and will be dividing the space in two-- bedroom, and dressing area. Originally, it will be divided with an actual door, but we wanted to keep it open for now so we'll just do an arched wall. It will make sense when it's done. 

The view standing at the stairs. Again, installed huge windows here to let in lots of light. It's definitely not as bright as the upper levels, but this will do for a bedroom area. We're hoping to see a lot more progress for the 2nd floor this week which is necessary if we really wanted to have a presentable space come end March for the Bf's birthday. It's highly doubtful that we'll be done by then, more like impossible. But maybe we could have a meal at the 3rd level at the very least? Though we might not have running water so I have no idea how it will go. Guests + no functional toilet = disaster. 

But we're still happy that it's feeling more and more like a home nowadays. If we're not out or working, you'll see us hanging in here. We even started hauling some of our stuff from their storage room up the loft so it's now full of our collected items. We're not even halfway done in getting our stuff together and it's looking like hoarder central up there. But like this house, everything will fall into place. That I'm sure of. 

Next, I'll share our semi-DIY light fixture at the loft, and the 3rd floor flooring. They are done and they're looking great! I know I'm such a tease, I'm sorry.

Thank you (and a sneak peek)

I've always been meaning to do a little survey for this blog. I have no idea who reads, what you want or not want, or what you guys do enjoy seeing here. I blog mainly because I love to share my thoughts on decorating and what I do. Having no idea if people actually reads the posts leads me to not do it often. Well, I know some people do drop by, but it's just too quiet here I feel like I'm talking to myself, which I actually sometimes do. HAHA

Anyway, I'd just like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the survey. (If you haven't yet, please do! ) Now I know I'm actually talking to real people. It feels good to read your comments and I'm quite amused that some visit here everyday. WHY?? I feel so guilty now for posting so rarely knowing that some comes here daily. But really, to everyone who took part on the survey, thank you so much! I'll take all your answers to heart and give more time to improve Decor Me Happy. You guys inspire me!

I'm also surprised to know that people prefer design projects posts. My love for the Tiny House made me assume that people love it too! HAHA... But I guess because every Tiny House posts are construction related story (boring), it's not that interesting to many of you yet. BUT that won't be for long, we're on the last stretch for the 3rd and loft level so we'll be doing the decorating soon enough. That is if we finally find the time to sort our boxes upon boxes of mess.

Here's a little something I posted on instagram (@elleuydecor) recently...

Would you believe that those are taken at the loft office? What was once just an airspace above the bf's former room, is now a room that can hold furniture! Just a few cabinet knobs to be installed and we're done at the loft. That's where we'll store all our stuff to be sorted before they go to their permanent space when everything is done. So not looking forward to the sorting part. 

Oh and a sneak peek! Looking down at the living room.. Blue walls, brick walls, our chandelier installed. It's looking quite wonderful in here. 

Last night, they hook-up our electricity temporarily so now, we get to enjoy the space at night too! I'll be posting a full Tiny House update very soon, I have a lot of photos I don't even know where to start. Soon enough, the Tiny House Renovation will be the Tiny House Decoration. hehehe...

I need your thoughts, help me out please :)

I've been in this blogging arena for five years already, what the what?!? I started oh so innocently because we renovated our old house, I have a lot of free time, and I just wanted to share. But that hobby turned into actual projects and this blog of mine got neglected. I'm not complaining though since I love my job, but I love this blog as well. And this blog helps me get projects too, you see, when prospect clients see/read the blog, they can know me better. They'll know my thoughts, they'll better understand my taste, and they'll just feel more comfortable since there's an instant connection. I don't know if I'm just imagining that, but that's how I feel when I meet a reader client. 

Anyway, I've been meaning to give more time to this thing. If you've read the change of blog name story, and other random thoughts I posted, I've been telling that I'll post more often but that did not happen just yet. I don't know, maybe because I have no idea if people does actually go here. Haha...

I mean, I know people read, I can see it in the stats, some send emails telling me they love the blog (THANK YOU!!), but there are just few comments here and there. I understand though, I read a lot of blogs and I rarely comment. So I get you. But comments does make my day sometimes, just knowing someone out there is interested in my thoughts and house stories, is awesome.

So if you could just help me out, I'd love to know your thoughts. Here's a very short survey that would help me better understand what you like, don't like, and just a little something for me just to know that you're there. That my random ramblings are heard, to inspire me to produce more and better content. Whatever, just knowing you guys do drop by will be awesome. "Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team..." If you haven't saw the Lego movie, please disregard the last sentence. Haha...

Here we go... Thank you!!!

Modern Luxe Suite: The Moodboard

This blog has nothing but the Tiny House Renovation updates, which is of course understandable as the past half year evolves around trying build our home. But, we still need to work or that said house will not be done.  Construction = Money pit. The bf has his thing, and I have mine, which as you may have already forgotten due to lack of any updates and new posts, design projects. Don't worry, I still have work and I still have other things to show you here, but my lack of reveal photos doesn't help. 

I really thought about it and decided not to post anything first before having the after photos on hand since I know it's annoying to lure you into details of a project and then keep mum for a year, without any final reveal, no closure. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO PROJECT THIS AND PROJECT THAT?? Haha.. Story of this blog. So I have drafts of moodboards and progress that's still sitting there 'coz I haven't shot the space yet. 

Am I telling you all that because I already have after photos of this project? Well, NO. It's just a very long introductory paragraph that totally opposes this post. You see, this project haven't even started yet. We'll probably start construction next week. I'm just posting it here because I love my moodboard! :) :)

I mean I love the design, of course, but what I'm talking about is the moodboard itself. Have you seen the first moodboard I did? That is actually my very first blog post back in 2010. Yes, it has been that long. Where the hell did those years go? Anyway, I'm always so giddy and proud whenever I managed to create a nice looking moodboard. 

I know it's not the most realistic, but I didn't use any perspective rendering software, it's just photoshop. I've been asked quite a few times what software I use to create these, so that's it, the ever reliable photoshop. I was a graphic designer before, so I just used that to my advantage. I just gather different images, textures, furniture photo off the internet and lay them out together to have something to present to clients. I'm quite happy with it. :)

Enough about those, let's talk about the project itself. It's a one bedroom condominium. The client asked for hotel, luxe, and open feel. So the bedroom partition will be removed and we'll install a divider panel that can be open to have one big space, or closed to have privacy for the bedroom.

I just wanted a monochromatic feel with lots of texture. If you're afraid of colors but doesn't want boring, go for texture. I'll discuss this project further once we get started with the renovation and hopefully, I'll have a reveal photo to show you in maybe a month or so. :)

P.S. If you can't tell, just did this post to show-off my photoshop skills. HAHA

Tiny House Renovation: Loft Office Plans and Progress

The house is coming along, the third and loft level are on the final stages of renovation. We have brick walls installed (YAY!!) and paint are on most walls. We can see the finish line for these levels, but the first and second floor, well that's another story. Probably a story for next month. We'll get there, sooner rather than later. :)

But since we're working from up down, the loft is almost done. It will be where you'll see us work, get creative, or be lazy and lounge on the daybed all day. Haha.. We actually discussed if we should put two lounge chairs in lieu of the daybed, but ultimately, our nap loving self won the argument, so daybed it is!

Anyways, this space is the most controversial space for us. Decisions we're not easily made and lots of debate and discussions ensue. For the bedroom and living areas, we have the same vision and ideas so it's quite easy to come up with a final plan. But the loft, not so much.


The layout we've already settled a long time ago. We'll have a shared table in the middle, and the bf will have one side of the office, and I'll have the other side. Basically, we can decorate our own side as we wish. But of course, we still have to discuss or it will look like a hodge podge of stuff and it won't make any sense. 


If it were up to me, I want a clean white blank walls to contrast the navy living area on the third level. But the bf is not so sold to white, he likes black. The exact opposite. Haha.. It's actually fine with me since I like black walls as well so yeah black it is. BUT, I don't want an all black room, I want a place for the eyes to rest. So upper walls and ceiling will be white. We settled that quite easily. 

I made a little mock-up of what the office would look like. Just edited the December progress photo above so this the same view as that. Black walls, white uppers and ceiling.

The Plan

PINK! Can you see the pink on "her side" ? Oh wait, I mean blush, or pale peach, or according to the bf, rosy white.  Well ladies and gentlemen, that wall is the subject of a much heated argument. 

Me: "I want blush walls on my side"
BF: "Blush?? That's just pink."
Me: "Ok I want pink walls."
BF: "No."
Me: "You've got your black walls!"
BF: "You like black walls, I hate pink."
(he's got a point.)
Me: "It's not pink, it's a very pale peach."
BF: "That's still pink. Show me photos."
Me: Hurriedly searched for photos of pale peach walls and showed the bf
BF: "No. No. No. Maybe." 
(He said maybe on the palest peach I showed)
BF: "Do a sample first before doing the whole wall."
Me: "Okay!!! :) :) :)"

That is obviously not the heated (and very english) version of the argument, as it's longer, in tagalog, and not as calm as that. But in the end, the Bf gave in to what I love, and I'm now a happy person with a rosy white walls. Haha

Thank you Bf, I know how much you hate don't like pink yet here we are with a pink wall in our office. Means a lot! I stuck with the plan of having a very pale blush color. I don't like baby pink nor bubblegum pink, I just want it to be a barely there color, just enough contrast to the white uppers and ceiling.

Ok enough with that wall. Here's the view looking up the loft. (hello navy!) The left side will have cyclone wire, same thing used in fence, and to the right we'll have the stairs. Oh the stairs, can't wait to have those installed so we'll not have to climb up the scaffolding to get to the loft!

On the opposite side of the loft, the stairs/fence side, we installed big upper cabinets to maximized storage and ceiling height. At first, the Bf is suggesting to have storage/shelves all around the loft since we have high ceilings, but I really love the openness of the space so we compromised and put a big one on one side. You can see the base of the cabinet on the photo above. It's quite spacious, though hard to get to. It will be for rarely used big items such as Christmas decor (Christmas agad nasa isip?!) and luggages (feeling nag tatravel?!) Hahaha

We'll have three shelves each on our side. We bump out the wall in the middle to house the tv and run wires so we'll have the shelves in a niche. Though it's quite shallow and I have no idea what to put in here. Small books and our collection of decorative stuff probably. It's 8" in depth, since we don't want to bump the wall out too much, and the shelves should be the same depth as the wall. Now that I think about it, we should have made it 10". But no, we won't redo it so we'll just not buy big books.

The space from the middle shared table to this wall is not that big, so we can't put anything too obtrusive and huge on our side walls. As for my side, I'll have a storage cabinet to the right of the window, and I'll hang my fave framed peacock above it. It's currently above my bed right now and I just love it. Plus it's black so it relates to the room. 

Above, we have 4 awning windows that will most likely always be open. Had them since this is the highest point of the entire house which means hot air goes here. Open windows to release heat, or at least that's what I'm hoping for. So far, it's really not that humid in here, but what do I know, it's not even summer yet so wish us luck.

Again, here's the vague moodboard I did...

We'll have a lot more stuff than this, and we'll hang a DIY chandelier made by the Bf, I'll share them with you once it's done. This week and next, we'll finish the fence, stairs, and the floors so we can start moving items in here to free up the second floor so work can start on lower levels. The status of those spaces is a far cry from this. Third and loft = finishing, first and second = starting.

We're really hoping to be done by Bf's birthday by end March, but with all the work yet to be done, might not be possible. So I just wish that all left to do after that would be the first level. Gonna push it for these last few weeks of work and we'll have friends over end of March regardless of status of renovation. We'll have them sit through dust. Haha...

Tiny House Renovation in Six months: Interior Walls, Stairs, Navy Blue!

I can't believe we're past the half-year mark! 6 months!!! It happened all too quickly yet too slowly which is quite confusing. Six months flew by, yet it's been months and we're not yet done. Normally, for other home expansion / construction, we should be about done by now. But since we're not going the typical route, it's been such a drag. Exciting, yes. But we're becoming so much more impatient these days that we are very close to completion. We can see a house, we are in it most days, yet we can't put our stuff in here, we can't design and decorate. But I know it will be over soon enough and we will be able to do whatever we want with it. But for now, here's where we're at.

We've left you with no interior walls on the last update, like this photo below. Exterior walls and insulation in place, but nothing inside. This is the loft area which will be our shared office.

This is where we are now. Drywall installed, ready to be painted. And we're going black in this room. 2 walls will be black, and one blush pink. It sounds weird but it will be good promise. I made a little moodboard for this area but it's on the other computer so I'll post a separate entry about that.

The ceiling and upper walls up to the beam will be white to keep in bright despite the black walls. We built a false wall in the middle of the room to recess the tv, and we'll have recessed shelves on both sides. His and hers sides. It will all make sense when I show you the moodboard. :)

We've got a high ceiling in here, and you know how much I love high ceilings. It will keep even the smallest room from feeling too cramped. Big windows and high ceilings are small spaces best friend. The action plan for this house is to finish the upper areas first and work down. Hence this loft is looking a a bit closer to being done compared to the rest of the house. Which is ironic since we don't have stairs yet going to the loft, we need to finish the walls where the stairs will sit first before installation. So we climb ladder and scaffolding just to appreciate this space. Haha.. 

Speaking of stairs, we now have one complete stairs from first to third floor! We've reconfigured the existing stairs on the first level since it's taking so much space. I'll show you next time but right now, the first floor is such a mess, it's basically a stock room. That would be the very last area to be covered so that update will not come soon. Haha.. 

Since the original structure is only two floors, we constructed this stairs going to the third level. I don't have photos yet but we already have railings! Hooray! We'll be painting the walls, railings, and steel portion white, and we'll do the steps in a natural wood finish.

Looking down the stairs from the third level. All the steps are purchased second hand.

This is the only photo I have of the railings but they are now all done and painted with primer. :)

Let's get back up the third level. I think this will be my favorite area, with the navy walls and cognac leather sofa, with subway kitchen tiles, and brick walls.. I'm going to love this space!! Haha.. But lets get back to reality first. It will be a few months more before I can have all those.

Here's a shot looking up the loft when they just started installing walls.

Standing at the loft looking into the high ceiling part of the living room. Wall installation done. 
*To see the floor plan and to make sense of all this mess, click here.

Windows, lots and lots of them!

First coat of the navy walls!! I just saw this today and it's all sorts of wonderful. I'm a little afraid the dark walls will make this space, well, dark. But it doesn't, at all. Because of all the windows, it's still so bright in here and the walls just gives the space richness and some drama. 

Here's a close-up shot of the color. Instead of purchasing the expensive custom colors from the big depots, we just used Davies sun and rain elastomeric paint for outdoors. I'm thinking if it's good for outdoors, then it might be fine indoors right? Haha.. It's called delft blue, and it's a really good navy blue. It's not so dark, but it's still rich with just a hint of green. 

The wall with all the windows will be brick. Can't wait to purchase those and have them installed, it's going to be great. That's what we keep telling ourselves to have a little more patience. Haha!

That's about it inside. As for the exterior, well, it still looks the same, except for one little detail I haven't showed you yet...

BALCONY!!! Yep, we managed to install a balcony in this tiny house. We've always wanted an outdoor space. Before we came up with the final plan for this house, we knew we wanted a rooftop area for the view and some outdoors. But since it's not possible with our form of construction, we settled with a balcony on the roof side of the main house. Which technically is still a roof top right? :)

And our sunset view from the balcony ain't bad either...

Can't wait to have proper chairs for the balcony so we can enjoy this view every sundown. We'll probably be sipping tea, exchanging words of praises on how awesome we are for building a beautiful tiny house. Haha!

Women's Livelihood Org Office (Design Project Reveal)

Lets take a breather from all the Tiny House shenanigans. I wanna talk about it so bad that I'm hoping that all the talking will magically finish the house and we can finally enjoy it. But no, it's not yet done, progress going slowly but continuously. I'll give you an update when significant changes are already done. As of today, we have stairs steps, electrical on loft and 3rd level, installing interior walls, etc) but in two weeks maybe it will look a little more there. The bf and I actually have this what we call the 5 o'clock habit. Once all the workers left, we'll go to the tiny house and just hang in there, talk about design options, or just imagine the possibilities, and leave at about 6:30 pm when it's already dark. No electrical hook-up yet so no light! I always look forward to that moment. :) Okay, this is not a breather. Supposedly here to talk about this project I did and here I am going on and on about the tiny house. HAHA.. Okay here we go....

A little background story about this project. The client rented two spaces (2nd and 3rd floor unit) to be an eatery and office respectively. The office will be for I think a non-profit for ladies livelihood program. Since it entails a lot of meetings at different restaurant, they decided to just have a small resto to cater to them and outside clients as well. But halfway through the project, the plans changed and the resto is a no-go. They'll just use that for meetings. Meaning budget cuts! Hence the little bare but still pretty office set-up. :) Let me explain... 

The office is divided in two areas: office/conference and the seminar area. The office part have built-in L-desk and a table in the middle. The idea would be to have a glass table with turquoise (to match the main door) ornate base. And I'll have office chairs upholstered in fun pattern fabrics.

But because of the budget cut, we just moved a table and some chairs from the supposedly resto downstairs. It's actually a pretty set, but I feel it's too dark and formal for the space. But that's what we have, and I'm glad I chose some nice ornate chairs so at least it's still feminine. I just bought seat cushions and pillow to lighten it a bit and make it more office-friendly.

To visually separate the office area, I had this wallpaper installed. It's really pretty, it off sets the pink walls nicely. It's soft and girly without being too in-your face sweet, just like me. Haha.. No. Definitely not like me, I'm not girly AT ALL. 

The other side of the room is the seminar area. We bought 20 of the folding chairs to fill this space when needed. But I like it this way...so open and clean. Parang gallery! hehe.. The wall art through out the space are just cheap ones from Wilcon and Mandaue Foam. 

To keep the cost down, we kept the flooring as is, bare cement, and we didn't install any ceiling. I like it this way, a little bit industrial and the high ceiling made it feel more spacious. Definitely helpful when 20 or more people are gathered here for seminars and workshops.

I'm set on having pink walls, this is a ladies group office after all. But we needed to leave a wall white for projector purposes. To make it a little more interesting, we cut the pink walls diagonally instead of the traditional straight. Also note that yellow columns and beams! Again, it's a visual divider for the two areas, and it repeats the yellow found in the wallpaper. I think little details like those makes a space more fun.

The turquoise door that will supposedly match the table. Good thing some of the artwork have turquoise in them so it feels a little more cohesive. Loving that stripe yellow roman blinds. I always go for for patterned window treatment if the project calls for it. Since this space is mostly just white chairs, A little pattern here and there gives the space more life.

The idea really is to just create a space that's inspiring for those women who'll be having livelihood seminars here. That's the only request of the client. I really hope they enjoy this space. 

As for the 2nd floor resto turned meeting area, I didn't got the chance to photograph it since I left mid-chaos. The original concept is modern Filipino, so I wanted lots of wood, wrought iron lights, modern table with curvy chairs, some capiz detail, etc. But some of those didn't pushed through. Here's a progress shot. I'm so in love with that wood accent wall. I'm into diagonals these days. Haha...

Wall of inexpensive art. Just needed to fill the walls at minimal cost. I know these images are not very Filipino, but I bought these after I've learned that the resto is a no-go. Chose vintage looking prints to go with the interior.

I realized I haven't been posting about design projects lately. I don't know, my mind is so preoccupied with the Tiny House and I can't find the time to compose moodboard plans, progress updates, etc. (But yet I do find the time to watch TV. Ha!) But I have a few projects to share that are almost done that I'm really excited about! Hopefully, I can switch off the tv and write those posts! Haha.. But at least I won't bombard you with all Tiny house related post until I have something more significant to share --- INTERIORS!! Yessss.... that day that I've been dreaming about is very very near. We'll be choosing finishes for the house. Tiles, wall colors, light fixtures, bathroom/kitchen fixtures, doors, hardware, etc. Never have I been so excited to shop for those. Pinch me!

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