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Vignette Styling for All Home x Real Living

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Well hello there, I'm here again bringing you another post. It's been years since I've written a back-to-back post. Woohoo I'm back! Haha.. Anyway, I've been arranging photos I took the past months that I could share here and it's harrowing. My desktop, phone gallery, folders are as organized as my head right now, which means it's not. At all. So I'm starting my back to blogging world post with these since it's a fairly recent event which means, I don't need to dig deep for photos. Haha..

I was invited to style a vignette for the AllHome x Real Living Design Hub event, and I immediately said yes. It's in Quezon City, its a one day event, and I can do the styling in half a day so it's such an easy and fun task that I just can't say no. It's like playing dress-up, home interior style! 

I was assigned this bedroom vignette. Which is fine, but we need to amp up the style so I totally changed the look. 
I'm sure they just put together pieces they have in the store so I'm not here to pick on whoever did this. It's fine. But for the sake of giving advice/tips, I'll tell you why it didn't quite work. The backdrop already have a wooden louver which isn't centered with the headboard. And even if it is, they are both fighting to be the focal point so it's quite confusing. The bookcase is bulky and nothing is visually balancing it on the left side of the bed, so everything looks heavy on one side. All pieces are nice as it is, it's just the composition that's not working here. 

So I removed everything and started from scratch. And by the way, I love the backdrop assigned to me! Brick and wood.. Check!
You can see the cart full of stuff? I went around the store and "shop." It was fun to shop without spending anything I tell you.

Instead of using a bed with a headboard, I used the wooden louver to act as the headboard for it to be the focal point. I love the simplicity and the warmth it brings to the space.
I didn't go the normal route of flanking the bed with matching bedside tables because the space has a small footprint and I wanted to maximized it. Besides, it's more fun to experiment, and in real life, people need multi-functional pieces with all the small houses / condo units we all have.

On the right side I used a ladder desk/shelves which could act as a workspace, storage, and side table. Plus, I get to add a chair, which is a much needed wooden element in the "room." 

The other side of the bed has the standard side table. A hanging bedside lamp was used so it won't take up much need table space. To balance the height of the desk/shelves on the other side, I installed those frames / print.

I'm not really big on faux plants, but if you can't keep them alive, this would do. Any greenery adds life to any space. Just don't let anyone touch them. Haha.. I'm actually planning to have a plant wall / shelves above our dining table in the Tiny House. Excited!

For the bed, I just chose a simple white bedding with a small pattern. The bricks itself already has a pattern and I don't want anything to visually compete with each other. A few accent pillows completes the space. It's nothing fancy, just a cozy homey space in the middle of the store. Haha..

Too bad I forgot to photograph the other vignettes, but everyone did a great job. On the event itself, I thought that I just needed to be present, but no, the stylists were all called on stage and we were asked several questions. Surprise surprise! Being socially awkward and not really good in speaking in front of an audience, I kind of panic internally. But of course I didn't wanna show that so I kept my composure and smiled and answered the best I can. I was fine. I didn't collapse. So I guess that's a start. Hahaha.. 
just sharing

So that went fast

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Hello there ladies and gentlemen who still visits this blog. I have a question for you.. WHY??? I haven't posted anything in 9 1/2 months! Haha.. but thank you! Where did the time go? Anyone noticed that time went faster and faster as we grow older? Is it just me? It's a very frightening thought really, one day, you're getting married, then you sleep, wake-up, sleep, wake-up and before you know it, it's been more than a year. You really need to stop and take it all in or you'll be surprised one day, you open your eyes, and you're old and haven't done anything. But, opening your eyes everyday is a blessing regardless, so... I don't know where I'm going with this.  Haha.. My point is.. that went fast!

Anyway, hello. As you've probably noticed, I updated the look of the blog because its 2016 and I haven't updated it in 5 long years. Really. I need to keep up with it being mobile-friendly since lets be honest, we are all on our phones 24/7. It's also my first step to bring this blog to life. I haven't felt the urge to blog the past months, and I want to be excited again. I remember the first few years of blogging, I'm super enthusiastic about posting and updating, and I hope to bring that back. I have a lot to share, hello? Tiny House update anyone?

The one corner of the loft office that looks acceptable. Haha

Speaking of the Tiny House, we are now really living here. WOW. Once in a while, I'll check my post about our plans to build this, how eager I was for it to be done, and now here I am, currently lounging on our couch (which we're planning to replace, another story), typing this thing. I sometimes take this for granted being used to going home here everyday. But when I look back on how we got here, I feel very appreciative of everything. So yes, I'll share the Tiny House with you. I won't make any promises as to when since I suck at keeping my blog promises, but I'll do it sooner or later. Sooner I hope!

Oh and the one thing that kept us so busy... we opened up a cafe diner! Never thought I'll ever do that but here we are. It's been operational for maybe 3 months already and it was and still is a crazy ride. We still have a lot of plans for it and I'll share some photos soon. You may also visit us -- Third Space Studio Cafe. A little promotion won't hurt right? Haha...

Soooo... that's it for now I guess. I just felt like writing this very moment so I did. And it actually felt great. Who knew talking to complete strangers on the internet would feel great? Though if you read my blog, I consider you my friend so technically, you're not a stranger anyway. :) And who am I to judge the internet, that's where I met my husband (naks!!).  Yup, I'm one of those people. We met on MIRC chat channel back in 2003. Those were the good ol' days. Haha.. But that's another story for another blog post. It's quite interesting and serendipitous actually, can't believe I haven't shared our story. Someday.

'Til my next post which hopefully isn't 9 1/2 months from now.

happy new year

2015. 2016. and the Tiny House on New Year

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Well hello there everyone. And hello there 2016. 2015 had been a major year for us. Two life changing events took place, the completion of the Tiny House, and the wedding. Oh, there's the proposal, so let's make that three. It was stressful and awesome all at once. 

We have lots of plans for the new year since this marks the beginning of our new life. It sounds weird to call it new life since we've been together for 11 years, and we're literally together almost every single day since the beginning. When people asked me how's married life? My answer remains the same.. "The same." Haha.. We started building the Tiny House even before getting engaged, so we knew this thing is for keeps. But the new year brings in new motivation and fresh start to actually begin and took action on our dreams. So get it on 2016! 

This is our staircase hall with our wedding and family photos and the signage from our wedding backdrop. I soo love the chalk typography I did, that we decided to display them. I just hope the chalk would last. Haha

December 2014, I posted the photo on the left. The house was just a shell then, but I was daydreaming on where we'll put our Christmas tree the following year. And here it is, we have a tree! It's still up until now, I'll just give it a little more time in the limelight before we take it down. 

On the 31st, I woke up to a clean and organized house! Yuseff woke up earlier and did all the cleaning just in time for New Year's Eve. :) So I took some photos for souvenir, it doesn't happen that often. Haha... Thank you Yuseff! :)

Living / Kitchen

Side story. I'm always in awe of fireworks display. I love them. Every year when we celebrate new year, I'm out on the street trying to get a glimpse of the display but all the trees, houses, and buildings block the view. So I was really looking forward to spending this new year on our balcony, and oh boy it's so worth it! Even though we're just on the third floor, we have panoramic view of the fireworks. I was the first one on the balcony, and the last person there. I wanted to see everything. I told Yuseff that the cost of building that balcony is sooooo worth it. Hahaha...

Here we are welcoming 2016!

I'm so excited for whatever this year will bring us. I'm not doing the resolution because it almost always doesn't get done, right?! So let's just all resolve to be positive, happy, and motivated this year. That's what I'll be. Cheers! 


YuseffandRachelleDay: Suppliers Review / Budget / SDE

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(Introduction: Hello! I'll include this "intro" to all wedding related posts so it won't be confusing. This is still a decorating blog, but I'm just so excited to share our big day so the next few posts will be about it hehe... Since we got a lot of photos, I'll divide it in a few different posts-- The PrepsThe Ceremony, Shoot, and Reception; DIY/Styling details; and probably suppliers review/budget to help those who's planning their day. A little back story, last May 3, we got engaged. See the story here. :) We both agreed to have the wedding on our 11th year anniversary which is September 6, so that would be four months of planning, which is just perfect since we're not keen on having a long engagement. 11 years together is long enough. Haha.. See my initial thoughts and plans on this post. We don't have a lot of expectations for the wedding, we just wanted it to be meaningful and fun. I'm happy to say that we got the wedding we dreamed of. It's nothing extravagant, it's just festive and sooo us. So without further ado.. here's my thoughts about our day...)

This would be the final installation of our wedding posts. Finally! Haha.. You're probably getting tired of all the photos of our faces, it will be over after this. After all, it's been more than two months already. But I just need to share this last bit since while we're doing the preps, supplier reviews and budget ideas from other people helped me a lot. So here goes...

OTD Coordinator: Imbitado Events
Rate: 5/5
I don't know how people who doesn't have coordinator do it. Can't imagine stressing about little details on that day. Imbitado's team know what they are doing. All details we've discuss were executed. And they were well prepared, I asked for a gum, a sanitizer, they've got it right in their bag. They just made the day so easy. :) 

Venue: Ayala Hillside Estates
Rate: 4.5/5
They needed sponsorship for use of their venue, thank goodness my aunt is a homeowner since we love the place. It's not a really big village so it's quite private. They have a nice pool and garden area, plus a gazebo. Since it didn't rain (Thank God!), the guests got to hang out in those spaces during cocktail hour. The main venue itself is beautiful, the restrooms are spacious, and there are lots of parking. The only downside is there's no signal! Haha.. so our instagram hashtag raffle didn't get much entry, but I guess it's a good thing as well since no one was focused on their phones. Haha

Catering: Royalty Catering (0917-8387620)
Rate: 5/5
The owner of Royalty is a good friend of Yuseff's sister. They have been using them for all their kid's birthday celebration so we're no stranger to their food. We knew from the start that we wanted to get them so we're happy we found a venue that doesn't need to have accreditation for everything. The food was great and abundant, everything we discussed were done. Great food and service!

Rate: 4.5/5
This rating is only based on our communication with them and output during the day. We still didn't have the final edit so I'll update when we get those. I love the photos we got. We provided a hard drive and got our photos that night. Not much editing was needed. they gave us round 4k ++ photos. With that alone I think their fee is worth it already. But the SDE, it's amazing. I love it!! Some of my friends thought that we got a super expensive photo/video team because of the SDE. :) The only reason I didn't give a perfect rating is communication. Text and emails doesn't alway get a response. But I fully understand that their busy, and once the wedding date drew closer, they responded much faster. I still say that I love their work, and their team is great to work with.

Host and L/S: Joy Catubig / JMI
Rate: 5/5
I've read a lot of forum to helped me in choosing suppliers, especially the host since it's difficult to find sample videos of hosting styles of the emcees. After reading tons of positive reviews, we chose Joy since we wanted a fun vibe for our reception, nothing too formal. She did great! She made us laugh, cry, and sometime, both at the same time. Haha.. Her voice did command attention, and she sings amazingly well too. We got her package with JMI L/S and they are great too. Clear sound and nice ambiant light all around. We didn't used the venue's main light since they are too bright, so our main source of light the entire night was from their team. It's also a good idea to get a host and L/S that worked well together since they'll be working very closely and both Joy and JMI gave us a fun reception.

Invitation Printing: Artisticchic
Rate: 5/5
I did the design for the invitation but I had my friend printed them out. But she also do the designing and she's really great. You should see her own wedding invites, it's too cute! Hehe.. We only got her printing services but she also do a full package. She's also OC with details so that's a good thing.

Ceiling Design: Event Styles
Rate: 5/5
I do not want to tackle all the ceiling design so I asked my friend to do them for us and she did a great job. She really does full event styling so I'm guessing our requirement is quite easy for them. Haha.. Aside from the ceiling, she also did all the drapes for our wall. I just told them that I wanted a bohemian feel and I left it all up to her. So happy with how everything turned out!

HMU: Berny Tia
Rate: 4/5
I knew from the start that I wanted a very light make-up with soft loose waves for my hair. Simple and fresh was the peg. Berny and her team are so professional and so easy to work with. The only reason I didn't gave a perfect score was I find it difficult to manoeuver my hair. Hehehe.. I'm envisioning a soft waves where I can run my hands through my hair, but I think that's not possible. To achieve the wavy look, they need to put in hairsprays or else it will be straight even before the ceremony ended. hehe... I love the look, looks great in photos, and very professional team.

Projector: Metrotech
Rate: 4.5/5
I mostly communicated with them through email and they responded fast. Very clear projector, and it's huge. Haha.. I love it. the -.5 was just because the placement of the screen wasn't on an angle, which left one table difficult to view the screen. But I guess they have no choice since we've got a tight space and there's only one option to place the projector. But overall, great service.

Foodcart: Artsy Cartsy (0917-8081365)
Rate: 5/5
We're so glad that we decided to get a foodcart for the cocktail hour. Everyone was fed while waiting for the reception to start. Plus, it's cute, I should know since I designed it. Haha.. The foodcarts were from Yuseff's sister who mostly does children's party, but the carts itself is vintagey and nice that it would fit well for weddings. We got ice cream, fries, and nachos. :)

Photobooth: I-Personalized (0922-8211357)
Rate: 5/5
Again, got this service from my friend. Wow, we've got a lot of supplier friends. Haha.. Anyway, they also does full package, but as for us, we just got the equipment / printing services. We did the backdrop, and layout design ourselves. But they did the backdrop for one of our friend's wedding and it's great too.

That's mainly our suppliers, since most we DIY'd or bought retail. As for the budget, which is a big concern for most people planning their wedding, we tried to keep it low without sacrificing the experience.

Venue: 17,500
Catering for 200 + lechon + extra tables/crew: 119,900
Entire outfit for both of us / entourage (skirt for girls, vest for boys): 24,360
Host with upgraded L/S: 21,000
OTD: 15,000
Projector: 6,000
P/V: 40,000
HMU: 6,000
Invites: 4,200
Photobooth 5 hours: 5,000
DIY / Design / backdrops / table clothes / Ceiling / all decor: 44,460
Chairs trucking: 10,000
Bouquets and venue flowers: 6500
Officiator / Documents / Misc: 18,810
Tips, etc: 6,500
Wedding rings: 20,000

TOTAL: 365,230

So that was our wedding budget. The foodcarts was gifted to us by his sister, and all the alcoholic drinks were bought by my aunt plus a portion of the venue cost. If we paid for everything, our total would be on the 400k range which still isn't bad. It's not the most low-cost wedding, but we feel that our experience is worth more than what we spent. We just sorted out our priorities, and spent less on things not too important for us. When I was dreaming of what our wedding would be like even before he proposed, I always knew that I'd like to keep it on a budget, and I can honestly say that we got our dream wedding without spending so much. Even if I was given millions to spend, this will still be the wedding I'd want. :)

That's it. Series finale for all this wedding related thing. I can finally move on and share the Tiny House! Haha.. Speaking of this house, you can check out glimpse of it on our SDE.

(You may see the Preps here / Ceremony Reception here / and DIY details here )


YuseffandRachelleDay: DIY, Details, Concept

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(Introduction: Hello! I'll include this "intro" to all wedding related posts so it won't be confusing. This is still a decorating blog, but I'm just so excited to share our big day so the next few posts will be about it hehe... Since we got a lot of photos, I'll divide it in a few different posts-- The Preps; The Ceremony, Shoot, and Reception; DIY/Styling details; and probably suppliers review/budget to help those who's planning their day. A little back story, last May 3, we got engaged. See the story here. :) We both agreed to have the wedding on our 11th year anniversary which is September 6, so that would be four months of planning, which is just perfect since we're not keen on having a long engagement. 11 years together is long enough. Haha.. See my initial thoughts and plans on this post. We don't have a lot of expectations for the wedding, we just wanted it to be meaningful and fun. I'm happy to say that we got the wedding we dreamed of. It's nothing extravagant, it's just festive and sooo us. So without further ado.. here's my thoughts about our day...)

Here goes the post that I still have no idea how to write. I wanted to document everything we did for our big day to help future brides (/groom?), and for memories' sake, but oh my it's a lot. How do I categorise it?? So please bear with me as I fumble through this (I'm sure to be a very long) post. haha


We knew from the start that we wanted a festive laid-back wedding. We didn't want it to be traditional, extravagant, nor formal. It's not us. So everything we did was based on that. We didn't even have a color motif! bwahaha...

The look of the boys are all vintage inspired, we both love the look. They are in jeans to have that casual vibe. Yuseff loves wearing caps / hats, so they all wore one. 

As for the girls, I wanted bohemian. I love the look! I bought the girls skirts in different colors, and my maid of honor wore her own outfit. I just asked her to wear anything floral-ish.  Haha.. Also gave them floral crowns to at least unify the look.

We didn't want everyone to wear the exact same outfit, so the boys were provided with bow tie and vest, and they wore their own jeans and shirt. For the girls, we just gave them the skirts and asked them to wear any white top. They were asking what kind of top, and I just told them ANY. Haha.. I don't care. I was actually a bit worried that the boys / girls wouldn't match at all. I mean, very muted vintage versus bright colorful florals? 

Thankfully, it all worked out great. :)

And for us, we knew the look we wanted from the start. He didn't like the matching suit look. We bought his entire outfit off the rack at megamall after we met with P/V. We were just looking on what options was out there, but as it turned out, we found the entire outfit the very same day and we both love it! As for my dress, this wasn't the original plan. I'll share more on my next post, but I so love this dress. Bought it from a department store! ;) I fell in love with it the first time I saw it, but I thought that I already have a dress. When the first plan didn't worked out, I immediately went back for this dress, worried because it looked so tight and it might not fit me, but when I tried it on, it fits perfectly. :) 

As for the venue styling, we stuck with our laid-back concept. Even though we did everything in the exact same space, we wanted to have a different look for the ceremony and reception. We wanted both "event" to be special in their own way. 

For the ceremony, we went with simpler and fresher. Yuseff wanted an arch or something to that effect to "frame" us. This whole look came in organically, it wasn't planned at all. We used items from Yuseff's sister's props stash since she rents out some items for events, and some from our own furniture/decor hoard. I'll explain more later. :) 

Since we wanted to have an actual aisle set-up instead of guests seating on their table for the ceremony, we had all tables set-up except for the two long tables in the middle to make way for rows of chairs to create the aisle.

Now for the reception look, we knew what we wanted early on. Yuseff suggested the cafe facade look and I fell in love with the idea. Instead of having the typical sofa seats for the couple, we wanted to feel like we're on a date alfresco on some cafe, so this counts as our first date as a married couple. :)

Once the ceremony was over, and guests went out for the cocktail hour, they set-up the middle tables, and removed the ceremony backdrop to reveal this. For the general feel, I just wanted it to be very bohemian and eclectic. 

So that was the overall concept, but there's a lot of details and DIYs that came with it. Haha.. Here goes.. 

Originally, I'm planning to tackle the ceiling decor as well, but I came to my senses and realized that it would be so much easier to leave it to the pros since 1) The venue has high ceilings and we do not have scaffolding and 2) The allotted set-up time for everything was only 3 hours. So we got my friend's services to decorate our ceiling. She really does event styling so I left it up to her. 

I'm not big on doing drapes since it doesn't suit our concept and I already love the venue's ceiling, so they concentrated the effort in the center. Love the hanging vines look! Very bohemian indeed.

They also did the trellis outside the venue, and they did a very lovely job. This trellis welcomed the guests and it sets the mood as soon as you step in.

At night!!


So here goes the longest part of this post. Yep, the ones above are just introduction. Now you know what I meant when I said this is going to be a very long one. Haha.. 

1. Boutonnieres

 At first, I thought we don't need / want one. It's just one of the pretty things that you can do without. But then, with all our non-traditional elements, and laid-back non-matching attires, we decided it would be nice to have one to tie all the boy's look and at least have them look "weddingy." Hehe...

We bought the faux rose for P10 each at Dapitan Arcade. They only have 2 colors available, hot pink and orange, so obviously, with the boys' vintage look, we went with orange.
(Please excuse the flaring candle, we misplaced our glue gun so I had to use those instead! Haha)

The burlap we already have since that's what I used for our flag table numbers, the lace that I laid over the burlap is an old skirt, and the fillers is a dried out babys breath that has been in the house for a month. Haha.. It's not planned, I just find that it's missing something and Yuseff suggested the babys breath and I love the look.

2. Headpiece / Veil

Now this one is a little more challenging, not with the amount of work, but rather with my thought process. I do not know what I wanted! Haha... Originally, I wanted to wear a floral crown for the ceremony. But I was quite swayed by friends to have a veil since it's the only time you can actually wear a wedding veil right? But I was firm on not having the normal kind since I'm not really comfortable having a fabric over my face, but that's just me hehe.. So I searched and searched for inspiration and found one I love. I wanted a veil at the back and some sort of headband look where the veil is attached. 

This one's what I came up with. Originally this was lace, but upon insistent of many trusted friends, I change it into this soft tulle. The lace is just too busy. Haha.. The flower at the back is originally the floral crown that I'll use, but I gave the wrong measurements so I doesn't fit me. Ordered that and all our other floral crowns from Moonbeam by Polina. :). So i retrofitted the crown and used it as accent for the veil.

The brass chain is from a vintage necklace and I used it as the headband. Love the overall look. The dress is really simple and the veil makes it a little more bridal. :)

3. Bouquets 

I knew from the start that I'll be doing the flowers. ALL OF THEM. Haha.. Okay, you might think I'm crazy but I figured, I only have a few entourage, and our centrepieces are just amber bottles with random flowers, so I thought, how hard could it be??

Well, it's not that difficult, but really time-consuming, and the fact that we need to do this the day before the wedding adds to the challenge. We wanted it to be fresh so the day before is the only option. We went to dangwa and bought randrom flowers, a big box of it. Went there without really knowing what I want. Haha.. For the bouquets, I just wanted the very wild flower look. Then I saw orange roses, the same look as the boutonnieres so I bought a few dozens for all the bouquets and they all matched. It seemed that we planned this all along but no, just a nice coincidence. I have no idea what flowers I wanted until we went to dangwa the day before. Hehe
The eucalyptus I bought just for my bouquet for it to stand out a little bit more. I was done by around 5:30 pm and my nails looked awful. Haha.. I was planning to go to a nail salon after doing the flowers but its raining really hard, and my brother borrowed our car. So I ended up doing my own nails at 1 am the day of the wedding. Haha...

4. Invitation

Again, we're not going for the traditional invitation, since well.. we're not going for a traditional wedding hehe... I knew that all I wanted was 2 pages, one main invite, and the other for all additional details.

One very important detail is the design itself. You see, while planning for our venue styling, I designed some mood boards of the cafe backdrop we talked about for the reception. Then when the time came to design the invitation, I thought it would be cute to use our backdrop as its graphic so the invitation and the wedding itself would match. When the invitation was printed, we had no choice but to replicate and push through with our backdrop idea or else the invitation wouldn't make any sense hahaha!

We had this printed by a very good friend who does invites, and she gave us a huge discount (thank you!), and I just bought the envelopes from National bookstore. I then risked it by doing the addressing of envelopes using marker pen! Haha.. That's one great thing about a laid-back wedding, everything doesn't have to be prim and proper. My hand-writing was far from calligraphy invites, but it will do. hehe.. I added a shadow lining using brass pen to make it a little more festive.

5. Photobooth Backdrop

As I mentioned earlier, Yuseff's sister do provide backdrops/props/foodcarts for events, so we've got some options that we can use. We just bought a handful of vine garland to be used here and the ceremony, and used our old frames as props. Here is it set up on our garage for the trial.

Here it is being set-up on the venue.

Now, here it is all done. We wanted to do the backdrop ourselves so we just hired out the cam/printer set-up for the photobooth. We also got my friend for that. 

We added some wooden animal head that we have lying around the house. It just adds a little more playfulness to the set-up.

6. Lamp Posts 

Yuseff had been wanting to make a lamp post ever since we got hold of this wrought iron globe-ish cage light. Now that he found an excuse to make them, he actually made two. Haha

One was placed beside the photobooth, near the entrance, so we used that to put in directional signs as well. The other one, which was painted black, was used for the ceremony and reception backdrop which you'll see later.

7. Signages

I sometimes enjoy doing chalk art, I did one for my dad's restaurant. So obviously, I'll do some for the wedding.. Hehe.. One is for the photobooth backdrop as you've seen on the photos above.

Then there's the welcome signage. Set this up on the entrance, and since we already got the owl ceramic stool, we used them to decorate and act as bride and groom. Haha.. 

I also did the signage for the reception backdrop and this is my fave out of all I did. Aside from the fact that our name is plastered here, it really completed the backdrop. Plus, it's in a lot of the photos! Haha

The food carts are from Yuseff's sister that she rents our for kiddie parties. I also designed these carts some time ago, and I do the signs for them even before. But since ours is a wedding, I wanted it to be a little more elegant so instead of using my usual colorful and playful fonts, I made it somewhat a little more vintagey and subdued. 

8. Prizes

We have a few games so of course it means we need to provide prizes. We wanted it to be home decor related because that's what we do, so Yuseff designed the lamps and had our workers do them, and I had the throw pillows made. 

9. Chairs

Of course, this isn't a DIY, but I'm sure only a few people can say that they used their own chairs for their wedding. :) I'm not really into tiffany chairs, and other options are soo expensive. So we just rented two trucks to haul these chairs and some props to the venue. It worked out great since we love the industrial vintage look! Can't imagine using any other chair. Now why and how we got to own 200 vintage industrial chairs is another story. 

10. Table Styling

Since I'm going for a bohemian eclectic look, I wanted to use patterned table linen. I think it's cute, plus I get to shop for fabrics! And, I'm sure you're sensing a pattern here, we don't want everything to match. So we chose three different but complimentary pattern, and I just laid it out in the floor plan so the set-up crew would know which pattern to use for which table. Also bought a lace curtain and cut it up to be a runner.

Here is the floor plan/ guide I provided for the set-up crew. The colors represents the table linen, so everything is balanced out. :)

Trial set-up at home. 
As for the centerpieces, we just bought a lot of amber bottles to be lined up in the center and ask the caterer to provide tealight candles. Plus the flag table numbers I made were put up in the center bottle.

Here we are arranging all the flowers we bought from dangwa the day before. I made a few arrangement but since I'll be doing the bouquets, I left it up to these boys. :) Yes the same workers who constructed our house were our florist for the day haha.. They did a great job by the way.

Here they are looking all so pretty. :)

And with all the candles lit-up. I was actually a little worried on how all these different patterns would look together, but when we did our entrance and I was up at front, I saw everything and I was sooo happy. It's just how we wanted it to be, simple, intimate and cozy. :)

11. Ceremony Backdrop

As I said earlier, this whole set-up came up organically. Yuseff's sister had the white fence way before, so I thought we could use it for the ceremony. But that's the only idea I had then. Then a month before the wedding, his sister had this pergola made for her business, and I asked if we can use it as well. We had the altar table and bench made from our scrap furniture pieces/ materials. We bought leaves garland to decorate and here it is set-up in our garage for trial.

Now here is the crew setting up the venue for the ceremony.

All done. My friend lend us her plants to add life to the set-up. The other lamp post is placed on the right side of the stage. You'll also see the reception backdrop peeking behind the white fence. We set those up first so after the ceremony, they can just remove the fence and reveal the other backdrop. 

It's bright, simple, yet a bit playful at the same time. 

Right side

Left side. Used this painting I made years before. Actually blogged about it here. :)

12. Reception Backdrop

Since I already had a moodboard for the backdrop, it's quite easy to execute. We just measured the space and came up with the best dimension. Here they are building our "cafe." ;)

When I saw this, I felt so giddy I can't contain my excitement. It's gorgeous! Hehehe.. The brick wallpaper is yet to be installed on both sides.

Here they are setting up the area for the reception. When I saw this photo, I'm so relieved that no guest were waiting here. They all went out for cocktails! I was a bit worried that guests would have to sit and watch all this chaos going on, but thankfully they went out, ate, and mingled. 

Oh we also used the area rug I bought for the Tiny House. Thank goodness I bought two so it filled up the space better. The crank table is our coffee table here at the house as well. We wanted to bring as much of our own stuff to personalized the venue.

It turned our beautifully. It's really more than what we expected. I had envisioned the look in my mind way before the day, but nothing beats seeing it in real life.

13. Cupcake Stand

Yuseff insisted on having her mom's banana cupcake and macaroons as our wedding cake since he (and everyone who ever had the privilege of tasting them) loves those. I was quite hesitant at first since I don't want to trouble his mom on making them, but she happily obliged. Thank goodness because I love those too! Haha... 

So we needed to make a cupcake stand. I had the wood stand made, and he had the metal stand made. Since we already had the two, we decided to use both! ;) Here is the sample set-up that we're trying out to see if it will fit the table. You see, the altar table for the ceremony was the cake table for the reception so we have to work with it. It fits!! 

Yuseff decorating the stand. This stand are actually old planters they had lying around, he had them welded together to form this cake-like shape. He didn't want this photo posted because... and I quote "Mukha ako mashadong nag eenjoy!" Bwahaha! But I insisted so here it is... I think this was 3 days before the wedding.

Love it!!! We also bought cake toppers and spray painted them silver gold.

Because we don't want the exact same topper, he bought a spiderman and princess topper and placed them side by side for the other stand. Turned out really cute. Weird yes, but cute nonetheless... hehehe...

Our cake table :)

14. Avps / Games / Music

We also DIYed some stuff that you can't see in the photos. We showed 3 videos -- growing up/us/friends/family, proposal video, and the SDE. We edited the 2 vids. Not actually us, but we enlisted the help of one of my brother who's taking up multi media art to do those. He stayed with us in the Tiny House for 4 days to finish everything. We art directed but he did all the technical stuff. Thank you brother dear!

For the music, we put all the music we wanted played in a usb. From ceremony, cocktail hour, to reception. I just put them in different folders and labeled them accordingly so there'll be no confusion.  We carefully chose the special songs  like the dances, march, etc. But for the cocktail and dinner music, we just played songs in a reggae rendition. It suited the mood.

As for the games, we did the "guess the movie title" and "chinoy henyo." So we compiled movie clips that Yuseff chose, and we made images of our chinoy henyo words to be shown on the screen for the game. It was fun! I can't wait for the videos.

15. Bridal March Song

Yuseff is an amazing song writer considering he doesn't play any instruments. It's just a hobby that he does once in a while. One song he made a long time ago was for a bridal march. I dreamt of using that song for our wedding. So when the time came, I just had to walk down the aisle to that song. My other 2 brothers are in a band by the way, with their own music studio, so they helped us out and create the music for the song (thank you!). Yuseff then recorded the song, and I refused to hear it before hand. I wanted to hear the final recording for the first time on the aisle. And needless to say, it was wonderful. :)

Sooooo.... I think that's about it?! Haha... We did a lot for the wedding, but it doesn't feel like much. It's so worth it to go through our big day, seeing all our hard work being enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. We got to personalize it and we got the wedding we dreamt of. It's not just the concept or DIYs that made this day special, it's just the over all vibe, and love we felt through out the day.

I just wanted to share with you...We had these framed and displayed in our house. Left is our actual invitation, and on the right, I replaced the moodboard with actual photo of us on our reception. Haha... Close enough right? ;)

Anyway, to those who read all throughout this veeerrrrryyyy looooooonnnnggg post. Thank you! I hope it provided some entertainment (???) and if you're a future bride, then I hope that this gave you some ideas and I wish you happiness on your big day and all the days to come. :) 

My last wedding post will be the supplier reviews, budget, and our SDE. After that, we'll be back to regular programming. Hopefully!! 

*BTS set-up photos courtesy of our coordinator Imbitado Events. :)

(You may see the Preps here / Ceremony Reception here and and Supplier's Review, budget, and SDE here)