It's been 5 minutes, and I still can't think of a post title.

2/11/2011 08:39:00 AM

It's 8:20 am and I still haven't gotten any sleep. You'll think that I'm spending some precious time working on some design project or sprucing up some part of our house. Nope, I'm blog hopping / stalking, just the usual scene around here. I'm proudly nocturnal, most of the time. (most of the time applies to both proudly and nocturnal) This is not the worst one yet, there are times I'm up 'til noon.

But that's not the point of this post, if I can even get to the point with my sleep-deprived brain. Okay fine, I'm outta focus but here it is. And don't expect any magical makeover of sorts.

I was browsing though Emily Clark's blog and spotted this pillow from Garden Ridge:

"Oohh pretty print...."

"wait, that looks  familiar...."

*Thinking long and hard* (sleep-deprived)

"I knew it!!"

Then I go through my posts and look at my fabric shopping trip to Divisoria:

Do you see it? Please tell me you do or I'm probably imagining that arrow I thought I put there.

It's the exact same fabric I saw at our very cheap fabric source. It costs around P60/yard ($1.36)

Call me silly but I was psyched to see this fabric on both sides of the world. Though it's probably from China. :)

Anyway, the point of this post is:

I just wanted to share! I tried to alleviate my need to share by showing it to the BF, but he just gave me an unenthusiastic wow.

So there you go. Now I can sleep. In an hour.


  1. best post title! Hope you get some sleep :)

  2. GO to sleep lady! And that's such neat coincidence! XD

  3. hahaha...great post...even better title...hope you got some sleep!

  4. I must say I am jealous of your cheap fabric source!!! That fabric here is probably $20/yd here. Get some sleep! :)

  5. Good morning all... I'm now awake and re-energized! haha.. Thanks for dropping by! :)


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