I'm on Design*Sponge!!!

2/04/2011 02:03:00 AM

okay, maybe not me, but my projects are!

It all started when I posted my DIY chandelier, and Brittany from Gallery No. Eight told me to submit it! (and how sweet of you Brittany to be the first comment on the D*S feature, thanks girl!)

Now two of my favorite projects are on one of my favorite site. What a great day! This should give me the push to work on my long list of pending projects!

Head here to see the feature.

Huge thanks to Kate of Design*Sponge! You made my day! ;)


Welcome to any of you stopping by from D*S! Look around and feel at home. :) You can see all of my favorite projects on the right sidebar. We are currently making over our home and you can read about all the progress here. As to what our house looks like before, you can take a peek at your own risk! :) Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Haha you are so very welcome Elle!!! Your chandelier is pretty fantastic :) I was so excited for you when I saw the post on d*s; the first thing I did was comment :)

  2. Hi! Just found you via design*sponge and was totally impressed by your home before and afters... I really admire your drive and would love to have the time/patience/guts to renovate my own house (it's a total mess and I daydream constantly on painting walls, reupholstering and so on...) I'm a graphic designer from Uruguay, by the way, and there are not many bloggers around here either. I'm thinking of setting up a design blog of my own but can´t decide wether to make it in english, my mother tongue (spanish) or both... How did you decide to go for english rather than your mother tongue? Has it worked for you? Well, enough rambling... Good luck with your renovation, I can´t wait to see how everything turns out!

  3. -Thanks Tati, and Brittany, you are the sweetest, thank you! :)

    -Hi Lucia,
    Thanks for dropping by, and I'm super happy you like what you saw so far. I really do not have so much patience, haha, but I just take it one project at a time. If you get overwhelmed with all the stuff to be done, it will be frustrating. Do it slowly, and enjoy the process. :)

    My decision to use english is quite easy, most websites/blogs here in the Philippines is in english as well, since everyone here knows how to speak the language. And I want to be part of a bigger community of design bloggers. :) Does your country speak english as well? If they do, then go for it. If not, then decide who you want your readers to be. Hope this helps! and I hope you actually do come back to read my reply! haha

  4. Haha yes, I came back! As a matter of fact I'll be dropping by regularly to see how far you've come with your home renvation, I'm sure it will be a serious transformation when it's done! Thanks for the advice on tackling one thing at a time, I should keep that in mind :)

    My country speaks mostly spanish, so if I intend to include them as well as the blogging community (which I do), the best way to go would be to write in both languages, hopefully I won't get too bored and drop out the second day :D

    Thanks for your reply and see you around!

  5. Aww you can back Lucia, haha. Thank you!

    Maybe you can try those google translator thing? I'm not sure how well it works though. Goodluck with that! Looking forward to seeing your blog.

  6. OH my goodness. I just found you...and now I'm hooked! Congrats on the feature over at DS! These projects are great. Oh and I love the tagline ;)


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