DIY frame gallery attempt #3: Hallway before and after

2/06/2011 12:01:00 AM

This is the last installment of our house's DIY frame gallery series. The first one is my bedroom, then the living room, and then this. This is actually puny and uninteresting compared to the other two. (okay, I don't think that is the best way to entice people to read on! But still you'll read this right? right.)

I just bought 14 pcs 4R frames (the cheapest I could find), and spray painted them black.
That is how our frames looked like for about a month. I told you I have to nag bro#2 just to choose photos. So we just scrape our name in there for the meantime. We actually found additional names from visiting cousins who took the liberty to add themselves on the list. haha.. That might actually be a good idea on some other wall. :)

After the daunting task of choosing just 14 photos, and editing them to have the same look (high contrast, low saturation, with a hint of yellow), this is how the wall looks like now:
We at least have a small gallery in the formerly very neglected space. You'll see the neglected status shortly.

But I wanna show this first:
My favorite photo of the bunch. Haha! Bro #1-3 played with an eyeliner (I know we're all childish! It's in the genes!) and took some funny photos.


So here's our hallway before:
this is after we move stuff out of the rooms
I guess neglected is an understatement.

Here it is now:
Don't mind the wires, we'll be fixing that soon. And by "we" I mean my dad.
That's the lifeline of the whole house, the router. :)

This shot shows the color theme of the whole living space. Pretty bright huh? I LAVET!

EDIT: Bro#3 corrected me, it's not eyeliner they used, it's permanent marker! Why oh why would you put marker around your eyes? That's why I remember them sporting that look for a couple of days.


  1. Great transformation! Super bright and fun!
    And I love family photo gallery walls :)

  2. Those are such fun photos!! I wish my family didn't mind putting up photos everywhere like that haha...we're not so photogenic o.o;;;

  3. What a great makeover! Can you send a little of your talent my way??? :) I love the family photos! What's more important than family, right!?

  4. Hi ya, I found you on the web. In my hunt for great chandelier makeovers. I am now a follower. I wanted to let you know that I featured your chandi maker over on my post about chandi makeovers lol. Love to have ya come by and check it out. Please feel free to join me as well. I would love to have ya along.

    Thanks much!

  5. Oh wow - that is one dramatic change!!!! It's amazing how paint can totally transform a space. The photos look fantastic - great choice for that wall. I love everything you have been doing - your creativity is astouding!!!!

  6. So bright and cheery!! I know Ive said it before, but I love that you are so brave and bold with your color choices.

  7. wow what a huge difference i love the colored doors how much they pop

  8. Paint does wonders doesn't it?? I love it! YOu did such a good job! So bright and cheery. :)

  9. where did you buy cheap frames. i have been planning to do the same thing on our bare wall but don't have time to go to DV for cheap frames

  10. Thanks everyone! I really love how bright this space is now.

    @Iarticle - haha as if we're photogenic?! Photogenic or not, it's your home! Put pictures all you want. :)

    @Brittany, Rachel - I love family gallery walls as well. Fun way to incorporate personal touches to a home.

    @Debra - thank you so much for the feature. Much appreciated!! :)

    @Lala, Everasting Blooms - paint really is a wonderful thing!

    @Michelle, Rhiannon - Love the colors too, thanks!

  11. @rjs mama - I bought them at Dapitan arcade.. :)

  12. very cool! great pics, great colors! my backyard eden sent me - hope you'll visit me!


  13. awesome redo! and what a great gallery wall!

  14. Wow - not even close to being the same hallway. Awesome job!

  15. Wow---what a difference. Great job! Looks like you have some fun brothers!

  16. Hi there~ your hall is looking great and your brothers look like a lot of fun!!! I highlighted your shell light fixture a couple weeks ago- I don't know if you stopped by the party that week. Just thought you might like to know- it was a great project!! Thanks for sharing at my party this week! :)


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