HO of the day: Raw Charm

2/10/2011 02:05:00 AM

That message board is an ingenious way to add charm to any home office, it will look amazing in other color as well (mustard? charcoal? red? soft pink? Okay you get my point). The possibilities are endless! I just wish we have some shutters hidden in our load of crap garage.


  1. I might try that in our basement where my work area is- there aren't many windows down there, so it would be nice to give the allusion of windows.

  2. That message board is amazing! Loving the shutters!

  3. that is awesome, i must incorporate that.

  4. I love this image! It's been saved in my inspiration binder since it came out a few years ago, and I love glimpsing back at it. It's hard to make a work space feel laid back ad organic while still keeping it organized. Also, sometimes my inspiration boards distract me, so it would be awesome to have a way to close them for a bit.


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