Simple switch: Chair redo

2/26/2011 02:25:00 AM

I've been stalling on our living room makeover, damn you Dexter. Now that I'm finally done with you, I can get my arss out of bed and do some real work. Though I can't wait for the next season, 'til we meet again on September!

Anyway, I'm back to reality and some changes had happen to our living room.
Like a simple fabric switcheroo that made such huge difference.

Here's our very old rattan chair with her very old cushion case.
rattan chair, denim chair, yellow throw pillow

We just changed the cover, added some throw pillows, and here she is now...
rattan chair, denim chair, yellow throw pillow

A brand spankin new look from the formerly tired looking chairs.
rattan chair, denim chair, yellow throw pillow

A punch of fun fabrics can really brighten up any space...
rattan chair, denim chair, yellow throw pillow

and I'm really in love with the denim fabric we used as cushion case! Just wait til you see the matching denim slip covers for this:
brown sofa, brown couch

Buh-bye brown! Sorry brown lovers, I'm so done with this color! I've had enough of the dark wood console, dark wood dining set, dark wood china cabinet, and now this woody colored couch. It's safe to say that I'm hoping to vanish that color from this house for good! If only I have it in me to paint the huge stained varnished china cabinet. Oh paint gods please come to me.


  1. Hehe you're cute. I could use a visit from the paint gods too. I have been working on a door painting project for MONTHS. I am such a procrastinator.

    I know what you mean about brown. It seems like everybody's fall-back color. Though I do love love love wood. Wood floors and beautiful wood furniture are some of my favorite things. But it's important to balance them out. I think your couch will look awesome with a fresh new cover!

  2. The chairs look great!! The denim slipcovers will look great on the couch! Can't wait to see!

  3. The chairs look awesome with their new pillows!! And I can't wait to see what you do with the couch! I love your colorful style! Makes me so smiley! :D

  4. Oh god, I too fell for dexter a while back and pretty much stalled everything else in my life because I was so hooked! I literally spent hours on end watching episodes one after another... That's the beauty and the curse of being 5 seasons behind, right? Now I can´t wait for the 6th one to start airing! I sound demented, but I think this show kinda gets you that way, mwahaha...

  5. Thanks ladies! Few yards of fabrics can really transform a space!

    @Christina - ooh I would love dark wood floors as well! But as for all dark wood furniture, I'm over it!

    @Lucia - just what happened to me. My world stop while watching Dexter. Like 4-6 episodes at a time! Finished entire 5 season in less than a week! Now I can't wait til Sept, I miss him already. haha...

  6. Well, hopefully we´ll be productive human beings until september then...


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