What's up camera crew? and living room sneak peek

2/02/2011 12:22:00 AM

You've see this picture before, and probably noticed something weird.

So here's the story...

I received an email from MOMents (a local tv show on a cable channel here about moms, of course) asking me if I would like to do a segment about home DIYs.  

Here's what's going on in my head after reading the email...
"WHAT?? ME?! speaking on TV? No.. no... ummm... no.."

You see, I've had some not so nice experience taping for a segment before for my clothing shop. My shop was featured and of course I was interviewed. At one point, my mind literally went blank and I stared at the rolling camera for a whole minute without saying a thing! The crew just look at me and said "Whenever you're ready.." How embarrassing!

But I just put my shameful past behind, and send MOMents a reply. What do I've got to lose? Even if some more taping mishap happen, it will not be shown on TV anyway! That's what the editing team is for! :)

And shoot we did! I just tackled few of the projects I made and shared some tips, that I'm sooo sure all of you already know! Yes, I've had a lot of bloopers that I hope no one else will ever see, but it was fun. Everyone's so nice! A big thanks goes out to Anita and the whole crew!

If you're from the Philippines as well, this particular episode will be shown on Feb 5 (tentative) 6:30pm on Net 25. Please please don't make fun of me if you do watch! I think I've said some things that doesn't make any sense. :D

P.S.  I love how their lights make our living room so bright! I wish I could borrow those once I'm done with this place so I could have amazing pictures. Our house is coming along well don't you think? Definitely a lot better than these gruesome before shots.


  1. Thanks for including us...love your striped walls.
    Mary Ann

  2. How extremely cool! I wish I could watch it on TV!

  3. That's wonderful! I hope it turned out well! :)

  4. Thanks everyone! I sure hope I didn't embarrassed myself that much. ;)

  5. Congratulations! You look calm and comfortable in the pictures, I'm sure no one would notice any flubs if they tried :) Man, I HATE being filmed. I always mess up, some people are naturals, and some ARE NOT.

  6. Count me in on those "ARE NOT" haha! Thanks, I feel comfortable since we did shoot here at the house, but man I can't remember how many takes we did for each part.

  7. Congratulations! You deserve to be recognized in TV. Good job!

  8. Girl, how exciting, I wish I could watch this. Is there anyway I can see it, see if you can get me a copy, or upload it somewhere. How AWESOME for you, my sweet friend.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you've done so far, and I'm very curious what you are doing next in your room, lol.


  9. @SJ, thank you so much :)

    @Bella, thanks girl! I'm not sure I'll be showing it to you guys, haha! I'm so embarrassed. And besides, you won't understand a single word I said. It's not in english :)


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