Going dark

2/20/2011 03:28:00 AM

I am soooo unbelievably sleepy writing this post, I blame it on Dexter. The show. The BF and I have been having dvd marathons (thank you bro#3 for sending them my way), and we're now on season 3 in just 3 freakin days! DVD series are my pringles, once I pop, I can't possibly stop until I'm done!

But don't dare think that I stalled on my projects, I managed to slip some work between episodes. I'm almost done with my secretary desk, and I've painted my bedroom wall! 

This is my room 2 days ago:

and I want it to look like this:

So from this:

To this:
Yeah it's not the best picture ever, crappy night photo and super messy room. But I look past the mess and think about what this room will look like in a few weeks! I love the color, it's deep dark charcoal with a hint blue. Look how the air conditioner blends a lot better with this wall color! And if you are too observant to notice the vodka bottle in the pictures, I swear I'm not a drunk, it's water! Just sayin.. :)

And to those who's wondering why I'd cover the window behind the bed, here's why:
My very special view --a not so nice parking space of a restaurant. It's also being used as training ground for security guards on some Sunday mornings! No they're not shooting anyone, just lining up and following drill orders from one loud commander. I swear I know when everyone's facing left or right without even looking!

So yeah, I'll take my faux wall curtain any day.


  1. I never thougth in black for a room! but now I' m thinking in mi guest bathroom... I don' t know if a full black, but maybe a wallpaper black whit roses... Very good idea!


  2. Oh yeah that view's not so great. Haha. I understand why you're covering it up. The dark wall looks great! Keep it up!

  3. Haha yea I wouldn't want that view either xD And love how the walls are looking!!

    p.s. Thanks for the comment on my arrows! :3
    p.p.s. Dexter is awesome ♥♥♥

  4. This is really going to ground your bed, can't wait to see how the "faux wall" turns out - so clever!

  5. I have a lot more extra paint for the canvas curtain wall! Can't wait either.. Thank you everyone!

    And yeah, Dexter is awesome! :)

  6. I'm excited to see the final project.

    That's hilarious about the security guard training. Sorry it's right outside your window!

  7. I was on another blog and saw a bedroom that made me think of you.

    Check out http://www.parlourhomeblog.com/ on February 23, 2011's post.


    BTW You're doing a great job! And I LOVE your little secretary!

  8. @Rachel - I'm sorry about my window view as well. But I'm used to it, and at least I got an excuse to add another "wall" to my room :)

    @Kelley - I love love that room! Great to see the whole of it. Thanks for sending it my way, will surely be an inspiration for my bedroom makeover. ;)


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