HO of the day: Moody

2/21/2011 07:50:00 AM

I'm into stripes these days, quite obvious with my little living room wall project. No wonder this room got my attention. Bold saturated stripe? Right up my alley. If only I got the will to do a different color vertical stripe wall.

That chair is also a great DIY inspiration. We all have those shirt with great print that doesn't fit right? It might fit a chair better.


  1. Those stripes are awesome! It seems like a lot of people are really loving stripes lately. You want to know something funny? I wouldn't choose stripes for my home right now... but I have this feeling that in a few years my tastes will evolve and I will change my mind and want some stripes of my own. And I welcome that. :)

  2. Love the stripes!! Love the chair even more!! :D :D

  3. Love those stripes! Although it would look hideous in my house!


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