Fabric hunting and curtain sneak peek

2/09/2011 06:53:00 AM

I went shopping for fabrics at Divisoria.  This is like the heaven for fabric lovers who are cheap! Haha.. It has around 4 buildings filled with all sorts of fabric. And yeah, the price they first tell you is almost always not the price you'll pay for. Haggling is the main game here.
Fabrics in all sorts of color and kind.
Ahhhmazing prints. Now tell me, how can you not get distracted when faced with these?

I learned my lesson and tried my hardest to focus on what I need: curtain for the living room, slipcover for our couch, and bright fun print for throw pillows.

I'll be needing 70 yards (70!!!!) for the curtains so my main goal here is to find the cheapest there is!  I even joked before going that I'll find something worth P30/yard (around $0.68/yard).
That is what I went home with. So what is the price you ask? A ridiculous P22/yard. That's $0.50/yard! My total for 70 yards of fabric is only P1540 ($35!!).  Crazy I know. I originally like a much thinner chiffon fabric, but it's double the price, which is still low. But I can't say no to this crazy crazy deal (it's called Gina Silk btw), and I can put the remaining money to other use.

Which is these:
I bought a navy denim fabric for slipcover. Talk about durability. This is much more expensive at P95/yard ($2.16). But it's for a sofa so fabric strength is key. The fun printed fabrics for the throws comes at around P50/yard ($1.14).

But the ADD in me can't help but to steer a little towards other unnecessary fabrics, that's why I bought these:
I love the bright cheery colors, I'd probably make it into accent pillow cases for my bedroom. Still not sure, I'm just trying to formulate a plan so I'll have an excuse for the purchases. Haha.. and I tell you, I held back real hard. There are tons of other fabrics I'd love to bring home!

Here's a peek of the the ridiculously cheap fabric I bought used in one of our many windows:
Pretty decent huh? I love how it glows in the morning!

And here are the remaining windows that still needs a little dress-up:
Still soo messy!
Yes we have a lot of windows. Different sizes at that. Can't wait for all the curtains to be up, it will totally unify the space! (UPDATE: the curtains are already up. See them here)

DAD: why is the color so dull?? (referring to the curtain)
ME: We need a neutral simple backdrop for all the bright colors we'll be having around. And can you imagine a super bright colored curtains covering all our walls? We have tons of windows, It will make you crazy.

DAD: why is it sooo long??
ME: Pa, a short hanging seared curtain is not cute okay?


And a big props to Yaya Tas, our all around house help who happens to be an amazing sewer. Lucky lucky me.
That is our make-shift cutting table. Looks familiar? :)


  1. Can't wait to see all your fabrics in your space!!

  2. I love what you are doing to your space. I can't wait to see it all come together. By the way, those floral patterns are beautiful.

  3. I love the pillow which You have brought for your bedroom. I like the most orange color. which is mine favorite color. What the price of this pillow?

  4. Thanks! Can't wait to use them all too. Though I will be quite a while, we still need to figure out how to slip cover the couch! :)

    @Kitchen - it's also a fabric I bought, just planning to use it as pillow cases. :) It's around $1.25/yard. :)

  5. Looks like heaven for fabric lovers, I'd get lost in there. I love the curtain color selection. I've been attracted to grays, it lets the other colors in a room pop and shine.

  6. Awww man! Can't wait to see more progress~ It just makes me smile to all the stuff you're doing to your house! It's awesome!! :D

  7. where exactly in ylaya street picture #1 and #2 were taken? do you still remember the store name or stall number?

  8. @bonita.. sorry I don't know exactly where. I'm not familiar with the building names.

  9. Those are pretty printed fabrics for your pillow cases! What kind of fabric are they? Thanks!



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