Please don't hate me...

2/15/2011 01:58:00 AM

I've asked you to help me choose drapery for my bedroom, and you did help a lot! I've got 93 votes to date. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to select their favorite. 

The winner is Option 1
and to be honest, it was my first choice too. :)

But then, I saw this...
The one on the left is an extra fabric from my curtain that I kept, and the one on the right is the one hanging in my bedroom. After just barely two months of having the curtains, it accumulated dust and dirt like I had it for years without washing! Our house is like dust magnet with all the open windows and the busy commercial street behind it. Imagine pollution everyday, all day.

I panicked with the thought of having mostly white drapes! My tropical brownish curtain camouflage dirt really well, but I don't see it happening with white!  and I'm not planning on washing drapes weekly either.

So I went back to the drawing board for new options that I would love as much as Option 1, without the white fabric. It took me more than 2 hours of toying with the image before I finally came up this:

I love it! :)
I tried matching dark colored curtains (deep eggplant, navy blue, black) but it didn't it cut for me. Then I remembered something my crazy mind thought of in one of its daydreaming sessions: how about painting a canvas fabric the same color as the wall, hang it, and treat it as that -- a wall. 

I'll never use the window behind the bed, it opens up to a parking space of a restaurant! Nothing much to see there. So I'll add a much needed "wall" to this bedroom. And I love the look of mouldings, I'll try to fake it by using a white ribbon. I might even fake a headboard, we'll see about that.

I'm also painting and prettifying the bigger window so I can push the drapes to the side. The window is currently ugly and dingy so I just covered it up all the way. It would be nice to have a big open window for some air. Its getting hot in here, and I don't wanna take off all my clothes! haha.. But really, the heat is so annoying. I'm sorry, I know a lot of you is snowed in right now and all you wish for is some heat. But I tell you, the heat here is so not desirable, its humid, and you become literally sticky! (most especially during summer!)

Christina's comment also stuck with me, so I decided to have a neutral curtain for the bigger window. See people, I read and take all your comments to heart! :)

The coral and turquoise I got from this fabric I bought
which I'm so attracted to! Those colors will pop beautifully against the dark walls that I'm painting soon. Brother#2 called me crazy for wanting to paint a newly painted wall, I probably am. But the vision of the final product outweighs any name calling I get!

So here it is people, please don't hate me for wasting your time with my poll that I'm not going to use. But I love this process and it really do help me weigh all possibilities before going for it.

And to be honest, I love the new look more than Option 1! It's still graphic, but a lot more fun and feminine. Please love it with me.. :)

P.S. Don't hate me for having a TV in the bedroom! haha


  1. I think it is a wonderful idea!! I wouldn't want to wash drapes every week to keep them white either. It's more satisfying to have a pretty room if there isn't a lot of work involved keeping it pretty. :) Love reading all your projects!

  2. Yay! I was so tickled to see you liked my comment. I think this latest look is great! Although I must admit the idea of permanently covering up a window is something I would normally be appalled by. Even if the view isn't great, it would still provide light (and possibly a breeze?). That being said, I really do love the look of what you've posted so if you've got your heart set on it, I say go for it!

  3. @Rebecca, thank you so much for always dropping by... I have so much stuff that the least I'd like to think about is dirty drapes!

    @Christina, it's not really permanent, it's still a curtain just looking like a wall. I could always fold it up whenever I want to. Yes I need the breeze, but the other window is enough, it's huge! :) And for the light, I sleep mostly mornings, so the darker, the better. hahaha... Thank you for your comments, I appreciate your insights. I need that!

  4. I really like it! White is gorgeous, but if it's going to get super dirty really fast, then you were totally right to rethink it, and I love how it looks! Can't wait to see the finished room!

  5. Like your latest idea. It's all a process, so how ever you get there is fine. What about some kind of blinds under the curtains that would let in air? Maybe the bamboo type, although you can see through them at night.

  6. What??? Are you kidding me? You had all of us look at those photos and pick one, and then went a totally different route??

    JK! I did vote for the one that won, but I like your new look even better, I think. I definitely like the addition of the TV. A television in the bedroom is a must, I say. I would never have thought that covering up a window would be a good idea, until now. Good job. I like how you sketch out your stuff. I need to try your technique.

  7. @Brittany - I can't wait either! I hope I can pull it off :)

    @Lisa - I also thought about adding some sort of blinds, but that would be extra cost, which I just don't want to think about right now. haha...

    @Shauhncy - Yey for a TV! I've seen a lot of people who despise tv on the bedroom, glad I found a pro tube like myself! hahaha...

    Thanks for dropping by ladies! :)


Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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