Design TV: Renee's home on Wisteria Lane

11/29/2011 06:56:00 AM

I'm Elle Uy and I'm an addict. A TV series addict. I can go on for days watching episode after episode of any show that I started. I've watched Season 1-3 of Dexter in less than three days. I'm a fan of Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, How I Met Your Mother, True Blood,  Modern Family, etc etc. For past shows, I love love Sex and the City, and of course, Friends. I can go and on about Friends. I've watched that show from Season 1-10, 3 times, and still counting! I always say that I'll be old and spend my days watching Friends. Haha! And yes, I'm a sucker for cheesy local shows as well. 

Anyway, this supposedly design related post is now turning into weird fanatic blabber, so before it gets worse, I'll get to the point. One of the shows I'm following is Desperate Housewives. (too bad it's their last season already) When Renee Perry came into the picture, the first thing I noticed was her house. It's amazing. She's an interior decorator (in the show) so it better be. Wait, what am I talking about? I do that for a living too and our house, is well... no comment. Haha...

The other day, I was watching their latest episode and saw her house again. "I need to find photos of this house!" and search I did. Didn't see any photos but what I found is better -a video tour of the space. (sorry for the somewhat blurry photos, they are just screen shots from the vid)

The combination of all the bold colors are superb.

Deep plum wall and olive couch...

with rich turquoise draperies!

White accents everywhere that pops against the deep walls.

Turquoise and plum is yum. Haha

Charcoal stairs and the kitchen cabinetries has the same shade for a cohesive look.

Very lovely colors.

The yellow island top is really bold, which I love.

Injecting lots of whites balanced out the colorful space. 

You see, watching TV does not only entertain me but gives me major inspiration as well. Yup, I'm making excuses there. But you got to agree, we can learn a thing or two about colors in Renee's make-believe house. 

P.S. If you haven't seen the video tour, or you're not familiar with Desperate Housewives, that dude is not Renee. 



  1. Love the calendars! Thanks for sharing them. I cannot wait to get organized. I did ALL of the above. I am an overchiever... ; )

  2. oops! or

  3. hilarious! your best post so far :D

  4. @2boyzmom that calendar is actually for this year 2011. Didn't make any new one sorry.

    @Lucia, thanks!! :)

  5. You have to watch Cougar Town!! :) I love love love Jules' house :) And the color of Ellie's house interiors are so girly. I think you'll find that interesting too :)

  6. Hello! Can you add the link for this video so I can indulge in Renee Perry's set design?


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