Real Makeover: The Beginning

11/16/2011 01:10:00 AM

Real Makeover time! Haha... Okay. So I've mentioned before that I did the Real Makeover for the December issue of Real Living, but I can't blog about it yet since its too soon for their release. But since Dec is fast approaching, it's about time I share with you tidbits of the makeover.

It all started when I opened my email and saw this:

"Oh my Real Living emailed me!! and they wanted me to do a makeover!! Somebody pinch me!" -that is my reaction to their email. I didn't say it out loud but I was looking all crazy with a permanent smile all day.

I replied back with a big YES, OF COURSE. If I could just use a giant font and not be annoying I would do that to express my excitement. haha...

So I met with Kath and the home owners at their soon-to-be renovated home. Discussed the detailed and took some before pictures.

The bathroom: Need to fix this too.

Cramped living room. We're removing many unused stuff to have more floor space.

Sink area that I'm turning into a media unit

The other side of the divider. 

The plan is to make a mini-studio type place for Nanay and Tatay (the homeowners). A space where they can relax, entertain, dine, and sleep.

Here's a quick moodboard I whip up. Since this is not your typical client-decorator set up, I'm not required to present anything. But I did it anyway. Haha.. Though I didn't show it to the homeowners to have some element of surprise. 

We re-used many of their stuff, watch out for the chic yellow chair, and the green aparador. I feel truly blessed to have done this makeover. Progress story up next.


  1. I'd love to see how you'll transform that house!

  2. Grab a copy of Real Living December issue :)

  3. I find this informative and can be a reference for most who wants to ask for house make overs. splendid! <3


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