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12/06/2015 08:36:00 AM

This would be the final installation of our wedding posts. Finally! Haha.. You're probably getting tired of all the photos of our faces, it will be over after this. After all, it's been more than two months already. But I just need to share this last bit since while we're doing the preps, supplier reviews and budget ideas from other people helped me a lot. So here goes...

OTD Coordinator: Imbitado Events
Rate: 5/5
I don't know how people who doesn't have coordinator do it. Can't imagine stressing about little details on that day. Imbitado's team know what they are doing. All details we've discuss were executed. And they were well prepared, I asked for a gum, a sanitizer, they've got it right in their bag. They just made the day so easy. :) 

Venue: Ayala Hillside Estates
Rate: 4.5/5
They needed sponsorship for use of their venue, thank goodness my aunt is a homeowner since we love the place. It's not a really big village so it's quite private. They have a nice pool and garden area, plus a gazebo. Since it didn't rain (Thank God!), the guests got to hang out in those spaces during cocktail hour. The main venue itself is beautiful, the restrooms are spacious, and there are lots of parking. The only downside is there's no signal! Haha.. so our instagram hashtag raffle didn't get much entry, but I guess it's a good thing as well since no one was focused on their phones. Haha
Ayala hillside clubhouse, wedding venue

Catering: Royalty Catering (0917-8387620)
Rate: 5/5
The owner of Royalty is a good friend of Yuseff's sister. They have been using them for all their kid's birthday celebration so we're no stranger to their food. We knew from the start that we wanted to get them so we're happy we found a venue that doesn't need to have accreditation for everything. The food was great and abundant, everything we discussed were done. Great food and service!

Rate: 4.5/5
This rating is only based on our communication with them and output during the day. We still didn't have the final edit so I'll update when we get those. I love the photos we got. We provided a hard drive and got our photos that night. Not much editing was needed. they gave us round 4k ++ photos. With that alone I think their fee is worth it already. But the SDE, it's amazing. I love it!! Some of my friends thought that we got a super expensive photo/video team because of the SDE. :) The only reason I didn't give a perfect rating is communication. Text and emails doesn't alway get a response. But I fully understand that their busy, and once the wedding date drew closer, they responded much faster. I still say that I love their work, and their team is great to work with. UPDATE: Already got the final video edit and I love it! What a nice way to look back at our wedding day.

Host and L/S: Joy Catubig / JMI
Rate: 5/5
I've read a lot of forum to helped me in choosing suppliers, especially the host since it's difficult to find sample videos of hosting styles of the emcees. After reading tons of positive reviews, we chose Joy since we wanted a fun vibe for our reception, nothing too formal. She did great! She made us laugh, cry, and sometimes, both at the same time. Haha.. Her voice did command attention, and she sings amazingly well too. We got her package with JMI L/S and they are great too. Clear sound and nice ambiant light all around. We didn't used the venue's main light since they are too bright, so our main source of light the entire night was from their team. It's also a good idea to get a host and L/S that worked well together since they'll be working very closely and both Joy and JMI gave us a fun reception.

Invitation Printing: Artisticchic
Rate: 5/5
I did the design for the invitation but I had my friend printed them out. But she also do the designing and she's really great. You should see her own wedding invites, it's too cute! Hehe.. We only got her printing services but she also do a full package. She's also OC with details so that's a good thing.

Ceiling Design: Event Styles
Rate: 5/5
I do not want to tackle all the ceiling design so I asked my friend to do them for us and she did a great job. She really does full event styling so I'm guessing our requirement is quite easy for them. Haha.. Aside from the ceiling, she also did all the drapes for our wall. I just told them that I wanted a bohemian feel and I left it all up to her. So happy with how everything turned out!
vines design, wedding venue

HMU: Berny Tia
Rate: 4/5
I knew from the start that I wanted a very light make-up with soft loose waves for my hair. Simple and fresh was the peg. Berny and her team are so professional and so easy to work with. The only reason I didn't gave a perfect score was I find it difficult to manoeuver my hair. Hehehe.. I'm envisioning a soft waves where I can run my hands through my hair, but I think that's not possible. To achieve the wavy look, they need to put in hairsprays or else it will be straight even before the ceremony ended. hehe... I love the look, looks great in photos, and very professional team.
bohemian wedding dress, simple wedding dress

Projector: Metrotech
Rate: 4.5/5
I mostly communicated with them through email and they responded fast. Very clear projector, and it's huge. Haha.. I love it. the -.5 was just because the placement of the screen wasn't on an angle, which left one table difficult to view the screen. But I guess they have no choice since we've got a tight space and there's only one option to place the projector. But overall, great service.

Foodcart: Artsy Cartsy (0917-8081365)
Rate: 5/5
We're so glad that we decided to get a foodcart for the cocktail hour. Everyone was fed while waiting for the reception to start. Plus, it's cute, I should know since I designed it. Haha.. The foodcarts were from Yuseff's sister who mostly does children's party, but the carts itself is vintagey and nice that it would fit well for weddings. We got ice cream, fries, and nachos. :)
 vintage food cart event

Photobooth: I-Personalized (0922-8211357)
Rate: 5/5
Again, got this service from my friend. Wow, we've got a lot of supplier friends. Haha.. Anyway, they also does full package, but as for us, we just got the equipment / printing services. We did the backdrop, and layout design ourselves. But they did the backdrop for one of our friend's wedding and it's great too.

That's mainly our suppliers, since most we DIY'd or bought retail. As for the budget, which is a big concern for most people planning their wedding, we tried to keep it low without sacrificing the experience.

Venue: 17,500
Catering for 200 + lechon + extra tables/crew: 119,900
Entire outfit for both of us / entourage (skirt for girls, vest for boys): 24,360
Host with upgraded Lights & Sounds: 21,000
OTD coordinator: 15,000
Projector: 6,000
Photo/Video: 40,000
Hair and Make-up: 6,000
Invites: 4,200
Photobooth 5 hours: 5,000
DIY / Design / backdrops / table clothes / Ceiling / all decor: 44,460
Chairs trucking: 10,000
Bouquets and venue flowers: 6500
Officiator / Documents / Misc: 18,810
Tips, etc: 6,500
Wedding rings: 20,000

TOTAL: 365,230

So that was our wedding budget. The foodcarts was gifted to us by his sister, and all the alcoholic drinks were bought by my aunt plus a portion of the venue cost. If we paid for everything, our total would still be less than 400k which still isn't bad. It's not the most low-cost wedding, but we feel that our experience is worth more than what we spent. We just sorted out our priorities, and spent less on things not too important for us. When I was dreaming of what our wedding would be like even before he proposed, I always knew that I'd like to keep it on a budget, and I can honestly say that we got our dream wedding without spending so much. Even if I was given millions to spend, this will still be the wedding I'd want. :)

That's it. Series finale for all this wedding related thing. I can finally move on and share the Tiny House! Haha.. Speaking of this house, you can check out glimpse of it on our SDE.

(You may see the Preps here / Ceremony and Reception here / and all the DIY details here )


  1. Thanks a lot for this post! This is so helpful. It is very detailed including your budget. Other posts are not like this. Beautiful wedding! God bless you more! :-)

    1. Thank you so much! Happy i could help, Happy preps!

  2. may I please ask where you got your dress and prep dress from? so pretty and congratulations on your wedding day!

    1. Thank you.. still giddy about the wedding kahit 1 year ago na. Haha.. wedding dress is from Fishermall dept store! hehe.. prep dress from my mom in the US. :)

  3. Hi maam Elle, I'm Danah. Bride to be on June 2017. (but we haven't announce it yet) I have this sleepless nights looking for a venue where ceremony and reception takes place. I AM SO GLAD I FOUND YOUR BLOG.thank God! I AM INLOVE WITH THE VENUE. I really have a vision for my wedding to be held there. Specially with your awesome details in it. But I don't have any relative or friends that can help me about it. Maam, I just want to ask po sana for Open Sponsorship? Christian Wedding probably not engrande simple lang din within QC ang mga guest. Thank you so much maam, this is my email danahmariegale@yahoo.com and contact number 09274673482 you can check my Facebook also Danah Marie Ugale. Maam I am very much willing to wait in your response regarding po sa aking inquiry. God bless you and your husband and family

    1. Hi Danah! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.. :) I can't sponsor since humingi lang din ako ng favor. But you may ask your suppliers. According to our caterer, they help out clients na gusto ng sponsorship. Maybe your suppliers can do the same. :) Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much for your reply I really appreciate it Maam Elle. :) Oh I see, alright maam I wanna give it a try sa mga caterer. Big thanks. Blessings :)

    1. If you don't have a caterer yet, you may ask our caterer for a quote. :) If you get them I think they can help on sponsorships. They have great food, and reasonable price. :) Good luck!

  5. this is also what i have inmind.. laidback wedding. i dont want a traditional wedding. thank you elle. now im inspired! hopefully.. after this pandemic we will try to plan my wedding. best of luck elle!


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