2015. 2016. and the Tiny House on New Year

1/03/2016 02:09:00 AM

Well hello there everyone. And hello there 2016. 2015 had been a major year for us. Two life changing events took place, the completion of the Tiny House, and the wedding. Oh, there's the proposal, so let's make that three. It was stressful and awesome all at once. 

We have lots of plans for the new year since this marks the beginning of our new life. It sounds weird to call it new life since we've been together for 11 years, and we're literally together almost every single day since the beginning. When people asked me how's married life? My answer remains the same.. "The same." Haha.. We started building the Tiny House even before getting engaged, so we knew this thing is for keeps. But the new year brings in new motivation and fresh start to actually begin and took action on our dreams. So get it on 2016! 

This is our staircase hall with our wedding and family photos and the signage from our wedding backdrop. I soo love the chalk typography I did, that we decided to display them. I just hope the chalk would last. Haha

December 2014, I posted the photo on the left. The house was just a shell then, but I was daydreaming on where we'll put our Christmas tree the following year. And here it is, we have a tree! It's still up until now, I'll just give it a little more time in the limelight before we take it down. 

On the 31st, I woke up to a clean and organized house! Yuseff woke up earlier and did all the cleaning just in time for New Year's Eve. :) So I took some photos for souvenir, it doesn't happen that often. Haha... Thank you Yuseff! :)

Living / Kitchen

Side story. I'm always in awe of fireworks display. I love them. Every year when we celebrate new year, I'm out on the street trying to get a glimpse of the display but all the trees, houses, and buildings block the view. So I was really looking forward to spending this new year on our balcony, and oh boy it's so worth it! Even though we're just on the third floor, we have panoramic view of the fireworks. I was the first one on the balcony, and the last person there. I wanted to see everything. I told Yuseff that the cost of building that balcony is sooooo worth it. Hahaha...

Here we are welcoming 2016!

I'm so excited for whatever this year will bring us. I'm not doing the resolution because it almost always doesn't get done, right?! So let's just all resolve to be positive, happy, and motivated this year. That's what I'll be. Cheers! 


  1. ang simple nung mga appliances mu pero bakit ganun? ang ganda ganda ng ayos! :) Happy New Year!

  2. That's so sweet of you, Yuseff! I like your new home. It's neat and beautiful. Plus, looking at those fireworks from your balcony is so romantic!

  3. Ganda ng outcome ng house (I have been reading the Tiny House updates and then poof! Ayan na sya!). I hope a tour will happen soon but of course depends if you want to share it.

    Happy New Year (kahit malapit ng matapos ang 1st quarter ng taon).

  4. Happy New Year! Your home is stunning. Love those stairs!

  5. Thank you everyone! Sorry haven't updated much.. Don't worry Rach, I'll update din soon. Haha...

  6. Congratulations on balcony, I am also planing to build balcony but I am bit short with funding for this year. Just bought new apartment which needed new flooring, wall painting and bathroom tiles. Hope you enjoy every moment on balcony, I know that I would.

    1. Thanks Nick! Congratulations on your new apartment.. and goodluck to all the renovating.. it will be one fun, stressful ride. haha.. But it will be worth it. :)


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