YuseffandRachelleDay: The Preps at the Tiny and Big House

9/12/2015 09:37:00 PM

(Introduction: Hello! I'll include this "intro" to all wedding related posts so it won't be confusing. This is still a decorating blog, but I'm just so excited to share our big day so the next few posts will be about it hehe... Since we got a lot of photos, I'll divide it in a few different posts-- The Preps; The Ceremony, Shoot, and Reception; DIY/Styling details; and probably suppliers review/budget to help those who's planning their day. A little back story, last May 3, we got engaged. See the story here. :) We both agreed to have the wedding on our 11th year anniversary which is September 6, so that would be four months of planning, which is just perfect since we're not keen on having a long engagement. 11 years together is long enough. Haha.. See my initial thoughts and plans on this post. We don't have a lot of expectations for the wedding, we just wanted it to be meaningful and fun. I'm happy to say that we got the wedding we dreamed of. It's nothing extravagant, it's just festive and sooo us. So without further ado.. here's my thoughts about our day...)

The few days leading to the big day was quite hectic. The original plan is to be done with majority of the details 1 month before the day so we could relax. When that didn't seem feasible, I said to myself, 2 weeks. I'll give us 2 weeks to relax so we should be done by then. HAHA. Who am I kidding? We're still doing something a few hours before the wedding! I'll give more details on the DIY/Styling posts because we tackled a LOT. But it was fun and ultimately satisfying. Anyway, since this post is about the preps and some of our photoshoot, I'll talk about those.

Early on, we decided to have Yuseff's prep here at the Tiny House. We have fixed and renovated so it's a shame not to use the space. Another bonus is you get to see a preview of the almost done house. Haha


We set this up the night before.

With his mom...

with the family...

with the boys at the 4th floor office loft...

with the tiny house as the backdrop...

Since my brother,one of the groomsmen, didn't get to join them at the Tiny House shoot (He's at my prep venue for our family shoot) they did another round at the venue before the ceremony.


I knew from the start I wanted a nice house to be my prep venue. I don't want to do it in a hotel since it will just be me for make-up (the girls did their own), and I wanted to have a great backdrop. I asked  if I could use my uncle's house for prep and they generously obliged. So thrilled since they have a big beautiful house with a nice garden area. 

My attempt at being sexy.. hahaha

And being serious... 

all dolled up...

My DIY bouquet...

with Papa :)

the family...

My girls...

with my 2nd family.. haha

My DIY headpiece. :)

I'm happy with our prep location since it really suited our look. The boys have the vintage vibe that totally matches the Tiny house, and bright bohemian for the girls which is perfect to shoot at the garden of the Big house. 

I've been worrying about rain since these days, it comes and goes. You just never know when it will pour. But everything turned out perfectly since it didn't rain the entire time people were outside for the shoot and cocktail hour, the rain came when everyone's inside for dinner and for that we're super grateful. Anyway, there's a lot more to that day, and I'll share those next. I just can't believe it's finally done, those 4 months of preps and then one day, it's over. I can't imagine how I would feel if we have more than a year to prepare. Haha.. 

(Photos from The Wedding East. They are our official P/V, and we got all raw photos the same night. Editing by me, but honestly, there's not much to edit since the raw photos came out great. I'll give proper review on another post.)

You may see the Ceremony/Reception here / DIY details here / and Supplier's Review, budget, and SDE here


  1. OMG, everything is beautiful! Can't wait for your next posts! Congrats and best wishes!

  2. Such a gorgeous wedding! I love everything, especially your wedding gown! Best wishes. :)

  3. Love the way you styled your wedding!

  4. From the photos, I just love your wedding, congratulations and best wishes! :) I also love the look of your tiny house. Care to share the interior of it? :)

  5. Everything is so nice. Simple yet elegant. Congratulations!

  6. Hi Elle! You look gorgeous. Your sweet smile is perfect!

  7. Congratulations! The prep shoot and everything else is beautiful. I hope to see a tour of the Tiny House :)

  8. Hi Rach, thank you so much!! :)

    Ha! This blog will back in regular programming soon, and I'll share updates then. :)


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