8/25/2015 02:29:00 AM

I just realized that I haven't touched this blog in 6 weeks. Life does get in the way sometime, but I mean that in a good way. I was thinking on what to post next, about the Tiny house? About the wedding prep? But I do not have a lot of photos to back-up my stories yet. So I'm just dropping in to give some updates...

The Tiny House is receiving a lot of guests. We've hosted my college and high school friends, my siblings, Bf's friends... Just a couple of nights ago, 16 people were here. I feel such fulfilment knowing that we have a place that's ours, a place where we can have people over, and a place where we can just be ourselves and relax. Before you jump into wild conclusions on how we're done with the space, no we're not. Yes we can accommodate people, but we're faaaar from being done. We just want to use it and enjoy it now, and slowly finish the space. Creating a home takes time. I have so much to share about our progress over here, I'll be back in regular programming after this life-altering event takes place.

Speaking of, as for the wedding preps, did you know that in two weeks it will be the big day? Where did the four months prep went? I didn't notice. I feel like that I'm forgetting something, and that I'll be forgetting something really important. Is this normal?? Haha... We've booked all suppliers, and we're just finishing up some DIYs and other minor things. I'll be sharing all the details once we've got the official photos. But for now, OHMYGAWD I'm getting married. HAHA... Oh and from my last post, a lot of changes took place. Instead of having the ceremony and reception in a different area, we'll be having them in the same room. So our suppliers gotta be good and fast in flipping the space. And as far as my dress, instead of having one made, I bought one. Still not expensive, but I sooo love it. :) The Bf has no idea on what my dress is, he wanted it to be a surprise. So even though I think I've got a thousand of photos of the dress (yes, I'm obsessed), I won't be sharing it until everything's said and done. 

I know, such a tease. Sorry. I'm just hoping and praying that we have a good weather, all our suppliers shows up and deliver, and that it will just be happy day for both of us. I'm not expecting perfect, happy is more than fine for me. :)


  1. Wow! Will be waiting for your wedding posts! :)

  2. Congratulations and best wishes! I'll definitely check those bridal photos of yours. =)

  3. Love your blog! And oh, Congratulations in your upcoming wedding and the tiny house, ofcourse! :)


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