Hello, I'm Elle Uy.

I had worked countless jobs in the past -from being a graphic artist for different companies (pharmaceutical, record label, ad agency) to being a marketing officer in a jewelry line, and a retail brand. I also started (and shut down) an online clothing shop, and worked on some freelance graphic/web designs. All that in my seven years out of college. Some may think that I'm a weirdo who easily gets bored and can't stay put in one job (maybe!), but I believe that I just go for what I want. The jobs I had in the past were things I wanted to try and experience, and I did it. I learned a LOT. But my heart was always (and forever will be) in interior design.

I don't know how it started, but from a very young age, I developed a love interest with beautiful spaces. Even with all the other jobs I had, I never lost touch with my fondness of interiors. I fed my interest by reading books, magazines, and browsing the web, ogling at pictures after pictures of beautifully decorated space.  Call me crazy but I always check out every inch of any room I get into, and have my very own "design this space" game. You will find me momentarily quiet, looking all dumb just gazing around thinking of how I will design the space if it were mine.

I started this blog because I wanted an outlet where I can share inspirations and my crazy adventures in my little decorating world. That world was supposed to be about personal projects I was doing for this old family home of ours, that we renovated since it got submerged by the flood "Ondoy". But my world grew bigger as I get inquiries and projects from outside clients. I couldn't be more thankful, and HAPPY. Now I get to do what I've always wanted! Each project is unique and possesses its own set of challenges and excitement. But I'll never get tired of making over spaces, ooohh the possibilities.

I've also been obsessing about having my own home, my own space to design, to decorate, and just to go crazy about. Years and years of imagination is now turning into reality. We're renovating / expanding a portion of Bf's family's house. We're fondly calling it "Tiny House Renovation" as it will sit in just 26.5 sqm lot. Join me as I share details of my renovating / decorating bliss (mostly).