The very cheap gift I gave my family this Christmas

12/27/2010 01:55:00 AM

I never got around to buying presents this year. I have spent a lot for this home makeover thing, and yeah, laziness ruled over me too. The huge Christmas crowd busting malls for last minute shopping, and the out of this world traffic here in Manila --no thank you.
So instead, I got my family this:
No they are not graduating, and it's not a diploma. Just something I whipped up on a whim just so I can be a "thoughtful" daughter / sister. Ha!

So what's up with that cheap rolled paper?? 
The plan of the projects I'll be doing for their rooms! I'll be doing it anyway, so why not make it official. Please excuse the drawings as I made all this in 10 minutes tops!

To Brother #5. The Youngest.
English Translation: Linoleum &  beautiful living area since you hang out there most of the time.
Since his floors are all splattered with paint drips from long time ago and such a pain to remove, I figured will just install a linoleum and let him choose the design. It doesn't matter what he chooses, it's his room anyway. And to tell you, this young guy cares more about our home makeover than his grown brothers! 

To Brothers #2 and #3.
They share a room since they're close in age and have the same interest, which I'm pretty sure you can guess with the drawing above.

English Translation: Guitar wall (guitars not included of course) & great living and dining space for our "drinking" sessions!

I'll be painting a faux frame feature wall on their room to hang all their guitars just because I thought it would be cute. (hopefully I'm right!)

To Dad
English Translation: Curtain, Artwork above the bed, and beautiful living space.
Now if only I have any idea what sort of artwork I'll do for his space.

There you have it, my very cheap gift for my family. I'm not sure they really "get" it, but I know they'll be enjoying this far longer than this holiday.

P.S. Yes my full first name is Rachelle. :)


  1. SO sweet, I think it's incredibly thoughtful, and very much appreciated.

    Bella :)

  2. I really do hope so! Thanks Bella ;)

  3. I found your site by way of Maillville Manor, and I just love it!

    Your creativity is amazing and so inspiring! And you even speak two languages!

    I'm speechless,

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration with all of us.


  4. Hi Gerie, thank you so much! You made my day. :)

  5. Aw, this is sweet and thoughtful. I'm doing many home makeover things for mom this year at her request. Can't wait to share the before/afters on my blog :D

  6. Thanks Van! Can't wait to check out what you did to your mom's place! Happy New Year! :)


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