Dreamy real home

12/05/2010 12:16:00 AM

This is probably not the best idea to post this right after our not so quaint house tour. What a comparison! But I can't help it, this house is too pretty not to share.

I've been lurking around Apartment therapy for quite some time now to get some inspirations, to see pretty pictures, and to have a good laugh. Yep, a lot of their readers is brutally honest its quite a laugh to read some of the comments!

Anyway, this is one house tour that stucked with me. I've seen this before on Small Cool (their yearly competition for small houses) and I loved it. It's a treat to finally see a full house tour of this pretty pretty home.

Love the mirror, and don't get me started on the green couch!


It's really cute how they incorporated the tv with the artwork.

A smart way of doubling storage. Books over overhead counters!

That chalkboard wall and kooky chandelier makes this dining room youthful without being childish.

A happy kid's room.


I love that this house looks totally lived in (not too polished beds, shoes everywhere, food on the counter) it adds to the charm of this place. Now head over here to read about this dreamy yet very real space.


  1. I love how this looks lived-in, it's ecclectic and warm. And I want the little french bulldog, too! Cute!

  2. It's a very different look that you usually see in blogland and I LOVE it! It feels like real life!!! It kind of remind me of IKEA! Every time I go I just want to move to a small place where I can use all the IKEA furnishings and make the best use of the space!!! Thanks for sharing this! BTW... I LOVE the yellow table and mirror you just finished it looks GREAT with the striped walls!

  3. I know.. very real, yet you know it's been decorated. I hope we have Ikea here!
    Thanks, I'm really happy with how our entry turned out. :)


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