13 Things We Can Do With Left-over Fabrics

12/14/2010 09:16:00 AM

About 3 years ago, I opened a clothing shop and I've been inspired since then with great fabric prints. I already shut it down, but it had left me with fabrics to work with, most are only a few yards per print. It got me thinking on how I can use them in our current home makeover, where re-purposing old stuff is the go-to decor!

So I came up with this list of what we can all do with our left-over fabrics! (don't we all decor junkies have piles and piles of them tucked somewhere?) Here goes:

1. Re-upholster a chair/bench.
This is kinda of a given, but with a good reason, its easy and it really is pretty.

2. Re-cover throw pillows.
Throw pillows changes the whole feel of your living room. Sometimes, an old sofa just needs a good dose of fun pillows to bring it back to life.

3. Decoupage that table.
Yes, that trusty decoupage technique has reached our plates. Nichole from Parlour Blog shares this amazing table she did for her dining space. (not so much of a left-over fabric, but for a smaller scale, this would also look great on end tables!)
Isn't it just lovely? I wouldn't have thought of that, but now, thanks to Nichole, I'll be doing it to our massive dining table. (okay fine, it's not really that massive, but the thought of decoupaging it make it feel like it) Head over here for a full tutorial.

4. Make a window valance.
I would have said drapery or curtain, but we're talking about left-overs here. So a valance would do the trick. It can dress up those ugly blinds, or give an extra oomph to that simple shade.

5. Dress those bare walls.
Fabric wall art is so easy there's no reason to leave a blank lonely wall alone. Glue it to a piece of foam, or simply frame it.

6. Make way for pretty memo boards.
Plain old cork boards is ancient history. Now we can see beautiful memo boards everywhere. Check out Centsational Girl's tutorials on boards she's done in the past here, here, and here. She is inspiring!

7. Use it as a picture frame mat.
You can actually do this using left-over's left-over fabrics!

8.  Try a tray makeover.
Megan of Honey We're Home shared this simple yet really great makeover on her blog. Now go search your house for old trays to recover! (I already did)

9. Redo a bookshelf with fabric backsplash
Line that shelf to act as the perfect backdrop for your books and displays.

10. Line your drawers.
I'll admit that I almost always ignores the insides of furniture. You know those no-one-will-see-it space that you take for granted. But it's really neat to have something pretty in there too. Like these fabric-lined drawers:

11. Cover that glass cabinet doors.
Glass doors are pretty, but sometimes it gets so messy we just want to hide all that crap. That's where the left-over fabrics come to place, use it to cover the glass doors for instant face lift!

Now this is more fabric than left-overs, but you get the idea. ;)

12. A new shade for a lamp shade.
Cover your ordinary shade, add a trim, and you're all set.
13. Clock re-do.
We all have one of those generic looking clocks, so here's a great idea to a more personalized time-teller.
 Lovely huh? Full tutorial here at Design*Sponge.

So that's my 13 ideas for the tackle-our-piles-of-left-over-fabrics project. Do you have other ideas? I'd love to hear!


  1. What a great post! I'm getting lots of ideas!

  2. LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG ! You did an amazing job with the bathroom ! Ha !
    Super cool !
    Following you back !

  3. Such great ideas...a great fabric adds such a punch to any room!!

  4. Thank you ladies for dropping by! Feel free to swoop in with more fabric ideas! I have tons to work with ;)

  5. Some great ideas here. Thanks for the mention too! Send me a pic of your table when it's finished...I would looooooove to see it! ( =

  6. Hi Nichole! Again, thanks for your generous tutorial, and totally great idea. I'll sure send you some pic of our finished table. If I didn't screw up! :)

  7. Ah, so much inspiration. I definitely intend to use fabric for lining things and chairs very soon!

  8. Way to go tracking all these ideas, you just inspired me with some things. Thanks girl.

    Come link up, I tell you AGAIN, he he. **Amaze me August**

    Bella :)

  9. @Van
    Thanks! Let's all prettify are place with fabrics! :)

    Thank you.. I'll be linking up with you! :)

  10. what do you use to get the fabric to stick to the back drop on the shelves

  11. love the bookcase but what do you use to keep the material on? staple, glue?

  12. getting inspire to re-do my book shelve :)

  13. Ive got lots of fabric from the 50s....so im gonna make these wall art things for my bedroom...thank you SO much for all the ideas!!!!!

  14. You can know around 13 things that can be done with leftover curtains. Useful post

  15. can you make something for tinier areas of leftover fabric? like leftovers after making clothes and such, because the ones up there^ requires a lot of fabric...

  16. Wonderful post thank you!!


  17. awesome post :) oh and Celine D how about those trendy bandeaus or infinity scarf or headband, you could also use the scraps to curl your hair??:)

  18. Thinking about redoing my room.

  19. Hey Elle, your guide gave me plenty ideas about redecorating my room, thanks !!



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