Go for the Pink... kitchens.

12/17/2010 12:01:00 AM

It's been out, Pantone selected Honeysuckle Pink as the Color of 2011. The day has come that a color this vibrant, romantic, feminine and...... okay... no... seriously. I won't blabber on my take on this color, a lot has already said their views. Maria posted her take here, (I love her blog, so educational and entertaining) and you can also learn more about it in, where else, Pantone's site itself. But one thing I'll say, I love pink! You'll not find me complaining one bit.

But as much as I love pink, I never imagined myself having a pink kitchen. Bedroom, yes (I had one!). Office, yes. Living room, yes. Bathroom, yes please (see proof here). But not a kitchen. So I searched around and I kinda like it. No, actually, I'm loving it!

Now feast your eyes on my new love...

(this is not a tribute to honeysuckle but to all pinkness there is.)

room envy

house beautiful

Please tell me you love it too. And have you seen all the pink fridge? It's now officially on my life's wishlist. (life mean's I'd probably not getting it in the next 10 years or so... or eternity)

Now imagine yourself sitting in one of those lovely kitchen, having these for breakfast?
 Just a happy thought for everyone, or I guess just for those who loves pink.


  1. Oh my gosh! I absolutely LOVE this! I'm a pink fanatic. If my hubs would let me I'd decorate a room in the house entirely like this... which is why I'm hoping we have a baby girl first... that's a GREAT excuse for lots of pink! :)

  2. they're adorable no? :) That's also my dream, to have one room dedicated to prettiness and girlishness! Thanks for dropping by, and hope you'll have your baby girl. :D


  4. Ohhh myy.. I'm so inlove with thiss.. We are planning to renovate our House in Kidapawan Davao after our wedding. Im not sure if you can help me since you're in Manila. I hope, you can :) I would love to get more tips from you. I'm actually,writing all your tips on my notes :)


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