From Old Cabinet Door to "Art"

12/15/2010 03:38:00 AM

Have I stressed enough how much little budget we have for home improvement?? Much less with decor! But this girl needs something to fill those empty walls and spaces, and I'm not talking about mess. (though I'm pretty sure it will crawl back into our lives slowly but surely, hopefully it's much more manageable now that we actually have something to keep up)

Anyhoo, I recently had been looking around the house for trash I can repurpose, we had a lot! (That's when this table came about.) I stumbled upon this dirty old cabinet door which I have no idea of its origins as I don't recall any cabinet with similar doors but hooray for another trash to treasure possibility.

I knew instantly what to do with it, custom painting for our main bathroom. Of course, custom means I have to bust ass to make it happen.

After scrubbing it down, I bring out my old stock of oil paint and brushes, and started working. It's been almost 2 hours when the weirdo in me decided it's not working. (too much paint on paint, I can't stop!) I removed everything and started from scratch (oil paint doesn't dry fast, so removing was easy). This time, I relied on google for inspiration with the search term "simple flower painting."
 That is what I decided to do, sans leaves. I also have a yellow/orange/red theme in mind so I switch a few colors here and there.
Here's the the finished "art" hanging in the main bath. (By the way, it took 5 days to completely dry.)
HAHA. I know it's nothing like the inspiration, but I'll take any decor I could actually throw in this space. (My brother on the webcam, actually asked me if it's a freakin' banana!)

In my defense, that thing has ridges it's too hard to paint! (I'm making excuses I know) I'm actually a decent painter back in college, I took up fine arts majoring in advertising. Here's a favorite project I did before.
We were asked to create a collage from magazines and paint it as is. Too bad I lost the collage, it looks exactly the same! I actually can't believe I did that :)

Back to the present where my so called artistic talent is hanging by a thread, here's another shot of my cabinet door art. (Don't compare it to the image above, I beg you)
I love that it already has a frame built to it.

Here's our bathroom in it's former glory.

Consider this as a sneak peek to our main bath makeover. A lot of final touch-ups to do! Want to see a full house tour of the sorry state of our house before this on going makeover? Do so at your own risk.


My next art attack is to make 2 huge piece of custom art for our living/dining space. This time, I'll make it abstract. (or in my world.. slap a coat of paint, brush another color here and there, and call it a day)


  1. Very creative! I love the bold colors of the artwork. Thanks for the good thoughts about my parol.

  2. Thanks SJ. Maligayang Pasko to you and your family. Enjoy your parol! :)

  3. Nice, I like it, and it so does NOT look like a banana, silly brother!!!

    Bella :)

  4. haha.. it actually does look like a banana at first, I just added the orange highlights to make it appear less "fruity." :)


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