Bed bench, and beyond

3/29/2011 06:58:00 PM

When an old storage bench was given to us, I knew exactly where to put it -at the foot of my bed! Additional storage? Yes please.

This is how it looked like before, imagine this with lot of dirt marks. I'm pretty sure I took a before picture of the bench, but it magically disappeared in the unknown crevices of this computer. So this image and your imagination should do the trick. Remember, plain old white storage bench with dirt marks all over!

The first thing I did was paint the lower part the same color as the dark wall (that photo disappeared together with the before picture). But it's okay, that's not the good part....

This is - the pattern I made using a plain grey fabric and a black bias tape.

I just laid out the tape like how I wanted it to be sewn...

and pin them to keep them in place. I then asked our sewer to do the grueling task of sewing the bias tape in place. Thank you again Yaya Tas!

Here's the newest addition to my ever changing room...

It holds tons of crap, the whole bottom part of the bench is storage! Love how the dark paint camouflage the drawers to make it look like one solid bench.

Although another pattern is added to the room, it doesn't clash with the bedding. The neutral color and geometric pattern doesn't take away from the bold pillow cases, but just adds interest to this side of the room.

The grey fabric was chosen to balance out the secretary and the dresser that act as the bedside table. By painting the bottom part of the bench that dark wall color, and bringing in the grey fabric, it ties both sides of the room together without being too overpowering.

I'm giddy with the newest pattern addition to this space, but as of today, it is hidden under a lot of junk! But that won't be the case for long, when this room is done, I'm hoping to keep all crap and junk under control.

My dream is to have a separate seating area in a bedroom, but for a limited space, this bench will do.

Do you have a seating area in your bedroom too? Does it attract junk as well? What's your trick to keep it organize? I'm all ears!


  1. Looks great. I love the idea of the bias tape.

  2. I have a tiny bedroom, so one little chair is my only seating. It's currently covered in my suitcase as I went home last weekend and just got back yesterday. I'm a terrible un-packer haha

    The bench looks fab! Love the tape detail!

  3. Nice work!! I have a desk in my room, but it's mainly for my desk chair has been my permanent coat rack until I move out of my parent's house hahaha...I bought myself a coat rack for my future home...Oh I can't wait until that time! :D

  4. At the moment I have a 60's round white wicker chair - the sort with black spiky metal legs - under my skylights. The idea was to escape up there, stare at the sky and hide from the kids. In reality, the chair is always shoulder-high with a heap of clothes, so I've decided its time to let it go to, and I'm midway through re-doing the wardrobe area. Less is more!

  5. I guess a chair in the bedroom is mostly just stuff magnet for most of us! But it sure is pretty.. :)

  6. so creative!! nice work! galing nio po mag balance ng colors.. idr po kayo? if not, dpat mag study po kayo para lalo mo pong ma enhance un talent mo po. galing po ulet! inspiring un works mo po. :))) i love your blog!! :)))

  7. hello.. thank you so much! No I'm not an IDr, I just decorate.. :) Thinking of going back to school, kaya lng it needs a lot of time and focus so maybe not now. Thanks ulit. :)

  8. Nice idea. I really love reading your blog. You are giving me ideas.

  9. Creative :) i got an idea for school decoration Playgroup Singapore


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