Grey Glamorosa

3/14/2011 05:34:00 AM

Do you have a new love of your life every single day? I have! I'm not talking about men of course, I'm one loyal gal! Haha. I'm talking about rooms! I fall in love with different spaces I see daily. And this one is true love! One-whole-apartment-love.

If you love grey, girly, and glamorous, this one is for you! A combination of french, rustic, feminine, and some high drama, I can't help but stare and dream, that someday I'll have some beauty like this one.

Natural wood shutters and coffee table, gallery wall, with soft pink accents.

I would love to have a dinner date here.

A little turquoise adds to this place's charm.

Very old Hollywood.

Any room that's dedicated to clothing I love. Especially if it's this charming.

Are you in love too? :)

*All photos from Country Living


  1. That room is to die for! I love how they incorporated a wine room in their dining area BRILLIANT! I just wish there were more pics to be able to take it all in. Thanks for sharing : )

  2. I LOVE gray! I painted my master bedroom Gray Matters by Sherwin Williams and love it! Thanks for the eye candy.

  3. Count me in! It's stunning! That grey bedroom is gorgeous!

  4. I love gray! and I LOVE the 3th picture, the turquoise one.
    I noticed that you are ussing a lot of spanish words lately :)


  5. I also wish there's more pictures of this space! The other images on the Country Living link are more of close-up vignettes.

    @Romina, haha, you noticed! Didn't notice it much since some basic Spanish words are adapted here in the Philippines from the Spanish invasion decadesssss ago. :)


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