Bedroom artwork, what's your favorite? and a bird.

3/21/2011 08:05:00 AM

You've seen my somewhat successful attempt on my curtain wall. And now, I need a huge colorful art to go over it to balance the tall "bedside tables."

The original plan was to hang an ornate coral frame behind the bed, but I don't think it will be enough, and besides, I need to cover those whitish spots on the curtain! Since I love the look of anything ornate, I'd probably just put the frame (that I still don't have!) over the secretary.

I photoshopped four possible artworks I can DIY and hang behind the bed.

1) Stained glass look
This is my first thought, easy DIY artwork. Layout some masking / painter's tape, and paint over it with any color you want. Instant art.

2) Chevron
Then I realized that I can be a little bit more creative. I've been in love with chevron since I first saw it (aren't we all?), so why not do it as an art? A hand-painted look rather than the perfect one, just because it's easier! I also adore silhouette birds, so I added a little tribute to my runaway bird, Larry. Though I put two birds so she doesn't look lonely. :) (YES, Larry is a girl)

3) Water color strips
I also love the artsy look of water color designs. Here's a zebra-ish, colorful stripe option for my DIY art.

4) Water color overlap
Have you seen those fabric and pillows that have a water color effect by overlapping different colors that is opaque which resulted to another color between the two overlapped colors? I know, confusing. I reread that sentence thrice and I'm still confused. Haha.. But tell me you somewhat understand what I mean? Maybe I can achieve this look by thinning the paint? I hope!

So now, I'm asking you to help me. AGAIN. If you you are to choose between these 4 designs, which is your favorite look? I'm really excited to get started on this project, but I want to hear your thoughts, I love them all! :)

If you're wondering how I will hang the artworks, I bought two thin lightweight card boards and will probably just "pin" it on the curtain. I love that I can treat this curtain as a large memo board! Oh, and have you noticed that I incorporated bedding look number 1? Just needed to be sure that any artwork will look nice with the bedding's pattern.

Oh, Larry the bird and company silhouette will surely be on the artwork even if artwork #1 doesn't have them. I'm planning to just use a sharpie to draw them.

Leave your thoughts, 1, 2, 3, or 4?

Speaking of birds, I took the plunge and joined twitter! Can you all, my lovely friends, join me there too? :) Thanks!


  1. chevron and birdies =) looove it!!!!! haha make me one too? ;)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. There's something about the graphic chevron that I love with your floral pillows. I can't wait to see what you do.

  3. I'm all for chevron and the little birdies! :D And slightly leaning towards the watercolor strips...

  4. I love the watercolor stripes and little miss larry + friend- just fab. And what an inspiring post :) Can't wait to see what you end up with. Following you so I can keep track - please come see me sometime:)
    A xx

  5. Loving the chevron and birds...darling!!

  6. I like #4. Once you are finished with yours send one my way. ( =

  7. If you're going to be painting anyway, maybe you could do something like this
    Simple, lots of color and easy to do with a ruler, lots of paint, and some patience.

  8. I love the 1st one and the 4th one! No matter what you choose it will look gorgeous!

  9. I love the 4th one but I have full faith that all will look awesome!!

  10. They are all awesome. The last is my favorite!

  11. OK Ms. Elle, since it is finaly Spring and summer is on the way I say #3 then when winter comes back around switch it to #4.

    Hope that helps.


  12. 4 definitely! Calm enough but bold enough and artsy enough

  13. you are not helping at all! hahaha.... The votes had me more confused.. :)

    But thanks for all the input! I'm hoping I can decide asap. :)

  14. Number 3! That's my vote. I like that it's colorful but still has a healthy helping of white in it. I also think vertical lines will work really great in that space. Though the chevron is cute too. :)

  15. Hello Elle! I vote for watercolor overlap and watercolor stripe. So happy to come across your blog. I'm a pinay myself getting my feet wet with blogging. I am launching my Filipino-American homemaking blog on July 1 and was wondering if I could add you to my blogroll.


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