3/16/2011 03:49:00 AM

No, I'm not talking about my skin. Though I'd like to be whiter, NOT fairer, but whiter. I'm too yellow! And I'm not being racist to my own descent. I'm actually a lot yellower than most people here.  I think when I got sick from hepa-A ten years ago, I didn't go back to my real color. Haha, but I'm not kidding.

Anyway, I'm sorry I tend to babble around random thoughts before actually going to the point. What's wrong with me??

Another anyway, here's what's the whitening is all about. I bought the most favorite tool of all diy blog people, white spray paint, and picked three random things in my room that needed a fresh coat.

1) A very old rusty mirrored tray

2) The kitties that you've seen here.

3) and this glass container.

As much as I love bright colors, the whites are a nice balance to offset all the crazy brights, and I love that it looks graphic against the dark walls.

Faux curtain wall, UP NEXT!

P.S. Yes, I love to color my nails too. But nowadays the only coloring they get are from actual paint. I think I need to buy myself a gloves for projects so I can enjoy my two favorite things, painting stuff and painting nails! (This is another post-rambling about unrelated stuff. What can I say? I love to share.)


  1. I love the white spray paint!
    Especially on that glass container - I never would have thought to paint that!
    It looks GORGEOUS.
    Can't wait to see more changes!!!

  2. I love the look!! Except every time I see white house objects, I want to cover them in my magazine scraps hahaha...

  3. White spray paint is my BFF!!! It transforms things. Those look awesome, and I bet you love them!

  4. They look great! And I'm a nail polish nerd too :D

  5. Oh...I think just about everything is better painted white. Sometimes I'll have something and I'll think "Should I paint it white...I love it like it is?" and then I'll paint it and yes....I like it even better once painted white.

  6. I think that candy dish looks pretty amazing painted white by the way.

  7. I think the kittens are adorable! The white brought out all the details including their faces and their tiny little toes!!! Good job, girl!

  8. Love the changes and love the new look of your blog! :)

  9. Yay, they all look so good! I think the glass container is my favorite. It completely changes the feel of the piece, and in a good way.

  10. You are so funny... you are yellow? right now, I´m gray! realy! the summer is ending here, and I didn´t get a good tan :)

    I love the make-overs! the glass container is beautifull. In fact, it´s looks like ceramics (I use the work ok? I mean like pottery, clay... you understand :)

    I can´t wait to see the faux curtain!


  11. Aw I really love how much more you can see the kitties faces white!

  12. Aww glad you all like them and the kitties... I'm loving the new white additions to this room.

    Thanks all for dropping by! :)

  13. Yayyy so pretty! Like you, i adore bright bold colors -- so painting other random items white really helps to brighten things up while still complimenting the surrounding items -- your goodies look brand new now! fabulous!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  14. That last white container makeover is fabulous!!! It looks like a little pagoda!

  15. Do you apply anything on the objects before or after spray painting them? I've been planning to do something like this but different colors but I'm not sure if I can do it right. Hope you can reply! Thanks!


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